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Almost half- a- century after following the Dalai Lama over the high Himalayas into exile in India, Tibetan refugees are finding it hard to keep their progeny strictly within the fold of Lamaistic Buddhism and committed to the cause of a free Tibet....
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Location: US
Subject: let's use our freedom to prevail
Dec 16 2004 04:32 AM

This is a very important point that both Tsundue and Youdon la has raised about the Tibetan language. It is for sure sad to discern the fact that some Tibetan family prefers to talk in a language that is not Tibetan as a way to present themselves as "different" or may be "cool." However, our brethens in Tibet, who are oppressed and compelled by the communist Chinese regime in picking up Chinese are fighting with every bit of their energy in keeping our Tibetan language alive. Therefore, I feel as a Tibetan living in the exile communities, we should use our freedom in spreading our wings of keeping and prevailing our own language.

Location: NY
Subject: exile and the loss of culture
Dec 16 2004 01:58 AM

In discussing the loss of culture, one must not forget that when one culture rubs up against another that both usually change. I think that no one will deny that our Tibetan has changed, just as it would be very hard to prove to me that Tibetans have not chnaged some aspects of Indian culture in Dharamsala. And given the small population of Tibet the chnages they have made in the West and in Russia and in other areas with Buddhists far outstrips the chnages Tibetan people have had to make in their own culture. No, to me the single greatest threat to Tibetan culture is China becuase the dynamic relationship Tibetans enjoy in india and the west is inherently different from the relationship we have to endure with the powerful Chinese in China. We should never forget that materialism only does so much to explain what we are as Tibetans and what chnages we choose to make. I think the real motivating factors behind what we are becoming are pride, fear and self-interest. We are usually proud, but not always, to be Tibetans and we desire to preserve our culture, or the portions we feel are critical to our understanding of the world. The Chinese feel that if they can increase the prosperity of some Tibetans it will make them buy into communism, and forget that they are Tibetans. By accepting this communist line of increased wealth with the accpetance of politcal slavery we do not help ourselves at all. On the other hand, if we go overseas or to India and become rich, it is work we have done on our own, as free people. Tibetans are afraid that they will lose the important things about their culture. And I beleive it is our self interest to preserve what is truly important and to change the things that kept Tibet isolated, theocratic, unfree and able to be conquered by China. I feel that until we see that clearly, we will always be swayed by ideas like the communists and their dialectical materialism, the Indians and their nationalism and the lure of the west and the potential for freedom and assimilation. We need another starategy that includes making soem fundemental changes in the way we do things if we are to survive the winter of our nation. That means, reaffirming that there is a logic to being a human being that may not change and as much as we may dislike it, so much of human behavior is directly controlled by fear, ignorance, pride and self-interest. We need to harness those powers, just as Lord Buddha did and use them to bring ourselevs to freedom.

Location: Canada
Subject: Inferiority Complex of mother tongue
Dec 15 2004 11:52 PM

The loss of one mother tongue is the single most important factor for identity or cultural loss of a nation.

In seventies and eighties it was the case for Tibetans in Ka Dor Gang Sum (Kalimpong, Darjeling and Gangtok).

Now it is happening in rest of exile population as with rise in immigration to West.

This reminds me of documentary on Sherpa. Ethnically Sherpa are Tibetan and Tibetan is their mother tongue and over the years the influence of Nepali has weaned away their mother tongue. So you will see that monks who conducts prayers is always a Tibetan on the Everest.

While living in the West I realise how important the mother tongue is. I am proud to for my mother tongue.

As it is natural - most people in the developing country take pride if they happens to know one of European languages preferebly English or French. In our case many youngster would try every means to learn English but give little importance to Tibetans. Some even take pride in confiding that they they don't know Tibetan (Written).

English is prided when you go to developing countries or English speaking countries like US, Canada, Brit, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand.

But in the rest of Europe nobody cares for Engish as they are proud of their mother tongue do everything to promote it.

