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Location: MT
Subject: Hello Tsewang la,
Mar 01 2013 07:30 PM

Hello Desang la,

With these details, I hope you have found the answers.

Fell free to ask. My last post on this topic.

Location: MT
Subject: Learning Lessons from the biggest Bankcrupcy of Tibetan history!!
Feb 02 2013 05:41 PM

Sudden declaration of bankruptcy by PT was received by the victims with disbelief, anger, distraught , hopelessness and misery. Among the most pitiable victims are the salaried lot: teachers, officer staff etc. whose live-long saving for rainy days was wiped out in one swing of PT's ruthlessness. A CST teacher couple, about to retire, is said to have lost over Rs.10 millions. Others include SOS TCV staff, Nymadrel staff, Ex-22 and retirees, etc. A CTA officer who lost all his family savings was so desperate and distraught that he resorted to pleading high ups in CTA and was reportedly granted foreign posting as a relief. It is said when the news broke, several victims attempted suicide while many are reported to have had heart attach etc.

However, when the initial anger and numbness got settled down, Buddhism and traditional Tibetan rely on HOPE prevailed. Ironically, this too came as a big relief for PT. It is reported that some victims even went to the extent of visiting PT with Khata and gifts in the hope that they would be treated differently in further payment. It is said this was paying in some way,

Whilst another group of about 300 victims under the leadership one Gyapon Lhundup Paljor organized them selves into a joint-action committee in the hope of exacting maximum payment. It is this committee who pleaded Katri Samdong Rinopche and Chithue for Tibetan justice. This attempt too came as a blessing in disguise for PT. When Samdon Rinpoche's verdict" both the parties( PT and victims) are EQUALLY wrong" came, PT shrewdly applied the divide and rule policy by making another declaration "those who have relied hope in me , I will make efforts to pay in the long run and those who have resorted to legal action against me by reporting to Kashag can for Kashag verdict.

Meanwhile, it was known the PT and his family were applying for VISA to " flee" to America. It is reported that Lhundup Paljor, being a camp leader, threatened PT with causing obstruction to his VISA application. This came as a serious practical threat to PT. Many in the LP's group pinned lots of hope in this strategy. However, not long after, PT and his son openly slipped into America and his son- eventually to Canada. How? The grapevine had it that the shrewd Shyolok made LP a happy man.
THIS IS TIBETAN LEADERSHIP at grass root level.

Location: MT
Subject: Ripple effect of PT bankcruptsy
Jan 31 2013 12:52 PM

Hello Tsewang la. Are you there?

Ripple effect:

Pema Tsewang faced the brunt of public anger due which he lost not only his social status, but had to deal with threats and social boycott.

However he breathed a big sigh of relief when Samdong Rinpoche declared " both Pema Tsewang and the public EQUALLY " responsible for the fraud. This verdict came as a blessing for PT as well as OTHER whole-sale people. Thus

1)Aga of camp 4
2)His son-in-law Sangye Tseten
3)Ogyen Tsering of camp 3

happily declared bankruptsy,causing further misery to hundreds of other families and institutions.

The total amount lost in these frauds is estimated to be some where Rs.400 million, of course an exact official figure can never be obtained in the absence of any official investigation.


Location: Ny
Subject: lesson from pema tsewang
Jan 29 2013 05:19 AM

“The rich can get away with things the poor cant “

Location: MT
Subject: Pema Tsewang- continued
Jan 15 2013 12:12 PM

Hello Densang la,
Before I could answer your simple question: Pema Tsewang continued

As a Chithue, Pema Tsewang was neither fully literate nor was a good orator. He could just read and write rudimentary Tibetan. But as a shrewd schemer, a born Shylock, he used his political position and his majong-playing-skills to the hilt to win the hearts and heads of Dharamsala elites. The legendary Juchen Thupten too was seen enjoying majong sessions with him. Other elites included former Kalons, Chithues, local politicians, businessmen etc. The shrewd shylock also won the favour of legendary Samdong Rinpoche with the show-off of his Toepa vote bank.

