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Mon 27, Jan 2020 01:58 AM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "Tashi Delek Comrade? The Sikyong Accepts Communist Rule in Tibet"
In a speech to the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington, DC on May 8, 2013, Sikyong Lobsang Sangay made three startling statements: a) democracy for Tibet was out and Communist Party rule was okay, b) genuine autonomy for Tibet could be for a limited duration, and c) China would have discretion over military deployment in Tibet. Specifically, the Sikyong stated:...
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Location: in tranist
Subject: lost password
Jun 15 2013 06:56 PM

btw, I coildnt find my Lobsang59 password, so i'm using this other username -JigmeN. which is my son's.


Location: in transit
Subject: snolion88
Jun 15 2013 06:53 PM

Dissenters and doubters are part and parcel of a democratic system. so if you cant tolerate that then you dont know what democracy is. therefore, I urge YOU to put into practise what you preach.
secondly, your attempt to dump us down by always playing the HHDL card and quoting Buddha dharma out of context -you know that you are holding the wrong view. So better you first make the necessary adjustment of your view rather than mindlessly following your delusional instincts.


Location: Dharamsala
Subject: Sikyong_MWA
Jun 15 2013 11:35 AM

My question mark was right. It didn’t help; instead it became a cause for more anger. Sorry about that. You are right I shouldn’t have tried. (it was meant for Lobsang59 regarding his view about CTA staffs) As for my ego and little knowledge killing me, I can live with that; as every sentient being are basically born to die. So no problem.
Also you feel I am not sincere and using His Holiness card to blame Rangtsen people to gain support for myself. The truth is I don’t need any support, because I am not aiming for any post, election or anything. It is just that JN disturbed my practice of tolorance by writing series of articles criticizing His Holiness unlike in frequency before. And I am not repeat not against Rangtsen people. I respect people like Lhasang Tsering la, for he is a staunch Rangtsen proponent; but he does not slander and criticize His Holiness. And I know he is truly sincere Rangtsen man. Therefore I respect Rangtsen people like him, even though it contradicts with MWA proposed by His Holiness. But I cannot respect Rangtsen people who blame, slander and criticize His Holiness thereby unintentionally giving a big helping hand to PRC. To believe or not is your choice. I shall try to stop. Specially exchanging childish craps with people like UdumChen etc. May we Tibetans get a common wisdom to see things!

Location: USA
Subject: Majority
Jun 14 2013 12:33 PM

To: Snowlion

Laughing while reading you'r comment. I hope this might help you fully understand the meaning which you have used for an example from Choejug. Guru Shantideva is saying that :

" If you seek another's spiritual welfare before attaining your own, it would be like a helplessly drowning man trying to save another man in the same predicament. Therefore, one should not be too anxious and hasty in setting out to save others before one has, oneself, realized Truth in Its fullness. "

Please help yourself not to jump without knowing your safety net. Looks like your pride and ego for a little knowledge that you may have on buddhist philosophic may kill you some day.

Here is a example of majority that you claim.

"Majority are accustomed long to relying spiritual welfare on spiritual Guru and meditating on spiritual Guru as enhaloed over their head, They have forgotten how to make their own political decision and difference between religion and politic. "

Free Tibet "Rangzen"

Location: nz
Subject: Communism or Marxism
Jun 14 2013 07:27 AM

Again HHDL has, in Auckland, aligned Himself to Marxism. This alongside CTA alignment to Chinese communism. This is futher confusing what Tibetans should believe or align themselves to.Should they asked to be making choices as to whether they go behind HHDL and Karl Marx or Sikyong and Chaiman Mao.? All this has become so far removed from basic Tibetan ideaology, which is to see Tibet returned to Tibetan, and the reinstating of HHDL as the head of the Buddhist nature that lives in the heart of every Tibetan. We are being led into a quagmire of politics that we do not aspire to. Where has the word democracy gone? Tibetans were asked to take the leap into the democratic path when HHDL stepped down, and the reins were given to Lobsang Gangay. It seems that was a crooked path that has led us futher away from where we expected to be.

