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Mon 20, Aug 2018 12:25 AM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "Modern Tibetan Art – Breaking Away from Tradition"
Contemporary Tibetan art scene took a leap forward last week as a major new exhibition dedicated solely to contemporary Tibetan art kicked off at a museum in New York....
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Location: Thimphu
Subject: We are serious
Aug 27 2013 01:58 PM

Yes, innovation is very necessary for development of our society but no innovation is needed for traditional dances, songs, painting, writings, dresses, wooden works, metal, clay and stone scluptures. If anyone is good in innovating something, do it without any touching with traditions, culture, language etc.

In the name of innovation, don't destroy our tradtions, culture, language etc.

Location: Canada
Subject: take a breather
Aug 15 2013 06:21 AM

Innovation is what we Tibetans are seriously lacking in this day and age. Artists need to constantly evolve and find new ways to express themselves. Us audience need to learn how to appreciate art, innovations and must detach ourselves from being complacent with the existing traditional artworks only. Yes, they are precious and all but exploring new realms of art with a blend of traditional elements will be a beauty that we and the rest of the world can celebrate.

Location: Dagobah
Subject: Corrections
Aug 12 2013 01:08 AM

If that picture is supposed to be the picture of "The Wheel of Life", then following things are missing in that picture:
1. The three poisons.
2. Positive and negative merrits (white and black background)
3. The six realms: Gods, Humans, Yidags/Hungry-ghosts, Hell, Reptiles/land animals, Demi-gods.
4. The 12 links of depending originations/ depending arising.

The Wheel of Life is very strongly related to Vajrayana Buddhism. you shouldn't make it if you don't fully understand it. If you misinform others with this kind of incorrect religious related art, you might accumulate negative merrits. It is no different than teaching false dharma to others.

Location: Thimphu
Subject: Leave traditional arts untouch
Aug 01 2013 09:28 AM

I am totally against any changes made in the traditional arts. If some artists think they want to do something new then do it by leaving traditional arts untouched.

If any one does wrong by distorting the traditional arts, then what is the difference between you and the Chinese in the matter of destorying the unique Tibetan culture and arts.


Location: paris
Subject: arts need creativity and with no boundaries
Jul 30 2013 06:21 PM

any modern arts or any ancient arts live in their time of their creations. as long as arts are considered as arts by people without putting them in time frame,then arts are real arts.
the faults come only when people attach their emotions or various isms to the arts without knowing the real meaning of arts

Location: Toronto
Subject: Innovation is the art.
Jul 29 2013 03:45 PM

Modern Tibetan art breaking away from tradition is quite innovative and impressive too, as an artist I like it very much when the creativity of the art speaks deeply on the subject matter. Concerning traditional Tibetan art it will remain as it had remained for many centuries, however it still lacks the innovative ideas of making it more impressive and finer with 3d shadings and also adding up some other new effects and textures, I think that would be great, but should remain traditional in looks. I would like to see the comments from our Tibetan artist, either modern or traditional.

Location: nz
Subject: agree
Jul 27 2013 10:53 AM

In total agreement with Lama Kalsang. Don't let Western ideas pollute our original tradition. They cannot accomplish our techniques, so things get brought down to a level they can understand and appreciate.

Location: Thimphu
Subject: Senseless modern art
Jul 26 2013 02:15 PM

To change traditional art is to destory traditional art. It is a senseless act in distorting traditional arts in the name of modern art. Bring out modern art without touching to traditonal art if you can.
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