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Thu 23, Jan 2020 01:55 PM (IST)
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Location: on holiday
Subject: dukdak is the car
Jun 24 2004 01:37 PM

This man, since you aer not like any of the three three Tibetans laders, are you the car, a trailer for any of them? The leaders do not go looking for folowers like mao tsetung, true leaders just do their work, and the followers who like their ideologies and way things are done.


Location: USA
Subject: my darling
Jun 19 2004 02:58 PM

This man always makes me cry with his words of love for Tibet, every time. The word of truth from his semshook is so endearing, so powerful, that phayul's dose of semshook energises me once every month. Thank you phayul for giving me tsundue. Need i say anything to the writer action man?

with love


Location: Europe
Subject: Semshok
Jun 19 2004 01:27 AM

Tibetan word 'Sem-shug'is combination of two words. As 'sem' is mind and 'Shug'is strength, so there are different kinds of sem-shugs like-political semshug, spritual semshug, self interest semshug and etc. So Tenzin Tsundue, Lhasang Tsering, Jamyang Norbu[not sure] are comes in political semshug, so have more nationalism. Like His Holiness have more spiritual semshug which works more for all sentient beings and so as our Tibetan government policy.i.e Nationalism is almost old fashion to our Kashags policy.It is difficult go together with spiritual and Nationalism but it does not mean that one is against each other.

After all we all are Tibetans[just roughly 6 million] and have to work together for our future.


Location: london
Subject: cynics and misunderstanding
Jun 18 2004 07:18 PM

Heros and role models only make impact when they have followers. Much as Tenzin Tsudue, Jamyang Norbu & Lhassang Tsering may have done, they have not amassed any followers, yet. They offer idealism rather than practical solutions, they offer critism or how things are rather than new approaches or solutions or ideas.

But all is not lost it is often up to the followers to push the leaders into a direction they want to take. So if more people put their weight behind Tenzin Tsuduee and his work, than his work will have practical implecations. In short "leaders are like a driver, followers are like the car"

Location: Canada
Subject: two sides of the same coin
Jun 15 2004 04:08 AM

they are different,
Tsondue is going through what Jamyangla has already gone through, in time Tsondue will will start seeing the truth as Jamyangla and Lhasang la have already, and this will be a good day for Tsondue.
Ha La Lua  

Location: Australia
Subject: Jamyang and Tsondue are different!
Jun 13 2004 12:08 PM

Jamyang Norbu (and his kind) and Tenzin Tsondue are different. Of course everybody is different from each other. But here the difference that I am going to point out is significant. Future is hard to predict; the time can only say. So, my observation is based upon their present attitudes.
Tsondue is an activist, as Jamyang is. They both seem independent. But Jamyang Norbu and Lhasang Tsering show a high degree of discomfortability toward the Dalai Lama and the TGIE. Their attitude regarding the DL and the TGIE is not just that they do not agree, but some sort of distrust. Sometimes I wonder there is something more than their difference in path regarding the Tibet's issue. The tone of their writing is more than disagreement. There is something else, which is hard to pin point. May be you should check it out.
On the other hand, Tsondue does not have such emotional backage toward the DL and the TGIE, eventhough he is also demanding for Tibet's independence. So, in some ways, people feel more comfortable with Tsondue than Jamyang or Lhasang.

Jamyang Norbu and Lhasang Tsering's week point is that they do not know (or they don't) how to work together with other people. Their strong personality has ousted themselves from the soicety. This is just my observation.

Location: Dharamshala
Subject: Tsundue our hero
Jun 12 2004 12:13 PM

Dukdak must base his judgement of our hero tsundue la from his work, and not just from his essay writings, you must see him work here in dharamsla, just wonderfull. people are praise him very much. He is very hard working here. He is the only one really having semshook an also good inteligence in doing his work. from the youth he is our role model, our only hero.

dukdak do you know?


Location: usa
Subject: Dukdak..U got the right name!!!
Jun 10 2004 06:59 AM

Dukdak, the sign of bad. All people in exile, particuarly in India saw his act of activism. What makes u question his motives? First look in yourself, then shoot questions. I am always upbeat by his way of serving and style of writing.
Love and Freedom

Location: london
Subject: semshook
Jun 09 2004 10:50 PM

Though Tenzin Tsuduee, writes beautiful emotive and sentimental essays (which I greatly admire and enjoy reading), I feel he may turn into another Lhassang Tsering and Jamyang Norbu, man of words but little new practical knowledge. They are like John the Baptist rather than the Messiah in biblical era. Please forgive me if I am wrong, I am only going by what I have read of his work and have never met him.

I hope their importance is shaping way for new Leaders with more practical ideas and pragmatic enthusiasm for bringing the Tibetans into new millennium.
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