Location: Dharamsala
Subject: Rangzen in your heart
Jun 13 2013 01:57 PM

TupD105 and Lobsang59 and others
Please go on, You are free to think what you want to and nobody is denying your freedom of speech and thought!. But here is what Gyalsey Shiwa-Lha (Shantideva) says in Choejug. Which might help?
“In order to protect your (naked) feet from prickly things, (like thorns)
It is impossible to cover the whole earth with leather.
Instead if you cover a good leather on your sole
It is same as covering the whole earth with leather.
There are countless beings like space who annoy you,
It is impossible to eliminate them all, even if you want to.
Instead, if you could tame your hate filled mind.
It is same as having conquered all the enemies!
My point is, There will always be many people who do not think from your perspective, say if CTA is fill with people of your choice (you shall be happy,) but what guarantee is there others will feel the same as you have felt? (most probably not) So, we have to learn to live with what we have while striving for better.
For instance, before; the slogan was these green-brained old people can’t handle modern concept, hence should be replaced by modern educated people. But when young educated started to fill up, now the slogan seems like they are not my type of guys and gals. It will just go on and on just as human desire which is limitless.
And then we (the ordinary Tibetans) are not so dumb as you guys are thinking, but we are just trying to respect the wish of the majority which is the basic concept of democracy.
For instance, as for me Sikyong Lobsang Sangay la was not my candidate, I have voted for Tenzin Namgyal la, hoping for stability. It is not that I have anything against L.S. but, because I don’t know anything about him. So like Tibetan game of (Sho) dice. With TN la I reckon it will be like Luk, Ri, Sha or Gu. (6,7,8 or 9) (middle, nothing drastic or exciting) but with LS it could be Para, Thok or Jang (2, 11 or 12 (very high) or it could turn out to be Suku or Tsikyi (3 or 4 )(very low) too, (very high and exciting or not as expected) that is the logic I used when voting.
But, when result came out, Lobsang Sangay la won by with very high margin. So, now he is my Sikyong weather I voted for him or not. I have to respect the majority’s wish give him all my respect and support. That does not mean I have to agree whatever he says or does.
Like the controversial comment of Sikyong, There is mechanism in place for check and balance (The three pillars of democracy! i.e. Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches) I am confident that will go in motion once Chitue session starts. That is the way!

Location: USA
Subject: To: Snowlion88
Jun 13 2013 05:00 AM

Indeed! I agreed all the credits that you have mention, but I do not believe your are sincere. I think you are using HH DL cart to blame Rangzen people to gain support for yourself.

Even if you are sincere, with do respect I do not think HH DL will never accept these credits just for himself. As my colleague used to say "it take a village to get the job done".

Location: USA
Subject: To Snowlion88
Jun 12 2013 10:01 PM

The "guys and gals" you talking about presently working are a clear representation of the adage “make hay while the sun shines” The majority of them are there to secure their own future and actualize their own goals and ambitions, not to contribute and sacrifice for our nation. They are basically technocrats and beurocrats who may have learnt some leadership skills. I’m talking about people with real leadership qualities- who have it in them, against all odds, to fight for what they believe in, always guided by values of democracy, integrity and transparency and who are capable of sacrifice and not view the system as an apparatus to benefit them. It represents everything that is wrong with our system.

Location: USA
Subject: …Continue
Jun 12 2013 09:26 PM

And also reviling that he is not snowlion white as pure. He is mudlion mixed up with religion faith with politics faith.

It is so easy to diagnose the root cause of the sickness in CTA policy but they ignored it and still played with old style and have not changed a bit.

It hurt so much but I never lost the hope for Rangzen. When I see a true snowlion like NJ like other . They inspire me and Thank you.

Location: USA
Subject: Truth will always prevail no matter how long it takes
Jun 12 2013 08:46 PM

“Truth will always prevail no matter how long it takes” I have heard this phrase from many of the HH DL speech from years back and still fresh in my mind and I believe in this.

Fear of losing the supporting bottom of lie. No matter how much he tries to cover it up the truth is automatically coming out of snowlion88.

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