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Tue 17, Jul 2018 01:58 AM (IST)
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Location: us
Subject: Is ranji an arrogant person?
Apr 09 2004 07:24 AM

if Ranji is arrogant woman, with lots of illusions and prejudices, I do not have much hope, even if she were a daughter of Goddess Tara.
If Ranji is a wise and intelligent person, I have hope in her, even if she were a daughter of a poor nomad.
In other words, I am done with titles, my Tibetan friends.

Location: lhasa
Subject: lhasa
Apr 06 2004 10:49 PM

hi renji.....or rinzin??? spell it right.... there isn't any name with renji in tibetan......so first spell your name correctly.

The belongings and wealth of our late Panchen doesn't belongs to you and your chinese mom..... it now belongs to our young Panchen lama (recognized by HH the Dalai Lama) ..... so stay away from this matter..... just help find the young Panchen lama regarding his whereabouts....this way u might get some reward.....

and onething more..... how could u go to tibet and bless those common tibetans who are so blind in there regligion..... gal, u making a big mistake..... u 've no right to bless someone...... u're misleading our faith....

if i were there i would surely lift up your skirt....not to touch your feet but to see your pussy......

mind it????????? renji or ren..di...
concerned tib  

Location: us
Subject: Is Renji worth tibetan's respect?
Apr 06 2004 04:43 AM

i read the full article on Renji, the only daughter of late panchen lama. I have a feeling that she isn't much into tibetaness.If she has any inklings towards being tibetan , she won't be saying that she didn't prostrate before the chinese panchen lama becoz she didn't have to prostrate infront of her own former panchen lama. That means she is recognizing him as the original recarnate. i quote her words here.

"(The meeting in Lhasa was very short, Renji said. "There were twenty or thirty people, all officials, his people. I walked in, said hello, how are you. We exchanged khatags." She did not, however, prostrate herself before him, though everybody knew that a photograph of the tenth Panchen Lama's daughter prostrating to the Chinese Panchen would be an important affirmation of the government's position on the reincarnation.

I asked Renji how she had avoided prostrating.

It was not an issue, she said. "My father had given me special permission-just to me-not to prostrate to him. If he is my father's reincarnation, I don't have to prostrate to him.")"


Location: NY
Subject: unprecendented culture ours
Apr 05 2004 09:04 PM

To Tenzin from page1: As much as you diss our religion as the thorn in promoting our cause, it is our buddhism belief that we have been able to set up an act of non-violence upon the rest of the world. Not that much of the world cares and takes too much notice in our nonviolence way of attaining our phayul but atleast as a citizen of the world, we do not stir any violent acts like the "rest of the world" do. I'm proud to be a tibetan buddhist and shall always pursue acts based on nonviolence.
I understand the frustrations build up in most of the younger generations, even some older ones as well but we've gotta use the frustrations to develop our society but not to upheaval the not too chaotic society of ours.
As for renji's case, she's young and has plenty of time to develop to bring changes. But as a human being, and that too a tibetan, she should have all rights to either take interests in tibetan politics or not. I would be happy to see a young tibetan woman rising as a star to build hopes and bridges across all walks of life in our society.

Location: Nepal
Subject: "Don't harm if you can't help"
Apr 05 2004 06:45 PM

Dear all commentators,

Try to be a sensible human being rather then wasting your time on writing illogical comments and using bad langauge. It is all good for nothing but hurting others just for nothing.

Concerning Renji, don't bother about her. If she is a daughter of great Penchen Rinpoche, she will surely come up with good spirit for Tibet and Tibetans.

arok khampa  

Location: ny
Subject: Stick to the subject.
Apr 05 2004 05:43 PM

Lets not get sidetracked on the subject, if some cowardly tibetans wants to stir up the pot in ananimity (I can guess from which province must be), go do it elsewhere.

As to Renji, I think she should stay out of tibetan politics, her mother is chinese, she will not betray her mother, therefore she cannot help us, only hinder us.

