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Thu 21, Feb 2019 09:48 AM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "Parading the Red Flag and its Dangers"
At a press conference in Dharamsala, India, on 17 February 2013, Lingtsa Tseten Dorjee said that he would carry the flag of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and start his second peaceful walk on 10 March. ‘I will finish what I have started....
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Location: Toronto
Subject: Nerve of out life!
Mar 31 2013 05:02 AM

Our common cause is our "Soktsa" nerve of our life, so we all need to be careful not to harm that by any means, we all should safe guard that unitedly.

If we observe the image carefully, while they were walking and parading the flag, the walkers are not parading the separate flag of China, they have one three flags, and the Chinese one is kept lowest. On top India, 2nd Nepal and lowest China. May be LTD thought, they might be treated better at border with all these flags. It is just my thought.

Location: Minnesota
Subject: United and be understandable
Mar 28 2013 09:39 AM

I got your point that Tibet was/is extremely sufferings under this communist red flag. No question about that. But you think LTD is carrying it willingly because of his own benefit. No. He understands that the both hands need to extend in order to do hand shake, and then discuss about mutual benefit. Once meaningful discuss established, we can possibly be poked the rubber brain of Chinese Regime by weapon of the truth and show her the reality for both sides as win,win situation.
Flag, therefore, is not that big deal. Change will come for flag once China will realize how important are will of people rather than power of government. Look at Russian flag after Soviet Union and Germany after Nazi. So my question is this. What do you need for jump start your car if its battery dead? You just stay there with the car because you don’t like the color of jumper cable. Don’t you think action speak louder than word.

Secondly, I really concerned about all our brave brothers and sisters who sacrificed their precious lives to light up in darkness of evil exist in our land. I really feel sense of big time loss of peerless, selfless, extremely wider opened mind of our people. If they fight harder physically without of self-immolation against the evil regime continuously with such a warm big heart, I think it is not going be that much feeling of lost in poor people like me, and wonder how much makes even more effective in our freedom in 30 or 40 years from now. For example, I wish mother of four kids is a live and pass on to her such big warm heart, courageousness and selflessness continuously with her kids to make sure carry on our Tibetan value, culture , identity and etc more cautiously in future. So we must be united with bigger mind and be understandable for our common goal.

I hope and pray no more self-immolation in Tibet or any way else in the world in future.

Oh! Tseta-la thanks for asking me to read my previous comment and correct the missed ones. I did mistake some spelling of the words as “ long live our devoured leader” instead of long live our devoted leader and “Ajradhatu’s regret” instead of Ajatashatru’s regret. I just want to say so sorry for those mistakes. Thank you

Location: Minnesota
Subject: its complicated ...
Mar 26 2013 03:08 AM

I personally feel that Lintsa la has "walk the walk" and "talk the talk" by his actions, but it was a mistake to carry the Chinese flag. However there are certain things that should be just left alone under the rug. This is a complicated topic. Our struggle itself is complicated. Why bring more complication? Of course, that doesn't mean we become disheartened. I don't agree with much of what JamyangNYC commented but he makes an interesting point about the flag description that TPR put out. I've heard the TPR description of the flag before but didn't realize that the actual representation of the stars are "social classes". Wikipedia has a good description of it.

Location: OTNOROT
Subject: Middleway and the Red Flag
Mar 25 2013 07:25 PM

In my opinion Lingtsa is a model Middleway believer. He is truly walking the path that Middleway logically leads to. If the final outcome of Middleway is for the Tibetans to live under PRC’s constitution then it makes sense to carry the Chinese flag. I don’t understand why CTA can’t issue a statement of support to Lingtsa because last time I checked CTA’s official position was Middleway. Besides, if I have heard it correctly, it seems that Lingtsa has the support from HHDL as he was granted a private audience not too long ago. To me it doesn’t come as a surprise if HHDL supports Lingtsa. Afterall he is the father of the “Middleway” proposal. So I don’t understand why CTA can’t support Lingtsa’s position.

As an individual Lingtsa has every right to carry the PRC flag if he wants to but what he can’t do is seek support from organizations whose principle goal is Rangzen while not being as forthcoming about his intentions as he should be. And if I heard it correctly, that is what he did when he went on the first protest walk. And this unnecessarily put the TYC in an embarrassing situation that it had to issue a statement of condemnation. Go to this link for the press release: http://tibetanyouthcongress.org/tyc-archives/2012/05/04/tyc-strongly-condemns-tibetans-carrying-chinese-national-flag/

If TYC had known right from the beginning that Lingtsa was going to carry the Chinese flag, then TYC wouldn’t have supported his campaign. So in my opinion this raises the question whether Lingtsa is honest or not. Or does he even understand TYC’s political stand on the issue of Tibet. I don’t know what to make of the fact that he and his family only carries the red flag when they are away from Dharamsala.

