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Thu 24, May 2018 03:39 AM (IST)
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Location: Albany
Subject: NY Problem
Apr 03 2015 08:09 PM

Why has this happened in NY and nowhere else?
Why somewhat like this happened at Washington DC and nowhere else?

You have to find answers to these questions and you will understand the roles of the Presidents of TCNYNJ and the RTYC NYNJ

I support Middle Path but not at the cost of appeasing China, but negotiating on equal terms, and not falling down on their feet.

Allen Yangzom


Location: soaring
Subject: on a unified Tibetan people
Apr 03 2015 08:00 AM

Writing here in my persona as Garuda, a few remarks on unity among the Tibetan people in their struggle for justice.

It is a basic and a flawed assumption that when a higher percentage of people support the Middle Way approach, this will result in China agreeing to negotiate in earnest. This is not born out by facts.

The fact is there is a natural tension in the democratic, political process where competing agendas actually empower and give rise to momentum. For example, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr seemed appealing to many white Americans partly because they sensed the overwhelming rage of more adamant activists such as some Black Muslims. King also appealed to the Christian roots of white sympathizers.

Nevertheless, the presence of the opposing forces (more radical African-Americans) actually empowered Dr. King in his work. The general population preferred the softer gentleman who wanted to join with them to the radicals who wanted to oppose them more overtly (albeit the post-mecca X changed his approach significantly). But that TENSION....that potential ALTERNATIVE....that empowered King.
It's a bit like this: you might not like the person who makes fun of you, until you have a choice between him and the fellow who beats you. Then the guy who just makes fun of you doesn't seem so bad.

Now, China is so strong right now that an opposing force to Kundun's nonviolent effort to join China is not going to provoke fear. Fear is not going to motivate China, and violence won't work either. So Tibetans need to ask themselves what WILL motivate China. Too much time is spent proferring answers and not enough time spent trying to ascertain what would actually motivate China to budge (which they haven't done in decades).

Will they budge out of Buddhist love? Will they budge out of economic necessity? Decide what will make them budge, then develop a plan to leverage that for the benefit of Tibetans who are suffering unfairly (including by documented Communist standards!)

As someone with limited political interests, but a deep concern for human rights, the environment, and the like, I can honestly say that any Tibetan (or Chinese) who is working NONVIOLENTLY for human rights, for the environment, for religious freedom, for freedom of the press....any such individual has my support, regardless of particular ideology. I don't care much about politics.

BUT Tibetans seem to be deluded into thinking that if they can just muster ENOUGH people to say "Hey, let's be part of China" that China will magically open its proverbial doors and say "Welcome, brothers, let us give you something."

That's not realpolitik.

I suggest Tibetans sit down and honestly examine the vested interests in China, and the forces which would actually encourage China to budge. Because whether you want an independent nation, or a setup like Hong Kong, or just some more human rights, you first have to make China budge.

Unity is about a lot more than agreeing on a political end. It is about how you carry yourself, the means you use, the integrity you carry, the honesty of your words, and actions....that is the ground where unity can be achieved.

It is a pure MYTH to think that just by getting large numbers of people to support the Middle Way approach, China's hand will be forced.

I do pray for a time when the Chinese and Tibetans can live side by side, in peace, as brothers and sisters. As different as they are....they have much to contribute to and learn from eachother....however the political situation turns out. That's not an endorsement of Umelam OR Rangzen, but, you might say, a kind of unity.



Location: perched
Subject: not a political question, but an ethical one
Apr 03 2015 07:20 AM

This is not a political question, but an ethical one. It is not ethical to undermine the values and goals of an organization when you have promised to uphold said goals. A suspension is a generous approach. A person can not belong to an organization if he undermines that organization's goals and aims. This would be like Barack Obama joining the Republican Party while advocating a Democratic platform. It would be like a Maoist embracing capitalism (ironic, isn't it?) It is like a hungry snake befriending a frog. Anyone who does not agree to TYC's goals should leave the organization voluntarily, just as anyone who is unwilling to become a part of China should not claim to support the Middle Way. This man should voluntarily resign his membership in TYC, to avoid disgracing himself or the organization further.
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