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Fri 20, Sep 2019 11:50 PM (IST)
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Location: Belgium
Subject: Sorry - I mean Bodh Rangzen & the like
Sep 15 2004 03:26 PM

I am Pema, Mr. Choephel Tsering la from New York or Toronta. It doesn't matter coz it isn't a big deal.
choephel Tsering  

Location: New York
Subject: Last man standing
Sep 14 2004 05:42 PM

It's I R O N I C that Lotus talks about responsibility and doesn't write with proper name here on the website, and accuses the most respected Tibetan writer and activist in third person "you people".

Tenzin Tsundue is known for his patriotism. He is somebody who is staking his life for Free Tibet. Therefore your charges of 'ulterior motives' is thrashed.

I ahve never met the writer, but his message is very very clear to any english reader. His criticisms are for improvement in our community, and to 'insult' anybody. Whereever he makes criticims, he immediately makes suggetsions.

Common lotus, what this writer does is exactly what you are saying making small changes within tyhe country. I have heard that Tsundue la'has refused to go abroad ONLY BECAUSE HE WANTS TO WORK IN THE TIBETAN COMMUNITY.

do you? know your people before making charging others of mudlsinging. Why do you wnat to ostracise our last patriot Tenzin Tsundue, like the way Tibetans kicked out Dawa Norbu(who has now gone mad in Delhi), Jamyang Norbu, Lhasang Tsering.

Keep this man. He is the last man stading for Free Tibet

Choephel Tsering

Location: Tibet
Subject: Confused Tibetans!
Sep 14 2004 04:24 PM

I really pity all of you. You guys are acting like "a frog in the pond" - a very common tibetan saying. As for understanding the term "Democracy" - one can explain this term from one's own cultural need and societal need in mind. It doesn't really have to be that universal definition. It is ok to keep the universal definition but every one has the freedom to modify it to suit one's culture and social milieu. Please...it doesn't have to work in the way it works in USA or for that matter any other democratic country. The basic principle can be same but how it is conducted should be done according to our cultural background. There is nothing called so and so's is the best Democracy - the best democracy is that which doesn't violates one's culture, values and tradition. So the democracy that I see being practiced in the exile community is exactly what a Tibetan Democracy should be. Come on, lets be creative and different. The democracy that is in practice in India and for that matter America, it is good for the people of that respective country. It doesn't serve our purpose.
Be frank, are you afraid of being different? One need to be bold to be different...it isn't easy. I appreciate our leaders for attempting to be different and unique. And also showing the world that we can be what we are "Tibetans in spirit and value". We are showing the world that we have an identity, unlike you guys who want to assimilate with them and then lose your true identity. You don't know if you are a tibetan or american or indian. Outwardly, you look tibetan but your thoughts, deed, words and mannerism says you are otherwise.
I accept that there may be loopholes in the present system of democratization but never forget there is always room for improvement. Mind you, improvement doesn't mean copying the West or any other country. I am confident that our leaders are dynamic and proactive instead of reactive like some of you who propose for change but doesn't know what kind of change you want to bring about. You guys have no back up plan...just talking of change for the sake of change is not what one can risk doing for a nation. You can practice that at your home but not on a national level. We are a country of six million people...if you want to bring change, you need to have an action plan which you can execute immediately when you are given a charge.
You guys are in illusion. You think the democracy in USA and India is the best - NO! You and I know how much the people in these country suffer from being "idealistic democratic"- which you think so. How can you be so pathetic! Study our system in depth...the philosophy behind it...you'll appreciate. I strongly feel you guys are undergoing culture shock - especially you are at that stage of culture shock where you are seeing every thing good about the country where you are living and bad about your own culture and customs. This is a phase and you'll pass it if you don't then you'll have probs.
I hate anyone who devalues his own country and leaders just to appear "modern" and "hep" - sorry that is not the way. There are other ways to do that. You don't have to undermine your own culture, beliefs, faith and countrymen. I get a feeling that you guys are having some problems. You need to first deal with those issues and then may be you'll appreciate what is being done in exile. Unless you work out with your personal issues, you can't understand what the leaders are doing at large for the good of greater number of people. Not happening things according one or two individuals doesn't mean the whole system is a failure. The success or failure of a system has to be evaluated on the basis of greater number of people. Whatever the existing government is doing is benefiting the larger number of people and the impact of the success of these plans will be felt in the 10 to 20 years to come. The impact of these changes are not seen overnight. Therefore, persons like you who have a zero tolerance personality can't wait to see the result. You got to be patient - work on being patience. How come you only see the black spots although there are numerous white spots in these execution.! When you wear a "negative glasses", you only see the negatives. I think you need to first deal with your unfinished businesses.
You have the right to pass criticism but please do so with responsibility. What you write speaks volumes about who you are. Your intention to taint the government or the officials in Dhasa isn't served instead the readers feel how low you can get down to curse your own government and people. What can one expect of such a kind of person who only knows mudslinging and character assasination.

