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Readers' Comments on "RANGZEN IN YOUR HEART? By Jamyang Norbu"
During the Dalai Lama’s recent visit to the United States he met a group of Tibetan students in Madison, Wisconsin. One of them asked a question that, to put it mildly, made him very upset. The student stumbled over his words and was generally so awkward that it seemed to me he had been set-up by someone (probably older, definitely a politician) to pose this loaded question. But I could be wrong. The question concerned a member of the exile parliament, who the questioner said he would not name....
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Location: MT
Subject: Lobsang59 la
Jun 22 2013 09:34 AM

Hello Lobsang la,

Being well read, well groomed, well aged, and with all the exposures, I expect JN's pixel of perspective-viewing strong and high enough to avoid any " disconnect " with the mainstream Tibetan community. My 70 year old uncle, though 35 years in India, still wants me procure Tsampa and "Chhuship" Tibetan cheese- powder. He hates masalas.

Tibet is a very unique entity.Just sixty years ago, we had a civilization cocooned behind the ramparts of the Himalayas.This legacy of isolation can not be blamed entirely on Dalai Lamas. History is witness how frantically the 13Th Dalai Lama made efforts to modernize Tibet. There after, the first thing the 14Th Dalai Lama did in exile was write a draft democratic charter. So I am not at all angry at Dalai Lamas.As a Tibetan refugee, I take immense pride and solace in the Sacred Beacon like image of H.H. The 14Th Dalai Lama in today's age of moral degeneration.

Yes, there was a time when I too was an adherent fan of JN. But of late, his writings were getting morphed into Dalai Lama bashing episodes. This is sad and bad. JN la should make efforts to strengthen the hands of HHDL in fighting challenges- domestic as well as foreign.


Location: Dharamsala
Subject: Rangten in heart
Jun 21 2013 11:41 AM


1. It maybe because we are brought-up in completely different environment.
2. Your example of holding mother’s skirt even when grown-up shows your lack of spiritual understanding. i.e. you follow your root guru not only in this life but, in all future lives until your enlightenment. And until now I have found not even a speck of reason to doubt his judgment and motivation. (but, I guess you label that as blind faith) So, let’s just see what time tells in a few years time. I have a stable brain to think, but I am giving it a break when a (super-computer) like brain is doing the thinking. Moreover your mocking hahaha after the “Even our Official State Oracle” clearly indicates your level/state of spiritual understanding.
3. Nobody would encourage self immolation an ultimate form of supreme self-sacrifice, but that is what our dedicated Pawos and Pamos have already done. (unlike us who just talk and write, that too against each other).
4. You got your strong conviction by reading JN’s articles and modern education system where “I” is encouraged very strongly and I got mine (besides formal education by the grace of H.H.) and by listening to His Holiness teachings and reading some scriptures. Which teaches us to destroy this concept of “I” which it says is the root cause of all human sufferings (I am not claiming I have succeed but at least that is the main theory) So, naturally it is no wonder our ways of thinking are quite stark.
5. I have written why I support MWA (because it has more hope of bearing fruit to ease the sufferings of our brothers and sisters in side Tibet then Rangtsen Lam) in my article ‘Wrong Target’ so no needs to repeat it here.

Location: Canada
Subject: snowlion88
Jun 20 2013 08:51 AM

Having separated the wheat from the chaff, thereby ignoring most of the aimlessly meandering of your writing, I am left with two meager points to contest..

“ Moreover there have been many changes since Du Qinglin’s comment. Biggest being historical self immolations in Tibet, and leadership changes in China, (Hu Jintao hates Tibetan and His Holiness…”

Leaving aside the most crucial reason why you support the MWP, your undying love for Kundun and the willingness to take leaps of faith at his every whim, beyond this foundation, your rational argument for optimism and confidence in your continual support for the watered down middle way proposal seem to stem from two points which you are certain will bear fruit after 10-15 years.
Well, lamentably, the self immolations have not made much difference with the West or the East. Many a thoughtful individuals have expressed the same sentiments for over a year now, people like the Karmapa who implored Tibetans in Tibet to stop setting themselves alight. Few months back, even our Official State Oracle hahaha.. divined self immolation ineffectual. Finally, less than a week ago, we saw on Phayul New [Friday, June 14, 2013 09:32] “The Dalai Lama expresses doubt over effectiveness of self-immolations”
As to your 2nd point, “Hu Jintao hates Tibetan and His Holiness” and “now with a new leadership change in China”, your insinuation is obvious.
That, unlike Hu Jintao, Xi Jinping has a soft spot for Tibetans, and especially toward His Holiness. Pray tell, why? Let me guess, apparently because the Dalai Lama gave a watch to Jinping’s dad Xi Zhongxun! Ergo, Xi Jinping is morally obligated to reciprocate since he is such a nice guy unlike that SOB Hu Jintao, right?
Any evidence that such a scenario will play out beyond your active imagination snowlion88?

One other thing. I don’t follow Jamyang Norbu blindly, I have, at times question his writings while at other times praised him, defended him. That goes for Kundun, Samdhong Rinpoche, Woeserla, Dr. Lobsang Sangay, at times, depending on the situation, the context, I have defended them or questioned them A child may need to depend completely on an authority figure such as a parent but a grownup who still clings to his mother’s skirt, who can’t or won’t use his brain, how can such a person, such a community of people, even if he/they gained Tibet back, keep it?


