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Thu 23, Jan 2020 01:27 PM (IST)
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Location: Darjeeling
Subject: the man and the mission
Jul 17 2004 01:30 PM

two years back Tsundue la came here to darjeeling with more of his friends in an aeefort to 'Jagao' the sleeping Tibetans in Darjeeling, kalimpong and Gangtok. They even went to Rawangla.

I am a local activist, so I followed his story. I hear he continues to work for Rangzen unlike many who talk, talk and talk and do nothing.

Dukdag conffesses that he does small things to make diffrence, is this note on phayul his work or there are other stuff he does? I wonder.

Tsundue sees changes in Tibet with the changes from China, but the MAIN THRUST IS WHAT HE IS DOING EVERYDAY with the Tibetans. That's his defenition of struggle.

He does what he writes, and writes what he does.

Dajeeling DG
rangzen yishi  

Location: u.s.
Subject: china, where to go???
Jul 17 2004 06:35 AM

10 years ago, I heard some chinese scholar from Beijing University saying that it is matter of time for chinese communiest regime to be fail; however, reform leads them sooner to the end... It is fasnating to see changings indeed taking a place in each aspect of chinese society.

China never be the same china that we saw on yestoday's news. Dailly, 8000 news born again christians are inceresingly adding up. Despite their low social standard and less educated background, the great impact still reminds with great attention from christain world around the world. They share belief and value, they speak in same language, democrecy, justice, and equalization.

The point that I am trying to make is same like Mr. Tenzin's that china is out of communist control. However, the question is how we are going to value this change. Are we going to share their vision? then how we face and judg Christianity. Do we need chiristians world invloved in our journey for freedom? We must answer these question before we act.

Location: london
Subject: being disappointed and bad mouthing
Jul 16 2004 10:50 PM

To DG in Darjeling,
Please read my comment carefully, yes I may be a bit of a back seat driver, I don't claim to be anything special. But I do try in little ways to make a difference because I believe we can change the situation in Tibet. I do not believe in a grand Tibetan freedom struggle but I do believe that we Tibetan needs to change much more than the Chinese, that is the true struggle in exile. Then when China do change we should be ahead or ready to resolve our situation.

Waiting for China to change or trying to change China takes too much effort and it is often wasted energy. It should be far easier to change ourselves and be ready, because everything is non-permanent and things change on its own accord, and often with humans the best catalyst is a good examples.

My disappointment with Tibetan writers and activists don't seem to think of the small changes needed to get the big things working. They seems to think, by thinking about Tibet and Independence they are doing a greater job than everybody else who does the small things that keeps everything working and moving.

Location: Darjeeling
Subject: successive good writing
Jul 16 2004 06:22 PM

Out here in darjeeling, there are very few young Tibetan leaders, leav along writers. Tsundue la somebody we look upto.
Dugdak's comment is nice, only thing is it is little back seat driving. We can not do much, actually we do not do much, but we do not back mouth the good people.
Asking Tsundue not to expect solution from changes in China as tsundue says, is to wanting Tsundue to say as Dukdag's himself fancies, a grand Tibetan freedom struggle.
Look at the Tibetans living in so called free countries INDIA, Nepal, Bhutran and USA and UK, can anything be expected from them?
be realistic Dukdag boy.

Location: london
Subject: Gyami
Jul 12 2004 07:44 PM

Wonderful and Responsible article, I feel I went through the same process of maturing my views on China, the people of China, the PLA and Communist Party. The Tiananmen Square Massacre was very important for the Chinese, the world and Tibetans for understanding the Chinese Leadership. I think it was the first time I tried to understand and empathised more with Chinese people and started learning about what is happening in China. It also made me feel that there is hope for Tibetans if we lived in Autonomy with majority and younger people of Chinese in one country, in a democratic and Free China, I felt these demonstrator had a similar principles of humane and more civil society in mind that can bring China to modern standard of living.

I also believe His Holiness the Dalai Lama is the key to negotiating a peaceful solution of Tibet and once told a interviewer of “South China Morning Post” a Hong Kong English language paper. That without His Holiness China will increase their instabilities and may have to deal with lot more fractions of Tibetan.

Another interesting fact is China’s flag, Big star cornered by four smaller star, it is also similar to China’s geography, China is cornered by Tibet, East Turkistan, Outer Mongolia and Manchuria. I think it is an important symbol, If China wants to progress and go beyond it’s corner they must find the support of people of these countries otherwise they will never be stability in China to allow it become a big power or have greater prestige or recognition as a great civilisation in world.

Only thing that disappointed me about this article is “The Resolution of our issue, I believe will come out of changes in China”, unfortunately this is the same thing I heard from Jamyang Norbu. I feel if these known true hardcore Tibetan activists have that as their core view, then they might as well stop pretending. What is unfortunate is they don’t seem to give much hope for their work as activist, or work of Tibetan people and supporters all over the worlds for change in Tibet and as well as in China. Yes change must come from within most of the time, but often a catalyst can come from anywhere. We Tibetan must have more faith in our abilities and capabilities of ourselves and our people. There are also very strong reasons for this too, look at the map of China and its flag, out of the smaller stars Tibet is one that is shining most brightly today. Mongols and Manchurians have some connection to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, a good example and settlement of Tibet can also work for them with Dalai Lama’s help. The East Turkistan’s activist in the west, I know are looking at the Tibetan’s efforts and learning from us, if we Tibetan lose our direction they too will look to other model for resolving their issues with China. China and world must surely try to understand that, those investors and gun sellers may find ways to profit from chaos and violence but those who want to invest in prosperity and happiness of people should think twice about the holistic nature of the interdependent world.

Location: dingri
Subject: deep insights!
Jul 12 2004 02:10 PM

Tsundue la has again delievred a bomb here! We quite often forget how and why we call Chinese Khisha zakhen". Not all chinese are dog eaters. We forget our own prejudeces and criticize chinese with harshes words. How true of Tsundue la!
However Tsudnue la has not spared China where they NEEDED to be pinned down on occupying Tibet.
Thanx Tsudnue la.

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