This newly acquired position and esteem instilled in him enough gut and presumed -immunity to face the eventual and shame and disgrace of his dubious plan-- that in some ways can be likened to India's notorious Mr.Natwarlal. But it terms of the size of the fraud, Pema Tsewang has put India's Natwarlal to shame.

His modus operande: When people from all walks of life swarmed at his office to "invest" in his whole-sale business, he never refused their "request". Neither did he have a investment plan for the flood of funds that came his way. Very often the funds so collected would be lying idle in his savings account earning just 5% interest. Since as early as 2001, he knew very well that with all the interests pilling up, he was not going to make any profit from the huge "investment". At the same time, he did not want to give up the luxury of his " bangala, gadi, izzat" life style. He then decided to put into execution his vicious plan B. Stash enough fund for him and then declare bankruptcy.

Ripple effects of PT's bankcruptsy- Next time

Location: MT
Subject: HH's advise had magical effect
Jan 13 2013 06:18 PM

Hello Nangpa Sangay la,

Irrespective weather ANY Tibetan has taken his grievances straight to HHDL or not, it has in effect not only awakened the lethargy and neo-kudark mindset of the "CEOs", but existence and mention of the advise has had magical effect in getting many simple problems solved without much hassle.

For example, some time in 2008, the Shigo of Kollegal was "acting tough" to solve a simple dispute between two "unequal" families. When the weaker quoted HH's Hunsur advice, the Shigo melted immediately and solved the problem in favour of the victimized.

More than that- the best outcome of HHDL's Hunsur advises is the institution of Oolphong Nyamship that brought lots of relief to many poor and hapless families.

Tsewang la seems to be budding entrepreneur full of youthful energy. We need youths like him. At the same time, I would advise him to acquaint with the real situation of the Tibetan settlement. It will do a lot good if he could spent, among the masses @
• 6 months at Hunsur\
• 6 months at Orissa
• 6 months at Bandhra
• 1 year in Meo and Bomdia area
• 3 months at Chowkur


Location: India
Subject: my comments to Tsewang la's
Jan 12 2013 11:35 PM

Tsewang la,

You talked about your friend who appeared in Time magazine and the Tibetan officials you had meetings with in India. This may not be your intention, but it is difficult to miss the fact that, at some level, you are trying to show how well networked you are. I wonder if you are trying to impress your colleagues and bosses by saying that you met with Tibetan CEOs. Nyamdel officials you met at Bylakuppe and Mundgod are called Secretary (drunji) and not CEO.

How can promotion of a few entrepreneurs (if we are successful in creating some) in the exiled community lead to the CTA’s financial independence? You have to understand that strong majority of the exiled Tibetans make their own living and so they are self-sufficient. In other words, they are not dependent on the CTA. Most of those under poverty are supported by westerners. The award money His Holiness receives in millions of dollars are almost always donated to non-Tibetan charities.

You appeared to have good knowledge about our system because your pala passed on a lot of information to you, but this question, “I am not sure if you have served CTA, if not, why not, if you think they are not doing their job properly” you asked Assanga la was a dampener. One of the key reasons why many competent people leave CTA is that they cannot change anything from inside. Everyone in the CTA has to toe the official policies leaving very little room for any constructive suggestions. I sincerely don’t mean to be offensive, but you appeared clueless when you said one should join the CTA if s/hethink that the CTA officials are not doing their jobs properly. You have good educational degrees. You have established your competency level through your success in life. You appeared to have abundant love and respect for our people. Have you ever thought of working for the CTA so that you could be that change agent that you ask others to be? Our system truly needs people like you who understand the importance of attracting bright people because you are one of the brightest people in our community.