Location: Sweet Alabama
Subject: Assanga
Jun 20 2013 02:42 AM

I think JN la is already doing whatever he can. I don’t know him but I can’t imagine that he is for modernising full throttle without any care and respect for the sentiments and concerns of our older generation. In that he is uniquely placed to bridge the gap and I think he is doing it. I don’t know his mind but things like this have to happen gradually because people feel threatened and destabilised.
However, I think most of the people in shichaks- old and young look up to our political netas and lamas for guidance and inspiration. They get their cues from them how to go about their business. So, it’s my firm belief that they set good examples and also set the course of understanding between the two groups. If there is a disconnect – whose fault is it? Jamyang Norbu la has already provided a platform and an outlet for the young and the restless. Otherwise where is the energy going to go? That just my humble opinion.


Location: uptown
Subject: well fed
Jun 20 2013 02:10 AM

Snow lion, what are you going on and on about being fed? I don’t recollect anyone feeding me other than my parents. In fact, now that you brought it up, I feel saddened that some people are more favored than others. I’m glad that they were fed and am happy for them but unhappy that some other groups instead of being fed were targeted for no good reason. So, let them just be and stop this banter about being fed.
But thanks for the mention about “kukpa laphuk jempa sakhen. (Danny as a kukpa and Donkey)” I’m sure it has some serious message behind it but I couldn’t help laughing my head off at that funny title

Location: Dharamsala
Subject: Rangten in heart
Jun 19 2013 05:36 PM

Assanga you are right! degeneration is the right word when people feel biting the hand that fed and educated them or their parent is considered as modern thinkers and those who are grateful are blind people.

Location: Dharamsala
Subject: Rangten in heart
Jun 19 2013 05:30 PM

Both sides are blaming each other for being like chasing Chimera (that Greek myth 3 headed animal) or better still chasing a rainbow? I guess you guys (feel) are all knowing and have eyes to see and brain to think. Whereas you feel we are blind and do not have ability to think. As for me when I lose my sense of direction. I look where the sun is rising (being east) and then adjust my direction. Being blind people I listen to His Holiness advice and then follow him with full faith.
Also in a way you guys are also blind in the sense you follow JN blindly who has not much to show as achievement in life and his dislike for His Holiness is there even when he is director of TIPA (Who will forget that Kukpa Laphuk Jenpa Sakhen (Danny as Kukpa and a donkey) unrelated skit when opera and dancing is going on during His Holiness birthday celebration at Gangkyi ground which earned him the wrath of many ordinary Dharamsala people (people felt that was an indirect insult aimed at His Holiness, and that was well before announcement of MWA policy.
Anyway His Holiness has always said he formulated the MWA policy as being the person responsible to lead the struggle with full knowledge /discussion with Kashag and Chithue of that time. But he emphasized ultimate decision lies in the hand of Tibetans in-side Tibet’s hand, for they are the majority on whose behalf we exile Tibetans are trying to represent! (We are like one and half people trying to represent sixty people)
And His Holiness has said up to now his effort with Chinese government has failed but he still has full faith with Chinese people. Moreover there have been many changes since Du Qinglin’s comment. Biggest being historical self immolations in Tibet, and leadership changes in China, (Hu Jintao hates Tibetan and His Holiness, in politburo during his time any subject can be discussed except Tibet) according to leaked U.S. Embassy cables)
But, I guess nobody wants to listen but just talk. So, we shall continue to follow our Root Guru His Holiness and you guys follow your own Root Guru JN and be HAPPY!

Location: MT
Subject: Degeneration of moral values- Yes
Jun 19 2013 09:19 AM

Lobsang59 la,

If JN is a true Tibetan patriot, he should use his excellent writing skills to unite the divide of modern/old thinkers( blind followers in your word). Instead, he seems to be championing the cause of modern thinkers.

If you care make a trip to Tibet and also Tibetans settlements, you will come to know who and what constitutes of Tibetan community. I assure you 75% of them are " blind followers" and this includes those brave self-immolators too.

If JN is a true Tibetan patriot, it bodes well that that extends a hand of brotherhood at his " blind" fellow countrymen instead snub.


Location: Canada
Subject: Chasing Chimera
Jun 19 2013 07:55 AM

How generous of snowlion88 who is still willing to give us all another 10 to 15 years of MWP even after the Dalai Lama himself admitted it as a failure after nine rounds of talks with representatives of the Chinese government.

Why not go MW til Hell freezes over snowlion88?

“win win thing for both China and Tibet and Chinese leaders”
Du Qinglin, head of a government department in charge of the negotiations, said after the breakup of the latest talks in Beijing, “We will never allow someone to hold a banner of ‘real autonomy’ and damage the national unity”

snowlion88 with his sweet quixotic air of certainties sprinkled with “I think this” and “I think that.” As if thinking makes it so. Who can cloy the hungry edge of appetite by bare imagination of a feast? Or wallow naked in December snow by thinking on fantastic summer's heat?

Do nothing. Be still. Sleep. Rest in the arms of the Dragon!

Location: NYC
Subject: MWA & democracy
Jun 18 2013 08:41 PM

MWA supporters seem to forget two important facts. First, in 2010, the CTA published a document (The Middle Way & its Related Documents) in which they said MWA supporters should not use His Holiness' name to support MWA but instead should come up w/ their own arguments as to why MWA is the better policy. Most MWA comments here use His Holiness good name but don't state any other reasons why MWA is preferable. So these MWA supporters are ignoring the CTA's instructions.

Second, all of these pro-MWA comments ignore the fact that in May 2013 the Sikyong admitted the CTA is not seeking democracy for Tibet & will accept Chinese Communist Party rule in Tibet. The Sikyong even hinted he would accept a limited duration to autonomy a la Hong Kong (which is 50 years).

MWA supporters should publicly state whether they agree w/ the current CTA policy of no democracy for Tibet & accept CCP rule in Tibet.
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