Location: New jersy
Subject: come to the point
Sep 12 2004 11:09 AM

why is th issue of MANGTSO raised so beautifully and correctly and timely by Tsundue la being diluted by this statue controversy.
such conroversies will alsways be there even after free Tibet.
Tashi Danang  

Location: New Delhi
Subject: Guru Rinpoche Statue vs Tibet project
Sep 09 2004 09:04 PM

I agree with Hallen and Bho Mi that we seriously need to think through this whole thing before implementing the costly project.

While I have no objection for building Guru Rinpoche statues as I am a devotee of Guru Rinpoche myself, I do have a problem when our government is swamping its resource on the project when it could use the resource to accomplish many things that are fallen on its shoulder. How about using this money to counter the Chinese propaganda by means of distibuting proper information about Tibet?

How about using this million dollar to built a small airport in Dharamsala so that it reduces the Dalai Lama's travel hazzard. He could fly directly to Delhi.

I hope the government is listening to our voice.


Location: Mpls
Subject: Problem, Houston.
Sep 09 2004 09:55 AM

Everyone should consider what "FriendofTibet" said about the project that is going to take place - making statues of Guru Rinpoche under aids(this is what he advised.) Alhough I haven't researched on this matter yet, I'd like to comment if it's so, that this is not a minor problem. I suppose our G.I.E. are aware of their plans and actions, so, I'm hoping that they're doing it after taking serious considerations.

As HH the Dalai Lama always says, "This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness."

Are more statues necessary? It's to my knowledge that we'd rather spend more money on education than on anything relating to religion. By the way, I could be wrong that this project is spending from their own budget leaving aside the funds.


Location: Paris
Sep 08 2004 05:35 PM

Thanks for your article Tenzin TsundueLa. Very interesting.

I wonder how come that 95% of Tibetan are for Tibet's Independance, and the right to fight for this sacred goal, and that the Parliament--in the name of Tibetan People--, and TGIE, are fighting for autonomy?

Fighting? or waitting for false hope to start prenegotiations on preconditions for negotiations which will never come, since the chinese dictatorial regime has already made clear that they don't allow even autonomy to Tibet?

Why TGIE remains against all evidences and reasons trapped in this dirty game played by a criminal regime who is busy implementing and completing its FINAL SOLUTION in Tibet?

Why Parliament doesn't give voice to the people which he is supposed to represent? That very people who is 95% in favour of independance, in favour of fighting for independance, in favour of using the legitimate right to fight for independance?

A people needs hope and a goal. A People without clear vision of future is already dying.

It is highly time that the voice of those who want to fight for that sacred goal, before everything else (money, power, position, fame...) can be heard.
It is highly time for Tibetans to take her future in hands.
It is not and cannot be against the will of Gyalwa Rimpoche, our beloved Leader to be in favour of making Tibet alive and living in future.
Maybe it should the greatest pleasure of His Holiness, Father of our Nation, to see His People becoming adult...

Good Start  

Location: Delhi
Subject: Bravo
Sep 07 2004 10:53 PM

Bravo Helen! Good Start!!
Friend of Tibet  

Location: New York
Subject: Urgent Please say no to Kashag
Sep 07 2004 08:31 PM

Dear Tibetan friends.

I have been helping Tibetan Administration for many years in planning. I have got a letter from a friend who is working for the Tibetan government saying that the Kashag and Religious Department is planning to build 100,000 of Guru Rinpoche's statue for ritual purpose.

I have no objection to the project itself, but look at the cost of this project and who is paying for it.

It is going to cost $220,496,978 USD. Kashag easily could spend this on education and helping the poor Tibetan family in the settlement areas. Please visit www.Tibet.net to find more about this project and boycott Kashag on this lunatic project.

If the donor organizations, including USAD and Congress found out about this project, it will cut its annual grant to Tibetan government in exile.

The US government forbits the USAD grant to be used for promotion of religion and political activities. The grant is strictly for humanitarian assistance.

Please write Kashag and let them know that they are making a serious mistake and that it will alienate many friends of Tibet in the West.

Hallen Mcbeth

Location: nowhere
Subject: Tibetan catch 22
Sep 07 2004 04:03 PM

first we need to understand nature of good government, it is to keep the book in order and avoid anarchy or uncontrolled situations.

secondly nature of parliament is not for discussing or brainstorming for ideas or solutions, it is a place created to debate and show off egoes, where before leaders used to show off in their military power and gains, now need to show off their power to debate and score points.

Hopefully understanding the nature of government & parliament, it will be a good idea not to place too much or any hope on them to solve our problem on Issue of Tibetan Freedom.

Now comes our catch 22, Many Tibetans are looking for a leader or someone or something to take the lead, but everytime someone gets a little a head, everyone tries to run behind and stample the leader, and not giving the person any chance to lead, then we are back to square one with no leader.

So what is our solution: it needs education, changing our mind set to think about team effort and team work for the maxium gain for everyone in team. we need be organise in a way to use the tactics and strategy where the best skills of everyone is put in place to take responsiblity for their areas. If we Tibetans cannot do it we might as well hire foreign coaches and manager to organise, fomulise a tactics and strategy, but we will need leaders to take initaitives when things don't go to plan and regroup everyone for change of plan.
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