You asked this question to Assanga la, “How do you think one can attract and maintain bright young Tibetans to join CTA to bring positive change?” There could be many ways. However, one of the conditions under which bright and able Tibetans will flock to the CTA, in my opinion, is when exiled Tibetans are blessed with elected leaders who have high self-esteem and self-confidence, and who strongly want to strengthen our community, which may include promoting and protecting democratic values, where people do not have to think twice about sharing their wonderful ideas about getting work done in the most efficient and effective manners. Insecure leaders don’t attract the best people to work for them. They only get sycophant to work for them and they are normally happy that way, because insecure leaders don’t want to be challenged in any which way.

Some of the things you said made sense, but I did not see you say anything that we do not already know. You have extensive experience working in the financial and banking industry. Using these experiences, knowledge, and connections, I would encourage you to identify business ideas that can be implemented in our communities and bring in capitals to kick start those businesses.

“Instead we can try to create an equivalent impact by placing a zero tolerance through community pressures towards illegal and unethical business practices in each respective country where we are located.” This does not sound good even in theory. I hope you know what you are talking about.I hope that comments from Assangala and freethought will help you look at issues holistically, as His Holiness used to put it. You were talking about moral policing at one point, but you were willing to overlook unethical business practices in Singapore from where you think we can learn lessons from.

Location: India
Subject: kundun's hunsur statement
Jan 12 2013 10:14 PM


You have quoted a statement His Holiness made at the Hunsur settlement. I have heard similar statements from His Holiness on couple occasions in the context of disparate issues. Just out of curiosity, are you aware of ANY cases where knocks on kundun’s door by exiled Tibetans were answered by Him? In the exiled Tibetan history, has kundun ever given a single Tibetan an opportunity to bring his/her personal and public concerns to Him?

Location: MT
Subject: Pema Tsewang , the fraud
Jan 09 2013 09:06 PM

Densang la Ref. Pema Tsewang

Before I come to your simple question, let me give a background story of Pema Tsewang's meteoric rise in the ladders of Tibetan politics.

Since early 1960s, an ethnic Chinese by the name Gyami Lobsang Tashi and Pema Tsewang were two individuals whom the government of India routinely put in house arrest when ever H.H. The Dalai Lama visited Bylakuppe.

In 1970-1980s , Pema Tsewang entered politics as a Toepa Chief. At the same time, his maize-whole-sale business was picking up. This was followed by by his wife's niece married to Gyari Rinpoche, either by chance or by intent. He thus became a famous in-law of Gyari family. Around the same time, he got his elder daughter also got married to one, Sangay Tenzin, a former Teu Khampa of Sera. These two marraiges helped him built strong political bonds in the community. Also by virtue of being a Toepa, he earned respect and support from both the clergy and civil community of Toepas. He also developed a strong bond with Sera Monastery, especially Teu Khamtsten and Ngari Khamtsen of Sera Jey.

By early 1980s, Alo Choeza, who started the famous Tibetan Feeds Byllakuppe fell from the grace of Dharamsala. This came as a boon to PT. At the "request" of Paljor Lekhung, PT became the Mamaging Director of Tibetan Feeds. As shrewd business man he, he accepted the post on the condition that he would run his own whole-sale along with Tibetan Feeds. Accepted. But this association did not last that long . He had to quite Paljor Lekhung. However, unlike Alo Choeza, his exit from Paljpor left him richer, more famous.

By 1990s, PT was a self built Ku-gno. Not only his house arrest warrant was revoked, he got elected as Utsang Chithue. Even his his anti-Toepa Ustang detractors became his friends. Tibetans of all hues and colours took him to be an honest hard working businessman. Toepas, Monasteries, salaried staffs, sweaterwalas, ex-armies and even 1000- Ari immigrants swarmed to PT's roadside office to " invest" their savings at an attractive interest of 16-18% . This also attracted the local banks and PT became the most famous man of all Cholkas.

Dooms Day : Come 2006, PT send a one para notification to all his "investors". I am bankrupt. Please collect 15% of what you have invested with me . It is estimated that
the total amount "duped"/"lost"/ " cheated" stands some where 200 million.

Part II - next time


Location: NYC
Subject: Thank you
Jan 09 2013 07:16 PM

Assanga, Thank you for your comments. Tsewang
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