Location: US
Subject: Please be careful my Tibetan Lamas
Apr 05 2004 09:52 AM

It is indeed very disturbing to hear that some Tibetan Lamas have completely played with the tulku system.
first, life after death or the idea of reincarnation still remains an issue of debate. Most people on this planet do not believe in this. But Tibetans in general do. This might be OKAY; I can not say people not to believe in it.
But the problem is that the structure of our society is based upon this notion of reincarnation. It is very tricky. No body really knows whether the person is the real reincarnation of the past lama. Hey, my Tibetan brothers and sisters of younger generation, we need to give serious thought to it. So many corruptions and problems in our society are based upon this very belief. IT BECOMES MORE PROBLEMATIC WHEN IT BLENDS WITH THE POLITICS.
I personally think that we need a good social structure, and for this we do not have to go to the past lives, even if they existed. There are so many countries on this planet which are million times more civlized than our scoiety, but their success are not based upon tulku system. I think the time has come to say good bye to this system. I myself have disregarded it a while ago, but I want to see a social awarness, especially among youngsters.
the crux of the problem of the tibetan civilization is the Dharma box. We need to get out of it, and start to think more openly as a society. do not be afraid of changes, my Tibetan brothers and sisters. If we keep on afaid of changes we will never progress.
Our society needs to open up.
Look at the person who holds name "tintin." What was he thinking when he was making that racist comment? Tibetan people should never forget that small countries like El Salvador are the first countries who spoke on behalf of the Tibetan people when the invasion first took place.
I have always been very skeptcal about using Buddhism as a tool to regain the Tibetan autonomy. So many prominent tibetan lamas have used this method, and because of this Buddhism is now totally capitalized and commercialized in the west. I think those Tibetan lamas have totally underestimated the western civilization. Now in the west, these days, so many intelligent people who want to help the Tibet cause are becoming more and more reluctant because Tibetans have used the religion to gain support for their political cause. I am not making these things up. Open your eyes and ears, you will get it quite easily. Though they know that the truth is on the Tibetan side, we have done too much propogation of the cult like religion. It is true.
Tibetan lamas sitting on a throne teaching about love and compassion are more arrogant and greedier than their students. This is what people say and think. The point IS not whether we have a religion that can bring enlightenment or not, the point is we lost our control due to a political reason, and we have to struggle from a politcal stand point. The international community will not say oh you people do not have a good religion, so we are not going to support you. This seems to be the background idea of those tibetan lamas. we have made thing more complex than it original was.
After being here in the west for many years, I am now convinced that Tibetan people are less civilsed than many other races, including White, Black, Hispanic, and so and so forth. do not be embarassed. We have to acknowledge our mistakes, other wise we will never progress.

Look after nearly of around 45years of exile, Tibetans have failed to build one single school for higher education in modern studies. But we have lots and lots of monastries, but very few good monks. That's a shame.


Location: Manhattan, NY
Subject: Steven, Steven, oh steven....yet another innocent tibetan girl
Apr 05 2004 09:20 AM

First of all we must all realize that it is rinjis personal matter...thus we should be realistic with our comments. My words can be taken as a comments...nothing more.

The moment i read the paragraph of rinjis relationship with steven siegal and his streched limos, i felt pity on her for being a victim of sex crazed double image low class actor steven siegal. Rinji should know better what i mean!!!!

It was few years back when i was about to graduate from high school and my friend was in the same shoe as rinji....infact she fits the same profile as rinji. I was told that steven has sent her a stretched limo and a flight ticket with some fake promises. As innocent as she is, she flew to LA with positive attitude but returned displeased. He nearly forced her to have sex and lured her with fake marraige promises. He lured many innocent tibetan girls to feed his sex thirst by showing off his celebrity status and a stretched limos (what a cheap way to get laid). This is truth. What a disgrace to have him as our Lama.

I can understand that it is important to have a big guys on your back when you have big goals and responsibilities but there are many good guys out there. So my message to a pride daughter of our Respected Rinpoche is:


message to tintin: Your comment "thts why ur living amongst negroes, hipanics and etc.who dont have any rules and regulation" is ridiculous. I think they are much better civilized that you are tintin.

Location: london
Subject: We are with you
Apr 04 2004 11:12 PM

Princess Renji has a potentially important role to play for the Tibetan cause, and i think she will. Her feeling towards flock of Tibetan devotees who came to see her when she was in Shigatse, her avoidance of prostrating to the Chinese Panchen Lama in Lhasa referring to her late father's habit, and her response to the writer that she never met Gedun Choekyi Nyima -all has in-depth significance that she is aware of the fate of Tibet and Tibetans and that she is determined to carry on what her father has left to do. Tashi Delek and Good Luck to the Princess. We are with you!

Location: Middlesex
Subject: Salute to Rinji lay
Apr 04 2004 07:50 PM

That's really interesting article.Well,i would appreciate Rinji lay's concern for the Tibetans and her desire to help them.I am happy she is more Tibetan than Chinese.She can put another brick to built and gain Independent Tibet if she is concern enough.
She should marry a Tibetan as marrying any American or a westener wont be promising.You can see more 50% of them end up in divorce and law suit.
Accept my salute to you and your Father.
She should meet His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
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