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Fri 15, Nov 2019 10:54 PM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "Diplomacy and Deterrence"
I have never been hated by anybody more than this dog: this dog barks at me with extra enthusiasm and aggression making me a villian in front of the people lazing around in the neighbourhood....
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Location: NY
Subject: tsundue's noble truth
Dec 05 2004 10:59 AM

hey u guruji,
r u guru rinpoche or fake chars smoking guru? n y r u quoting inji guru here?

Tsundue's words the truth that touches the reality unlike the aristocratic run diplomacy led by Gyari family, supported by dalai Lama's bro Gyalo dondup.


Location: Dasa
Subject: My thoughts
Dec 04 2004 07:27 AM

"I wouldn't give much for a man who warms himself with the comfort of vain hopes. Let a man nobly live or nobly die." Sophocles, Ajax
Ha Ha  

Location: Delhi
Subject: Same Old times
Nov 30 2004 07:04 PM

We will keep on hoping,
they will keep on doubting;
Soon Tibet will vanish from chapters of history,
But we will keep on negotiating.

Real fighters either lose or win;
Lazybones and politicians talk and rot,
bureaucrats are mostly conniving theives and scoundrels,
My dear Tibet, your fate is sealed.

First they surrendered,
then they prostituted you,
Now they have sold you,
For what? Nothing in return except hope.

Ha Ha,

Bhod Rewai Phung,
Gya Dhogpai Phung.


Location: dasa
Subject: awfully frank and outspoken
Nov 25 2004 06:46 PM

the writer is not only an activist but a great poet. well keep going dear.
but i guess if i am not wrong, should be bit more careful with the thing he writes.for what he says may deteriorate the fragile relationship with the chinese govt.rite?
however what you have been doing for our cause are beyond words. so keep going.

Location: NY
Subject: China and Tibet
Nov 24 2004 11:13 PM

If you think that Tibet is part of China, you agree with the line of reasoning posits that Tibetans should take their time and negotiate with the Chinese to live under their rule and to try to get along with their nation under a unified, communist China. That may be a good thing for some people. But I am quite sure that there is a natural desire of people to live in freedom and such an approach no matter how appealing it may seem will open up other problems. For one thing, how many Tibetans will want to leave the oppurtunity offered in India for the prospect of additional Chinese rule with possible jail sentences for repatriation. Or, if you are a successful small business owner in Dharamsala, why would you want to live as a poor farmer in Tibet, or a small business owner subject to the approval of the communist regime that will inevitably be under the direct control of Bejing. Now some people may say better to be a farmer or drokpa in Tibet then a refugee any day; but I am quite sure that many people will not. Democracy starts with an awareness of the difference between freedom and the other forms of government that are not freedom. I think Tibetan people want rongzen, and all people want it, I feel that this is the natural way for people to live. Of course, you may not think so when you live in New York and have it; but when you live in Tibet and do not I am sure you miss it and are even willing at great risk to walk across the Himalaya to Dharamsala to find it. Remeber in the end things maybe relative, there is no strict divsion between what is and what should be in some utopian way, but there is and should be a clear recognition that good is what helps people fulfill the natural and intellectual and material needs of life and what is not good is whatever deprives people of those rights becuase it is harmful to their condition. We Tibetans always look at Westerners and wonder why they are so successful; of course we never examine why. Well, I think the democracy is part of the reason why. Westerns do not just have more stuff, or more money for us to look at and sometimes like and sometimes get sick of, but they have a stake in their government and in the engine that drives cultural change. They are empowered to change and audit their government in a way that we can't.... Instead Tibetans have corruption in China and in exile. We have people whose whole job is looking down on other people....things may seem okay, and some people may be satsified with beleiving that being the world's most successful refugees is enough, but that is a sad story. Without a homeland what has any people ever become other then something else?

Tibetans should not end up that way. China should realize that land and the acquistion of land are territorial impulses of imperialism- not communism. Nazi Germany felt the same way. If you want to negotiate with China can it be as a defeated people? Freedom must come from within Tibetan people before any help comes. Otherwise you can say all you want to say to China and they will still do everything in their power to disenfranchise and ultimately get rid of us.

