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Tue 22, Jan 2019 05:29 AM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "Disagreeing with Mr. Jamyang Norbu La on Some Points"
Our democracy is well and alive. We have reached a juncture in the development of democratic practices in governance where the person elected by the people holds the highest political authority after H.H. the Dalai Lama gracefully chose to retire from his pre-eminent position as the most beloved and revered temporal leader of the Tibetan people....
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Location: Dharamsala
Subject: no time to follow Jamyang Norbu
Sep 12 2014 02:08 PM

I was overwhelmed to see my article has drawn attention from many readers, both supporters and opponent. It is not my intention to engage in debate so called intellectual argument for the sake of argument. I take liberty to share my thoughts to those commentators who oppose me in the following words and substance.

I steadfastly stick to the middle way approach policy...looking from the practical angle of the global and regional geo-political ground situation...and I know Tibet was an independent nation and this historical fact is irreversible. However, in a changed global scenario independence is a good idea to talk for the sake of talking in a free country without any chance to win enemy's heart for a win-win resolution of the conflict... without face to face direct talk between Chinese regime and Tibetan leader how can we ever resolve Tibet issue...that's the key point....all other things are secondary...middle way policy offers a flexible opportunity for creating a conducive environment for reconciliation, or at the least soften hardline policy in Tibet where people are at the mercy of the new uninvited master China.

The basic premise of my understanding of the middle way policy is that it keeps open door for negotiation between China and Tibetan leader. Tibetan leader only cannot influence Chinese policy on Tibet today. Tibetan people's activity outside Tibet affect Chinese attitude to a great length. So, Tibetan leader in cooperation with people should shoulder equal responsibility to create a favorable environment to win China's heart. How can we all stake holders do it? That's a deeply stirring question calling upon each of us to reflect hows and whys. Unless we answer this question there's no use to play blame game on any individual, leader or otherwise. We need to look to Tibet issue in a holistic way taking into consideration the whole gamut of past mistakes, present contradiction and future vision and strategy. I am never ever influence by this or that statement. Statement is subject to change with time and unfolding ground reality. Hence, I do not lend any importance to the above statement. Between then, when the statement was first made and now in this running mid year past new year, I think many things have already changed in the world. The bottom-line is review and study the present situation in Tibet, China, and beyond to have a clear idea for future strategy. It's of little practical use to engage in never ending confusing intellectual whisperings as many of us so called educated class do, instead all our debate should be based on pragmatic and realistic understanding of the issue in its entirety.

I said I am not for any intellectual debate on Rangzen versus Umaylam.. But I found on my facebook Timeline two articles posted by a western friend of Jamyang Norbu who has posted an article by Jamyang Norbu and another article on Independence is the only Path....by Tibetan National Congress...this piece is in response to JN's article against middle way policy...that tries to impose its opinion on me and that I don't have time for reading it because I don't follow the writer JN, but I respect him for his depth of scholarship and being a writer par excellence.

Jamyang Norbu is a good writer of fiction, political story or otherwise, and that doesn't qualify him unquestionably to act as a self appointed leader that many are doing nowadays on social media and other online platform and lecture freely without shouldering any sense of responsibility and pen down essays online in the name of free speech that cause dissension when the need of the hour is unity and cooperation in Tibetan community.

Whose contribution is greater in practical living memory of Tibetan world: actual verfiable contribution by His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet or fiction writer Jamyang Norbu, since the Chinese invasion, occupation, colonisation and destruction of Tibet and her culture and Tibetan Buddhism and genocide of her people up to the current phase of re-establishment of democratic, political and social institution in-exile and resettlement of Tibetan people and revival of Tibetan culture and religion in free countries?
He should have contested the free and fair Tibetan democratic election in 2011 if he were to be a legitimate leader of Tibet and Tibetan people that would enable him to make a real contribution and not a wishful-ifs-and-buts ridden ideologues to resolve Tibet cause for 'Rangzen' and resolve all the related problems being faced by Tibetan people inside and outside Tibet instead of entertaining rhetoric and spreading fictional political essays online in his superb literary scholarship that only sow more confusion and disunity among Tibetan Diaspora and that surprisingly attracts quite a few misinformed, sentimental, idealist, confused, misguided and literate followers many of whom have been educated and raised in India by dal and tingmo by Tibetan government-in-exile under the most trying condition of rehabilitation led at the helm by a young dynamic far sighted visionary His Holiness the Dalai Lama of Tibet since he was in the tender teenage of 15-16.

I have no time to spare to read JN's essays whatsoever. There are a whole lot of better things that requires our close attention. At one point of time I used to read his writings and even got his autograph on a booklet by him, but the day his political position hardened into the extreme that cause 'disappointment' I stopped following him and felt betrayed.
I am happy that Norbu Tsering has penned his ideas and opinion in a polite and forceful way refusing to follow Jamyang Norbu.