Location: toronto
Subject: You got the point.
Mar 25 2013 07:13 PM

Dralha, when you said:
"Tsegala, where did I say who is impure? I know immolation in Tibet is pure Bodhicitta’s deed who sacrificed their precious lives for benefit of billion and billions beings. So I, myself, try to pray every day for those whose precious lives lost for just causes of our liberation. And I wish they will born again in Tibetans soon and see us at Lhasa. "

But in your comment, you mentioned LTD's sacrifice is pure and are more than the self immolation in Tibet, which creates sense of differences and than question is whose act of sacrifice is impure? You read your comment once again and make correction. However you came to the point of understanding.

Location: Minnesota
Subject: Response to Tsega
Mar 24 2013 08:48 AM

He left his beloved family to stand and fight for our right. He already walked long hard way toward Tibet to prevail justice for our non-violent people. He has once been in jail for just walk for peace in Tibet. As I listened his determination speak to fight our freedom, His undaunted effort is beyond thinkable for person like you and me. So Tseden Dorjee-la is pure patriot hero of our time. If not, what you think who else?
You May think the patriotism are persons like you and me who work hard our own selves and watch TV comfortably from nice sofa, and write silly comment when we feel like it. Or May be you concentrated patriotism as somebody who know how talk nicely, and been judgmental on other with arrogant way. No. Really hero is Tseden Dorjee la who matched his word with his action with beyond measurable brave. He knows how he makes good contribution to prevail our right, freedom and restore country like the Mahatma Gandi. If our fight is going to be long, we need long way solution which need more determination, efforts, energies, times and etc. All those quality and plans, Tseden Dorjee la already lay out on ground for us regardless of difficult bound to happen to achieve it. For me, if we have heart like Tseden Dorjee la’s, our truth will come much soon.

Tsegala, where did I say who is impure? I know immolation in Tibet is pure Bodhicitta’s deed who sacrificed their precious lives for benefit of billion and billions beings. So I, myself, try to pray every day for those whose precious lives lost for just causes of our liberation. And I wish they will born again in Tibetans soon and see us at Lhasa. Thank You

Location: Toronto
Subject: Purely biased?
Mar 22 2013 08:48 AM

Dralha, don't make such silly comments, in reality you are biased with your senses on patriotism. Who are you to make this silly judgements on pure and impure patriotism? No one is against LTD's struggle, so how could you say that L.Tseten Dorji is more patriotic than those self immolaters in Tibet? You are making differences, that is purely biased, please stop this nonsense.

Location: Ari
Subject: Red flag
Mar 20 2013 09:17 PM

His Holiness said that we (middle way followers) are willing to accept Tibet as a part of China IF China is willing to give us genuine autonomy. So far they haven't given us genuine autonomy yet, so we shouldn't be flying their flag next to ours.

Location: MT
Subject: After all we all seem to speak for a common cause
Mar 20 2013 03:50 PM

We are discussing an issue that relates to our national struggle. As Tibetans , I wish we could discuss using decent language and make better connection- after all we all seem to speak for a common cause. Resentful emotions and expressions repel healthy participation.

Location: Toronto
Subject: Under the Red flag.
Mar 19 2013 10:26 PM

I think nothing will change in China, until and unless China truly becomes democratic country. Under the CCP, they will not change their wrong policy of eradicating Tibetan identity, it is because they think that they can have Tibet like other native countries being turned into new countries like U.S.A. Canada and Australia etc, but these are new countries with real democratic government, real rule of law and order, and all the people enjoys their Human Rights.

However, Tibet and Tibetan identity cannot be wiped out from the face of this world, as we have a long history of our sovereignty based on our own rich cultural heritage with identical written language and great religion. unlike the other native countries without their own written language. China has to understand this fact of our Strong Tibetan identity and sovereignty for thousands of years.

China will only change their wrong policy, when they fully become democratic country. If the government and constitution changes, China's flag will be changed automatically, like that of Russia. If everything changes than we can agree upon holding the democratic flag and can live under constitution which gives equal rights.

At present majority of Chinese don't want to live under that Red flag, they are just forced to live under. So, then why we are hurried with such fuss and making wrong conclusions? Wasn't it like: Dishes are not on the table and we are rushing to pay the bill? or counting the chicken before the eggs are hatched?
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