Location: NY
Subject: Autonomy
Nov 23 2004 03:15 PM

Tsundue la has his right to air his views and opinions - that's what we mean by freedom. Some of you here think it is a platform to instigate or provoke one another to engage "a battle of words". Sorry, so pathetic!
Autonomy is not synoymn with "selling one's freedom". Being autonomous, we can still enjoy abundance of freedom...how much freedom we want has to be carefully thought of and presented at the negotiation table. One has to be skillfull in forming the list of things we want our say in and it calls for tactfullness, diplomacy and what have you. We need to have a clear agenda of things we want right of decision making, freedom of movements and expression, authority and power in recruiting and assigning post to our people. And how we are gonna treat the chinese, who after gaining autonomy will become the minority in Tibet. All these things have to be thought of. When doing so, we have to have the changes made in the main constitution of the Mainland china...so when it is not implemented or carry out, we can always agrue at the International court of justice and in the local courts.
After studying and doing research on autonomy and consulting the experts in the field, I have a different view from Tsundue. I am strongly in favor of Autonomy which is in another word - the Middlepath approach of HH.
Do you know why it is taking so long? Why are the attempts made by HH and the exile govt - a slow process? It is all because we are not able to prove the genuineness of our preposition because a section of our community calls openly for Independence which obstructs the negotiation. Those calling for independence are no other than our own brethren tibetans so called shoonus! To reach any negotiation, the teams should have trust in each other with what one says. When these youths shout and raise slogan like "Independent Tibet" etc, the chinese side thinks we are playing a foul game or a double standard game. Saying autonomy but aiming for independence which is not true in case of HH and the exile govt. Building trust and confidence is a prerequisite of sound negotiation. I largely hold today's youths for being a block to successful and quick negotiation.
The stand of today's youth is delaying the process of negotiation. These youths are our very Tibetan - so it is but natural for the People's Republic of China to sense something fishy in HH's stand of Autonomy. When there is a difference of opinion regarding Tibet's future within our own community - we can't blame the chinese nor HH or our own govt for this slowness. It is time for the youths to reflect within oneself and see how their role is negatively effecting this process. Think deep and I bet your own conscience will tell you whether your contribution is laudable or not.
By asking for autonomy - mind you we are not selling our country - that's what some of the pro-independence explains thus which is not correct in any way. You are young, do your own soul-searching and come to conclusion. Do not get swayed by the oratory and fake nationalism of some hardcore pro-independence activist.
Read articles and books on both Independence and autonomy - weigh the pros and cons. Remember there is never one absolute good thing! A thing is good which has more pros than cons according to YOU - choose that.


Location: NY
Subject: Communism will fall before Democracy
Nov 23 2004 12:51 AM

China is a totalitarian state, what can Tibetans who are not Chinese, expect but to be denied basic human dignity and rights. I hope that one day China will topple like Saddam's Iraq and the minorities of China who are an oppressed undercaste will be free to determine their own destiny. One day I see a Sherman marching to liberate the people of Tibet from the apartheid-like conditions they live in. Like Ghandi said, "I know of no people who would not prefer their own bad government to another people's good one." That all people desrve to be free is the fundemental right the Chinese deny each other and exact with special vehemence on Tibetans, Uighars, Manchus and Mongols. H.H. says not to fight, and he is right that to do so is not practical yet. Be patient, I am quite sure that the patience of the world and time is running out for the regime in Bejing.

Location: San Francisco
Subject: Cultural movement in an age of identity crisis
Nov 20 2004 09:25 AM

Our unity is our strength and our focus is our resource. Although
Tibetans might have focus from different dimensions still our strength is the unity of these pursuits towards a common goal--freedom. Our cultural movement is one of the greatest revolution of our history and the best deterance to a rising giant-China.

Location: bombay
Subject: thumbs up for T Tsondu!!!!!
Nov 17 2004 09:52 AM

It is really good to see Tsundu la having the guts to write openly what ever is in his mind. I have also the same opinion on the subject but I am afraid to write this kind of article, because I am getting financial support for my two children. One of my daughter is in TCV School. I don't want to get harm to them because of my thinking.

Now we don't have much hope on these people including Samdong Lama. Samdong is more crooked and fishy so as Gyari Lodoe and his chamchas. We have no hope left because of these so-called LEADERS.

People like Lobsang Nyendak and Penpa Tsering are ruling the exile administration. What can we expect from these theives.
Jamphel KT  

Location: chandi
Subject: words of love
Nov 16 2004 11:08 AM

we must understand the words of love. Tusndue la's criticism of how things are going on in the tibetan freedom fighting is only to make sure we do not fall into extremities or end up banging up against the wall. I know this man and i know better his ways. His criticism are his love for Tibet, and they are so constructive for Tibet. That too without holding seats in CTA, salary or TYC positions.
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