Location: leh
Subject: clarion call warning against Jamyang Norbu unfounded stance
Jul 04 2013 11:29 PM

Norbu Tsering la stance is rooted deep down resting fundamentally upon the righteouness of the middle way approach.His approach is practical and realistic given the geo-political scenario surrounding the issue and the approach which serves bandwagon for the other nations caught in the same whirlpool to follow suit. Samdong Rinpoche's talk on U-mey lam as adopted by the tibetans at large sounds the most acceptable way in dissolution of the Tibet issue. I stand by him. Love live U-mey Lam.

Location: NYC
Subject: No democracy for Tibet under MWA
Jun 25 2013 10:00 PM

One of the commentators to this article wrote "The first is that our present democratic system is the best among all democratic systems in the world"

Given that that the CTA had abandoned democracy for Tibet under MWA & accepts CCP rule in Tibet, does this person still support MWA? If this person praises Tibetan democracy in exile, why does he or she not oppose the CTA's policy of no democracy for Tibetans in Tibet? There is a stark paradox here but no MWA supporter has yet to explain why they still support MWA given that it no longer seeks democracy for Tibet.

Some people also wrote that we have no choice but MWA & that independence is unrealistic. Yet they ignore the fact that the CCP has completely rejected MWA several times & shows no sign of ever accpeting it. One of the CCP's biggest criticism is MWA's call for unification of Kham & Amdo with U-Tsang. If the CTA abandoned the idea of unification of Cholkha Sum (3 regions of Tibet) would these people still support MWA even if it meant Kham & Amdo would be outside Tibet?

Location: MN
Subject: enslaved by ignorance
Jun 22 2013 03:53 AM

Firstly, thanks so much Tsering Norbu-la for such a refreshing article.

Jamyang Norbu wants to scheme Tibetan people to divide on a friction. He uses all his effort to pull some certain people on a side and do subject of blackmailing them in order to intimidate others. His ignorant mind cannot see further principle in modern society rather than his own narrow mind with nineteen century ideology. To abandon negative people like JN is the brainstorm to reenergize bringing about peace for you and around you.

Yeab, I just realize that Jamyang Norbu always writes about Kampas and attempts to scheme them single pointedly with a lot of praise. But, you know that Tibetan people are not that naïve. Brain powers Tibetans know what so many our people from all three provinces have done their best effort to make good contribution for our country and our people. Yes, there were many kampas heroes who sacrificed their lives just for cause of our freedom as well as from U-tsang and Amdo. At same time, there were some bad ones from three provinces as well. As our brave men and women in the past sacrificed too much for sake of our country and its principle even though it cost their lives, especially Tensung Thanlang Magar as forgive and forget and go on for bigger contribution, true convictions arise in us today seeing the quality of the genuine solution for our cause with win, win situation pulls constantly hard from our heart.

Likewise, we, true Tibetan, must do what it takes to work together honestly toward our very cause solving. Everybody knows our cause is unique, and it is about surviving our lives, nationality, identity, liberty and basic human right at face of most evil existence in our country. We must do things harmoniously like what I can do for my country but not what country can do for me regardless of regional origin. So do our brave people like Samthong Rinpoche and others continuously to sacrifice entire their lives just for restoring basic birth rights without regional friction. So, being enslaved by ignorance those who unchecked follow Jamyang Norbu’s footsteps will fall into dreadful abyss, but we will maintain strong.

Location: Thimphu
Subject: Middle Way
Jun 21 2013 02:43 PM

I deeply appreciate Norbu Tsering's tip for everyone except whose brains have been totally damaged with their outdated idea of Rangzen. Here I have two main things to say. The first is that our present democratic system is the best among all democratic systems in the world. We all have the right to select the highest political leader directly. We all have the right to select and elect 10 representatives directly and in addition to these the members of the monastic community have the right to elect two representatives directly. This system unites all Tibetans under one leadership and one government. Where on earth has that much right to select and elect representatives directly? The whole power is in the hands of people. The bottom line in democracy is to see whether the powers are in the hands of people or not rather than the power is shared by two three groups or not. We don't like anyone trying to destroy the present democracy and unity.

The second is by seeing all situations and the conditions surrounding for and against Tibet issue, there is no other option left for Tibetans other than the Middle Way which paves way for Tibetans to preserve and promote their culture, language, religion and traditions by living friendly side by side with Chinese. Tibet will have equal dignity, rights and prosperity as that of Hongkong and Macau. We don't want any Tibetans to die or suffer in the name of unrealistic idea of independence of Tibet at the moment.

Location: Canada
Subject: Disagreeing with Mr. Norbu Tsering
Jun 19 2013 07:22 PM

Mr. Norbu has nothing new to offer. In fact, he seems like he just woke up from his hibernation somewhere and joined an already ongoing conversation. The point he has raised in support of MWA has been already made many times by others and they have been effectively argued against by Jamyang la and others long time ago (read his articles in Tibetan Review even dating back to 80s).

Besides doesn’t Mr. Norbu’s following statement hurt the very cause he is purporting to support:

“We have to deal with China as best as we can. And, we know our adversary so very well: deceitful, scheming, a thug, racist and over-bearing.”

