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Mon 27, Jan 2020 01:57 AM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "Central Tibetan Administration’s Financial Viability"
Central Tibetan Administration serves as the backbone of the Tibet movement. Tibet's freedom is dependent on the financial viability of the institution....
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Location: MT
Subject: Running Short of Ideas to raise fund?
Jun 25 2013 09:16 AM

Tsenam la and Tibnam la,

I agree with you how CTA should be able to generate sustainable fund without depending on foreign aid. Attempts towards this goal have been made during Samdong Rinpoches' Katriship:

Following gist is for your information.

1) Rinpoche sold all the 120+ income generating enterprise under Paljor Lekung, including valuable fixed assets like buildings/offices/ ware houses etc. in India, Nepal, America Australia etc.
It was known as Paljor Lekhung Disinvestment.

2)The ideas was: According to Lobsang Nyendark Zayul, then Paljor Kalon" the proceeds of the disinvestment will be invested as Fixed Deposits in Indian Banks. The interest earned is ENOUGH to run the Tibetan Govt. in Exile. At that time the interest was 12%.

3) Sadly, soon after, the bank interests got revised and the rate fell down to 6% even for corporate investors.

4) Helpless: Paljor Kalon took a some very weird steps as a damage control:

a) Samdong Rinpoche and Zayul officially visited Ludhiana Lalas( and organized a donation campaign to run the TGIE. It was not a big success. One of the Lalas later lamented " Samaje Mei Nahi Aa Rahatha. Lamaji Khud Hamare Samane Aage Chanda Mang Rahatha. Bara Rakham To Ham Nahi De-sakte, Chote Mote Se Nahi Cheleka"

5) Zayul also organized a donation in Bombay in the hope attracting some big Filmwalas. It was'st a success either. Helpless, he printed His Holiness's portraits and distributed them against donation. That too was a disaster.

6) Rinpoche the made an official statement that: Tibetan private business should pay a certain % of their profit as tax to the TGIE. However, it was later realized that except for few private Tibetan run cheap restaurants and lodges, majority of Tibetan business comprised of Footpath sweater selling.

7) Gyaldon Magyul is one source and there are rooms to increase it's volume. But this needs better organization and instillation of Gyaldon Mind.

8) It is again poor TGIE staff who get 10% of their salary deducted. This is the easiest way, though.


Location: New York
Subject: A important issue all Tibetans should think of!
Jun 24 2013 11:11 AM

Hi Tsewang Namgyal la, this is great topic, something that I have always thought about. How can we better generate income within Tibetan community that we can use the fund the exile government as well as all the other political or non political activities, whether by the government or any NGO. Currently, we all depend on the hands of foreigners. I see this as a danger to our Tibetan struggle. Lets face it, anything we do for our struggle needs money. Even if you have all the courage, will, determination, and the truth, without money we can't do anything. So we need it! This is the fact! You call this capitalism or greedy or whatever name you want to call it. Money is one of the most important ingredients of any successful freedom struggle. Unfortunately, currently everything comes from non-tib sponsors (inji -jindas). A lot of them have their agenda for giving us their hard-earned money. There is danger any time that that agenda got full-filled and the flow of money could stop. Then we will be left out without any backups. Before such thing happen we should make sure we are self-sufficient and we should at least make sure our government has plan in action that funds its activities without relying anything on foreign donations.

I know some of you have mentioned in earlier comments that we should think of human nature of being tortured and repressed rather than capitalism but how can we stop these things without actually carrying out some real big steps. Just mere shouting some slogans does not help to stop these injustices. If it does, then these injustice should have stop long time ago right? So we Tibetans definitely need to get little realistic about everything. Yes, it get harder with China growing fast, but we cannot stop it from growing and we CANNOT stop it from influencing other countries. But lets think how we CAN take advantage of this change to use for our struggle. Life is not fair but it always depend on how you look at life and how you use the moment to live your life. So we should think of ways to use capitalism to make money and fund our freedom struggle. Before I finish, I just want to make one thing clear though. I am not saying we should stop shouting slogans or any of our current methods of raising Tibet issue. We should continue and we should add more and more. And that needs money - for the exile government as well as any Tibetan NGOs.

So I totally agree with Tsewang Namgyal la and we all Tibetan should take a deep breath and lets think about it more. I really believe that it is imminent we should think hard fast and come up with solutions for raising money from within our family.

Location: Canada
Subject: Green Book
Jun 12 2013 08:23 AM

If you talk to any Tibetan, definition of this collection is as varied as is confusing. I grew up in India, I have witnessed at least three definations. For some weird reasons, this seems to be okay because anyone can word just fine depending on the circumstance. Now, that the official position of TGIE is middle way communist style the meaning of this tax is be What?

* With the new middle path as set out by our Sikong Losang lak, I don't see any middle about it. Please don't use the word middle anymore.

Location: New York
Subject: Mick
Jun 12 2013 07:02 AM

My dear friend Mick, thanks but no thanks. I'd rather be true to myself than think of some short term gain.

