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Wed 24, Oct 2018 11:05 AM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "Hold prayers, shun festivities during Losar: Sikyong Sangay"
The exile Tibetan administration has called for a boycott of festive celebrations during Losar (Tibetan new year) which falls on February 11 in light of the ongoing crisis inside Tibet. Sikyong Dr Lobsang Sangay requested all Tibetans to forgo the usual new year festivities...
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Location: Canada
Subject: crocodile tears
Jan 28 2013 08:43 AM

I find many of my fellow Tibetans perplexing, on the one hand, most Tibetans seem to be enthusiastically supportive of the self immolators in Tibet, lauding their actions with praises of, Hero! True Patriots!! Selfless Bodhisattvas!! etc.. and even as hundred have now atomized themselves without much positive results, yet very few Tibetan public or the Exile Government officials have given voice to ending this tragedy.

Now on the other hand, when Dr. Lobsang Sangay pleads with the Tibetan community in diaspora to sacrifice Losar due to these poor souls, who are constantly being crushed under the sadistic heels of brutal China, there is this huge hullabaloo of hue and cry that somehow the Sikyong is asking too much of them, even coming up with feeble self serving rationalizations. As if wanting the cake and eat it too.

One example of this is the sordid Miss Tibet pageant which is set to light up Bylakuppe, one of the largest Tibetan settlements in India. The Miss Tibet directors are said to have, "timed the event to coincide with the Tibetan New Year", and if this vulgarity isn't enough, Lobsang Wangyal quote; "Miss Tibet will be dedicated to the critical situation in Tibet, and especially for those who have sacrificed their lives for the Tibetan cause."

This is such a sick ploy to constantly dedicate Miss Tibet to any soundbite which seem fashionable: e.g. The Environment, Women's rights, self immolations in Tibet, etc..

Lobsang Wangyal's logic tethered to whatever kitschy platitudes which may flatter and, or, sooth the conscience of those sexually frustrated, Buddhist communities who come to partake of his circus.

Regardless, its highly probabilistic that not one rupee has been donated to any of these orgs. This, all style and no substance individual should really dedicate the Miss Tibet pageant to what it effects the most, his own penis and the collective penises of the Tibetan Community of India.

All over Tibet, Tibetans are setting themselves on fire, I wish they didn't but they are...

Let us imagine being a mother in Ngaba, to be in her shoes, who's 17 year old son(imagining that's my son, that's your son) set himself on fire for Tibet (just as many of my/your neighbor's sons and daughters have too) -- the whole town is grief stricken, assuaged somewhat by the outpouring of sympathy, solidarity and prayers from the exile community. Ngaba hears that the Government in Exile, feeling remorseful, requested all Tibetans to mute Losar celebrations out of profound empathy to those who have sacrificed their precious lives for the common cause--Ngaba community is touched and feels that they are not a alone, that the rest of the Tibetan population, wherever they may be, shares their pain.

Now imagine, you as the mother, seeing on YouTube, or maybe hearing or reading, that many Tibetans in exile were instead whooping it up on Losar, bikinis, booze, karaoke and fireworks were used to pay tribute to my son, to all the sons and daughters who died for Tibet.

As a grieving mother, what would I think, what would you think?

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Jan 25 2013 10:27 PM

I wish Tibetans use LOSAR(Tibetan New Year) as an opportunity to express their solidarity. The most important aspect of this Tibetan solidarity would be the demand for the unification of the three provinces of Tibet; the provinces of U-Tsang, Kham, and Amdo must come together to clearly establish the boundaries of Tibet as it existed before its military occupation. The global community and Tibetans must understand that Tibetans have a natural right to these territories.

Location: nz
Subject: a pattern forming
Jan 25 2013 05:15 PM

All comments posted so far highlight the exasperation some feel with the same dictat from Sikyong. A pattern is forming here and I don;t believe it is necessarily right. Losar is the celebration of the new year in which we are entering. Why then we should mute those celebrations. The year of the water snake needs the traditional Tibetan welcome, maybe fortunes will change if we start in a more positive way. For those in Tibet, muting the celebrations plays into the Chinese hands, as they can then issue their own forced celebrations, taking the upper hand over Tibetan. Surely one of the best ways of dealing with Chinese is to off balance them. The self immolations have done that , sadly an extreme way of finding something the Chinese did not expect or can stop. Break the patterns of the past, they have led us nowhere.The tail of the water dragon is disappearing. He who has breathed fire for the last year, now gives way to the silent cunning of the water snake.

Location: Canada
Subject: Good Call
Jan 25 2013 11:52 AM

Good call by the Sikyong to request all Tibetan brothers and sisters around the world to boycott Losar, particularly as this maneuver annoys the hell out of China.

I am sure that most can recall, just last year, the brutal Chinese regime with their never ending scheme to bamboozle the Western world that China isn’t as dysfunctional, or inhuman when it comes to how they deal with Tibetans(minorities in general) under their tyranny, that this regime had the barbaric bad taste of employing strategies of intimidation, cajolery, bribery, in their pathetic attempts to force grieving Tibetans in Tibet to celebrate Losar, even as the sons and daughters were burning to ashes.

This flimsy gimmick by Communist China in projecting the illusion of normalcy in Tibet to the rest of the uncaring, "free trade" world, whose, “what’s in it for me” populace are deaf and dumb to the threat of China to the free world's democratic way of life, or the suffering of the Tibetan people inside Tibet.

The world is turning inwards, self absorbed, a culture of narcissists on the rise busily enhancing their photos in washrooms for almighty Facebook. Majority couldn’t give a Twitter for Tibet, alas.


Location: ari
Subject: things that make me go hmmm
Jan 25 2013 02:11 AM

They are burning themselves alive.

You (exiles) are with them "every step of the way."

Then, Sikyong asks everyone to be peaceful, legal, and dignified.

LMAO. This is most illogical, in addition to being thoroughly unproductive. I shall guarantee you that adherence to Sikyong's socially appropriate and politically sensitive vision will produce a FURTHER whole lot of nothing.

Location: US
Subject: R.I.P
Jan 24 2013 11:09 PM

'Om Mani Padme Hoon"
To fellow Tibetans who gave up their precious life for our Freedom- Tibet (Lhasa), may their soul rest in peace.My prayers are always with you.

Free Tibet.

Location: new york
Subject: irritating
Jan 24 2013 10:46 PM

This standard cold response by the Sikyong is getting too repitative and irritating.
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