“…China's leaders will get exposed as compulsive liars taking advantage of the unassailable positions of totalitarian power that they have given to themselves in the name of communism which unashamedly depends
on capitalism for economic prosperity. This paradox proves how ashamedly unprincipled the Chinese leadership are.”

“China is not Britain ruling India. China wants to wipe out Tibet.”

I thought MWA strategy was to reconcile with estranged uncle China and cut down on rhetoric like these. Or is it possible that Mr. Norbu has “Rangzen in his Heart” and “Middleway in his Mouth”. If it is so, one should wonder why?

It is funny that Mr. Norbu calls JN’s criticism of MWA as being done only for the sake of criticism. To me Mr. Norbu’s criticism of JN seems like a desperate attempt to make himself feel more comfortable in his own self-delusion.

Location: MT
Subject: No trickery Norbu la
Jun 19 2013 06:02 PM

To be honest and fair:
In the garb of defending MWA, Norbu Tsering la has dedicated four large paragraphs of his article in defense of Samdong Rinpoche’s misrule. This is pure trickery. No wonder he was once at posted at Sarnath.
As a Tibetan , I am not going to forgive Samdong Rinpoche for:
1) The heart-shattering disheartenment and snub he brought to all those who served pre-2000 Tibetan Government in Exile , labeling their contributions as ” waste of 40 long years ” What kind of EGO is that?
2) Dismantling of Paljor Lekhung and selling valuable fixed assets at throw away prices, especially those in Nepal, reportedly in collusion with Tibetan Shylocks- which in today’s market are worth billions of rupees. Ask Kungo Lobsang Nyima what went wrong.
3) Grooming morally questionable characters like Penpa Tsering and Lobsang Nyendark Zayu. Have a look in 12Th 13Th Chithue proceedings.
4) Opposing H.H. The Dalai Lama in regards to immigration of 5000 Tibetans to Ari etc. Revisit some those videos.
5) Repeatedly making controversial statements about Shugden Cult , thus creating confusion and divide in the society. Revisit the videos of NY and Sara
6) ++
7) ++

Location: Perugia (Italy)
Subject: Middle Way
Jun 18 2013 10:58 PM

I think we should all thank Mr Norbu Tsering for his detailed and comprehensive exposition of the "theory and practice" of the Middle Way policy. His aeticle proves, without a shadow of doubt, how suicidal is this "waiting" policy based solely on the hope of a Chinese "goodwill". With the policy of the Middle Way Tibet will not survive. Only a non-violent struggle with the clear goal of independence can empower Tibetan people inside Tibet and give them a chance to break free from Chinese tyranny. Pawo Phangmo Dhondup says: "Without independence Tibet will be annihilated".

Location: Manali
Subject: Why do you have to disagree with JN?
Jun 18 2013 10:39 PM

sikyong is a problematic term considering DL said he is packing up the reign by succession of dalai lamas. So sikyong is not needed if his intention is to give up the line of dalai lamas ever holding any political position.

Fact of the matter is Dalai Lama's actions lately have put him squarely back in the hot spot - although he professes that he genuinely gave up power. Add to that LS's shrewdness in clinging to DL in body mind and spirit, our democracy is taking a big step back.

Over the years, the powers that be in Dharamsala have very skillfully got rid of people are educated about our charter and democratic process. They have managed to manipulate power hungry monks like Samdhong Rinpoche to capitulate and give up his socialist and rangzen ideals. Ditto with Gyari lodoe, tenzin namgyal. These people who themselves first set up TYC are now playing a hypocratic game of marginalizing rangzen enthusiasts including TYC. And Samdong rinpoche has is head buried deep in this controversy as the Lord chamberlain of gaden phodrang. So if Gaden Phodrang is no more in power, why are they still playing power politics. Basically, the force of the rise of new aristocracy has sustained effect despite early efforts of Gyalo Thondup to outdo them. We are now saying a revival of the fedual style aristocratic backdoor politics being played by few who have gained some notoriety - be it tethong, gyari, or other smaller clans like aukatsang. This power politics is evident in outage of Ngapo whose family was targeted by the yabshis in the Film "Kundun".

Regarding the president or prime minister - our democracy is not mature yet to address this issue. We don't have a clear cut structure of multiparty democratic system. We do have a one party system which exercises a rule of blame and fear. Anyway, it doesn't matter really because realpolitik doesn't change with titles. LS is just a pawn in the hands of Yabshi. It keeps disgruntled trouble makers like lithangpas and others happy. Just enough peace to keep breathing and maintain their hold on power in Dharamsala.

Location: USA
Subject: Disagreeing
Jun 18 2013 10:39 PM

Trying to solve an algebra equation by painting over the ugly parts and chewing bubble gum does not get you anywhere. Start learning how to accept wrong doing. In these days sweet candy trick will not fool the kids.

Your confidence in WMA is just a simply assured feeling before you fall flat on your face. Pure gold will always remain pure and shine even it buried under ground. The chances in your choices and mine have no different. But, I see big different between you and JN la. You are like a screen player a follower of director but on the other hand JN la is like a behind the screen person who brings us the truth that goes behind the screen and enlighten us.

Tibet Belongs to Tibetan.
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