Location: dhasa
Subject: downtown
Jun 11 2013 12:37 PM

downtown lak, dont worry. the thought or feeling you have in mind will never take place. Just be a responisble tibetan rather than bluff master. no one will gain anything. there is saying in tibetan..enemy happy and sadden comrade...

Location: MT
Subject: Green Book Voluntary Fund
Jun 06 2013 09:24 AM

Hello Tenam123 la,

1) Firstly, Gyaldon Danglang Chatrel(Green Book) can ne labelled as a " tax". The law of India forbids taxation in any form. That is why, Tibetan Parliament invented he term" danglang" - meaning voluntary kind of contribution.

2) There is an irony in the fair collection of Green Fund Voluntary Fund.
In India and Nepal, where Tibetans are mostly settled in communities, the collection GBVF is almost 99%. This is because, an updated GB is a prerequisite for all kinds works related to public administration. Even to obtain a letter of recommendation, an updated GB is required.

On the contrary, those of you, settlement abroad, you are not that much bound by these rules. So you have the freedom not paying. You live in Ari. Tell me honestly how many of you pay?


Location: ny
Subject: Mick
Jun 06 2013 08:22 AM

Mick, relax! you seem like an earnest hard working person and i appreciate that. But the rangzen lakdep money will will always be rangzen money to me just like tibetan govt is "Bhoeshung". who knows tomorrow the guys in Dharamsala change their policy and want to be named "minority Tibet of China" or something like that. I just wont be able to keep up with the changing winds and tides. I just like to stick to the original.

Location: dhasa
Subject: downtown
Jun 05 2013 02:31 PM

first of all your saying Rangzen book's money should be used for rangzen..i am confused what your talking about..guess you have no slight idea of tibetan national fund(TNF). it is called Green book(voluntary taxation book), may be you dont have it. anyways dont use that word again. secondly taxation is not a method of repaying or corresponding to the assistance you sought earlier but rather it is a duty of every individual towards their own country. in democracy we talk about right and duty, give and take, there is no always right and take but u need to heed to your duty also. if i am working in tibetan community it doesnt mean i have proper and higher standard of living. In america, i think the tax is paid according to ones own living standard which is measured by gross income not by assistance rendered by the government to individual. if your underprivileged then you will seek more help but its doest mean govt should impose more tax. Dont talk about one individual covering all same, its not the case. every american is not Bill Gate likewise every Tibetan is not lobsang Sengye. may be you or your forefathers immigrating to USA might be funded by CTA initially, did you ever paid more? ask your self.

Location: New York
Subject: Tsenam123
Jun 03 2013 10:16 PM

Tsenamla, I’m sure you’re doing some very good work and all of us got to do what we got to do. But a little bit of mindfulness can go a long way in leaving this planet a better place.
I read one interview where you talk about this “human nature” of greed and also quote Buddhism stating that negative emotions towards China should be replaced with positive emotions by partaking in their growth and success so to speak. But just masking our negative emotions by more stuff and goods is not really cleansing or conquering the negative emotions but simply bypassing it by numbing it. How is healing ever going to take place?

You and I know very well that our current social values are the result of a market driven culture which demands continual spending to maintain it. That is not our innate nature. It is the market economy that is bringing out the greed in mass produced robots who are self-centred and using far more than their fair share of the planet’s resources.

Anyway, I hope you continue to do the good work.

Location: Dharamsala
Subject: Mechanisms
Jun 03 2013 04:24 PM

CTA handling enterprises wasn't a great success primarily because of lack of skilled human resources. Organizations like FTCI may have skilled human resources but will they have integrity (it’s hard to impose accountability because we do not have strong legal mechanisms unless we include the host government into the picture). However, I don’t mean to advocate for continuation of foreign aid. Our own Tibetan enterprises becoming source of revenue to the CTA sounds way more durable and practical. If only we could find a way to engage more than one organization like FTCI for promoting enterprises then that would be more viable option. There should be more semi-government organizations like FTCI running enterprises in Tibetans community to promote healthy competition and reduce chances of misappropriation. We can’t expect any business to do something for the Tibetan community or for that matter any community without anything in return for them. For instance, CTA could help them promote and market their businesses using its goodwill and vast outreach. If this idea of ‘social enterprises’ works then may be one day those businesses can list themselves into the host country stock exchanges. And anyone with Tibetan green book can apply for the IPOs and anyone with green book can buy/sell shares and perhaps 5% of each transaction can be contributed to CTA. But it’s all easier said than done.
It’s really nice to read something productive like this after series of controversial articles from JN. Thanks Tsewang la! I couldn’t touch some of your important points but really wanted to share my views on the main theme. There are so many reasons that CTA should reduce foreign aid dependence and work on its sustainability. But for now, I want to focus on how Tibetans can make social enterprises contribute back to the CTA or the Tibetan community. It’s evident from the reply of ‘downtown’ that there is no shortage of Tibetans feeling they don’t owe anything to CTA because they didn't receive any direct benefits. The risk is that people running social enterprises might have same attitude as ‘downtown’. So the most important task is to set up a very strict mechanism that will not force but make enterprises want to contribute back to the community or the Central Tibetan Administration.

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