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Sun 21, Oct 2018 04:34 PM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "Tibetan task force revamped"
Following the visit of two special envoys of the Dalai Lama to China, the Tibetan government-in-exile has revamped the task force formed for helping find a solution to the Tibetan issue through negotiations with Chinese leaders....
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HH Sharmapa  

Location: outer level of wimbledon
Subject: We need more wombles
Jan 16 2005 05:43 PM

If they would only pick up the litter

Location: New York
Subject: What about us?
Jan 16 2005 04:17 AM

Do we have no role in the freedom struggle now?

Have been honestly, protesting - and doing everything someone like me should be doing. For freedom. But Our government is so un-transparent.

Will Samdhong Lama and his groups of junkies decide what they like for us? Wont they even let us know? Forget about out opinion, Samdhong lama has been treating the tibetan issue like his family matter. He is a monk. Its easy for him.

PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEee let us know what is happenning. Atleast give us a hint or something. Its so digusting. Our government is like a mafia gang or something. everything being done serectly, the boss doesn't speak much but pretends he has big plans, the chela's run here and there without any idea of where they are going. And others are innocent bakra's.

Thutop Yuthok  

Location: Oregon,USA
Subject: Tibetan task force revamped.
Jan 15 2005 06:55 AM

I am pretty happy with the latest visit of His Holiness the Dalai Lama's envoys to China and Tibet. I think it is crucial important to clear the way of misunderstandings, obsticles and differences between us and the Chinese authorities through these kinds of visits before we start Talk. So without much delay we should work on this task force seriously. I also welcome the increasement of the task force team. Obviously, very highly educated, well experienced and intellectual persons should be selceted. I believe, our exile government is doing right on this issue.
It is important to give comments and suggestions on any issues, however, I would like to urge all fellow Tibetans who contribute comments to mind your language, respect our exile government and concerned authorities. These site can be viewed all over the world by anybody, so we Tibetans need to keep our reputation. When we contribute comments, we should really check and think carefully wether or not the comment will help or hurt. I have noticed that some comment contributors use very harsh language. If the issue is not acceptable, there are series of ways to raise the issue, but not on the website. This has been a concern to me lately, so I wish to mention in this comment, but please do not think negatively and reply me. Thank you.
Thutop Yuthok

Location: boston
Subject: task force
Jan 15 2005 05:54 AM

why is the members of this task force such a secretive list, assumptions, presumptions, inneundos, feelings do not work K la in Canada.
Reliable Source  

Location: Dharamsala
Subject: Latest Task Force list
Jan 15 2005 05:24 AM

Gyari Lodoe
Kalsang Gyaltsen
Sonam Dakpo
Bhuchung Tsering
Tenpa Tsering Ex. Kalon
Tashi Wangdu Ex. Kalon
Sonam Togyal Ex. Kalon
Tsewang Phuntsok
Who else???
Offcial List......
Add. more....its always the same old circle...

Location: KARZE
Jan 15 2005 04:40 AM

Make someone a part of this task force who got the balls to tell the damn chinese to get the hell out of TIBET. We can't be kissing their ass anymore.



Location: New York
Subject: my suggestion
Jan 14 2005 11:03 PM

Please dont send some old sit there.

Here's my list of people who might help.

Jamyang Norbu
Tashi Tsering
Dawa Tsering
TCV Education Director (I forgot his name)
Tenzin Tsundue (poet)
Jamyang Dorjee
Lhadon Tethong

these seven people are the most brilliant set of people I can think of.

Send them, I guarantee you that something's gonna happen. Dont send the old bunch of people.


Location: Canada
Subject: Trust in our leadership
Jan 14 2005 10:04 PM

In response to this critic from Boston and others, nobody in private, public or govt, even in the democratic countries even the US negotiates openly through media or public. There has to be a trust on our leadership that they are representing our interest. In this case, it appears to be His Holiness who is handling this through his envoys. I have travelled to most places where Tibetans live including throughout Tibet and one thing nobody can deny is that the only person who has the mandate from the Tibetan people is His Holiness. It's not totally secret trips and I am satisfied that so far we are getting information we needed from the envoys and His Holiness directly.

Location: Switzerland
Subject: Task force
Jan 14 2005 07:53 PM

Have not heard much about delegations that went to Tibet before? New task force does that mean present team is inadequate?

Location: boston
Subject: task force
Jan 14 2005 07:22 PM

I hope this thing they are doing goes well, I really do.
But reality check leads to a different conclusion. Is this done in secrecy, who formed/nominated these members. Is this a negotiationg team for Tib gov in dhasa or HH or Gyari family. R the tib people sooo ignorant that these groupies will decide what is best for us. What is democracy without transparency. We critic china but they have come a long way, in someways china is as much a democratic society as the tib govt is. the few elits in the tib society should should being condescending.
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