Where as in developing countries the knowledge of foreign language is highly sought after at the expense of mother tongue. All this is due to inferiorty complexes and we should shed this complex.

Infact mother tongue is the most valuable of the nation's wealth as it is acquired and developed over thousands of years.

Long live Tibetan Language.


Location: us
Subject: Tibetan youth
Dec 15 2004 11:44 PM

Watching form the West both at Tibetans in North America and around the world, I see great potential for our movement for a free Tibet. Most of the Tibetans are working very hard and support Tibetan causees and their extended families when ever they can.Many of the Tibetan Associations in North America have started Tibetan language classes. So hold your head up my countrymen, We will prevail!!!
A Tib Pragmatist  

Location: NY
Subject: New generation
Dec 15 2004 10:08 PM

I do understand and appreciate the concerns putforth by Tsondue n Youdon which though is not a breaking news for the exile govt and community at large. Majority is well aware of this situation. But I strongly disagree that new gener or current youth are losing hold towards Tib struggle and are giving up their culture for Indian or western. Though ofcourse there is a considerable influence of the foreign culture but the spirit of being Tibetan is very much there in intact. U cant just exasturate or go extreme overlooking the efforts n activities carried out by the present Tib Youth under the org such as TYC n TWA both in Asia n West. So, we have to be careful while making such public comments. We ve to look from all angles. Anyway, my realistic outlook is that we the Tib youth should continue working towards our freedom and preservation of our culture/heretage inspite of our day to day career challenges. ONE IMP SUGGESTION THAT THE CURRENT WAVE OF TIB YOUNGSTERS SHOULD STUDY TIBETAN BUDDHISM AND IT'S RELATION TO OUR DAILY LIFE THEREBY WE WILL BE ABLE TO REINFORCE A GOOD VIOLENCE-FREE SOCIETY IN THE YEARS TO COME AND BECOME A MODEL SOCIETY FOR OUTSIDE WORLD.

Location: dhasa
Subject: exxx
Dec 15 2004 05:15 PM

I think what tsudue is saying is a bit of too much ; that settlement are not viable , he seems to imply that it is sort of evolution.No , settle,ent have become roots for majority of young people and if government is able to create good infrastrcture people will come back to live with the family.Than the education policy that seems to suggest avoidance of too extreme side and less fortunately it would end nowhere. Where is the direction ?. TGEI worst failure is its failure to direct the young and naive generation.

Location: erevan
Subject: important issue
Dec 15 2004 04:36 PM

This is one of the worst difficulties being faced by tibetans. Language is one important factor which makes all tibetans one.
When we know our problem, solutions should be given from the lowest level.
Home is small but a very influential environment where young minds are nourished. Therefore, all young tibetans families have responsibility to teach their children their own mother tongue and literature. Union is created here and it will expand.
tib. Youth  

Location: SCHWEIZ
Subject: Post your comment on " Materialism Drowns Out Young Cries for a Free Tibet"
Dec 15 2004 03:10 PM

"Like Tsundue, Aukatsang thinks that the new generation of Tibetans is not motivated in the same way as were their forebears in fighting for Tibet's freedom".

I totally disagree what these two people think about the new generation of Tibetans. They have the least idea about what TYC and Students for Free Tibet etc. are solely taking responsibilities and initiatives to keep our issue alive.
Please refrain from making such comments. It is very discouraging and irresponsible.
dhasa boy  

Location: new-dhasa
Subject: hats off to both of you...
Dec 15 2004 01:49 PM

I am glad to read that atleast somebody(s) is there to bother for us! I trully agree with the above views that our new generations are culturally withered off by western influences and materialism theory. But, i feel even though our bro and sis are miles away from us (peacefully settled somewhere)they will for sure and hope-so-to-do when the right moment will come...and i have (dont know about others) the patience to wait for the right moment. WE SHALL OVERCOME...


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