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Mon 21, May 2018 04:49 PM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "Tibetans Need Inspirational Leadership"
Last night I met with my friend, an activist, who has been involved with the Tibetan cause for many years. He was complaining against the Tibetan people for not showing enough enthusiasm and passion for our struggle....
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Location: nz
Subject: inspiration and His Holiness
Feb 05 2013 06:39 AM

We are inspired by HHDL ability in teaching the Dharma, and personifying Chenrezig. But He represents a utopia that can never be realized, not in the foreseeable future. As other comments have suggested, shackles are beginning to be felt by Tibetans, and the very limited way opposition to China can be shown. There may well come a time when the patience with the notion of a middle way, and the ineffectiveness of the CTA will run out, and Tibetans will seize the initiative in a way that shows China just who we are.

Location: USA
Subject: Inspirational Leaders
Feb 03 2013 11:01 AM

Leaders of social change are indeed few and far between these days. Globalizism is a potent foe for anyone daring to step out into the limelight to lead others in a common goal. In the case of Tibetan's what is the common goal? Is it Independence as one commenter referred to or is it the impossibility of the Middle Way? As wonderful as His Holiness is, he had not been a leader in the streets alongside his people as were Gandhi, Martin Luther King and many lesser known but equally successful leaders of social change the world over. The presence of His Holiness has essentially not allowed room for any other leader to step forward and truly own and lead the way for Tibetans. As it stands now, any leader that tried to step forward would be confined by the Middle Way path, because of the intense loyalty and love for HHDL held in the hearts of Tibetan's. The reality is that China will never agree to the Middle way nor any component of that 5 point proposal. Upon closer examination, the middle way approach reveals itself to be an impossibility. China will never agree to any of the points, in particular making Tibet a zone of peace.
The article written here at least illustrates that Tibetan's are beginning to talk and question more deeply. To reassess what is and is not working in the Tibetan movement. To recognize that during 63 years of occupation absolutely nothing has changed regarding Tibet's status as a nation. Except that globalization has visited Tibet and is leaving it's awful footprint. China is more powerful than ever and Lhasa is fast becoming a Tibetan Disneyland for tourists. And Tibetan's are sacrificing their lives on behalf of their people and country, and the Dalai Lama because they've come to recognize that no one out there is going to come to their aid. No one is going to rescue Tibet except Tibetans.

Location: MT
Subject: Flower showering on TYC VP?? haha
Jan 22 2013 09:43 AM

The caption is misleading.But for that it is quite well written and relevant in many ways to time and situation.

I am however surprised at denpanyis2's listing of HHDL along with a host of others as inspirational AND showering special praise on TYC VP.

It was just a few months back how HHDL differed his view with TYC at his Ladakh speech. Trying to white was TYC?

The current CENTEX has erased many of the foot prints of past 40 years of TYC image.


Location: nz
Subject: wrong understanding
Jan 21 2013 12:25 PM

My previous post did not include His Holiness, as He is no longer to be considered as a political leader. He is inspiration beyond the sunrise and sunset, beyond the mess of global politics and for those who listen and understand Him a beacon of light that can never be extinguished. His face appears in the moons over Lhasa, in the suns over Shigatse. As for commenting on Tibet as our country, it is, but we are not all home, Yet.When the cloud of pollution is lifted from china, they too will be inspired.

Location: nz
Subject: leadership
Jan 19 2013 10:06 AM

Name one country that has inspirational leadership? When Obama first came to power, he was hailed as a saviour of the US. That has not happened. Their doesn't seem to be the space anymore for the likes of Gandhi or Luther King. Maybe people are so disillusioned, those type of people do not exist any more. There is a feeling of global weariness with nothing changing or improving. The internet has also meant people voice opinion from the comfort of their computer, rather than be on the street. The increased heavy response from security, in many countries, may also have an effect. Pictures of Delhi police beating protesters in the wake of the gang rape. Tear gas and beatings in Northern Ireland over the union flag. And so we see this over and over in many places.None of this helps the Tibetan situation, which goes back into no hear, no see, no matter.

Location: Berkeley, CA
Subject: Lack of Inspirational Leadership
Jan 19 2013 12:30 AM

We have the best inspirational leadership ever exist in this world! You failed to recognize it! It's His Holiness the Dalai Lama. If you mean political leaders in Tibetan Society in general, some are inspirational e.g. Sridskyong Dr. Losang Sangyay and others whereas some are less inspirational. One of the most inspirational leader widely known in our Society is the current President and VP of Tibetan Youth Congress. The spiritual and political leadership H.H. the Dalai Lama has provided, not only for Tibetans, but for the whole world, even whole universe that include all sentient beings, is beyond comparison with any other leaders, be it political or spiritual.

Tibetans, I believe, are more united than ever before in pursuit of our common goal i.e. independence! There is not a single human beings on Earth, that includes Tibetan, who refuse independence deep down in our Heart. So it's an undisputable fact that we, Tibetans, all wish independence. But in the face of formidable Chinese power, we have to follow the leadership of H.H. the Dalai Lama to follow the Middle Way Approach, despite of wish for independence. I believe the Middle Way approach is a temporary approach to the temporary problem. Who knows what happens, once we materialize the middle way. So let's all agree with the temporary solution instead of disagreeing between Rangzen and Middle Way Approach.
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