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Fri 13, Dec 2019 09:05 PM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "Last-words analysis – Why Tibetans Self-immolate? By Wang Lixiong"
Firstly the increasing frequency of the self-immolations – 97 cases in Tibet (excluding 5 outside Tibet) so far (till December 11, 2012), out of which 1 in 2009; 12 in 2011 and 84 in 2012, 28 Tibetans self-immolated in November alone. Calls to stop self-immolations have not worked, nobody knows what to do...
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Location: USA
Subject: Useful Analysis
Dec 31 2012 06:18 AM

Thank you Mr. Lixiong, I so appreciate this careful analysis devoid of personal egotism, that is so often published in the Opinions section of Phayul. You have shed some much needed light on this ver difficult subject and raised thoughtful questions, that though difficult to swallow and contemplate are necessary to have honest discourse about.
I agree wholeheartedly that it is absolutely time and beyond for the CTA to change direction. Though what that direction should and could be is not completely clear to me at this point. I do however think it must bypass groveling at the foot of powerful nations and instead appeal to a wider audience and include banding together with the millions of disenfranchised, oppressed and abused in China and other parts of the world. The effects of authoritarianism is a global issue, not just a Tibetan one.

Location: Sydney
Subject: Self-immolations and truth
Dec 28 2012 12:55 PM

This is a useful piece of the debate, carefully analysed and often accurate. But it is also worrying on a number of counts. While I do agree that the Tibetan Government needs to take direct action, and confront China now (and not just appeal to the world for help)the article is also ignoring the fact that the world is changing. Who wants a world dominated by current barbaric backwards-morally China leadership? Or old paradigms, myopic male dominance, and more barbaric wars? The Earth is a universal issue. The Tibetan plateau is a world issue.The immolations are the Tibetan people's resistance to certain and obvious (and arrogant, systematic, continuous) genocide.The CCP (even with a new humanised face) does not care what the world thinks, as they have the numbers, the arrogance and the tragic myopia.People mean nothing.They think it is 'their turn'to dominate, they are so out of touch. Most Chinese people do not care- any more than Germans did in WW2- they often tell me! So many Chinese people in other nations (who should be the leaders in truth) are so tragically often self-serving, blind and lacking courage. They want to shop, and consume- like all the other dumbed down people who watch media designed to keep them fast asleep!
All this has to change. These models are so last centuries! Luckily more and more people are awake and speaking up. Why not a free Tibet? Why must the people of the world 'choose' between dominant forces no-one elected? Because no-one dealt with a tragic invasion post WW2 does not make it any less a truth! Why can we not have the peace and happiness that humans can so easily have? People don't painfully set fire to themselves at certain dates to catch media attention- get real.They set fire to themselves because of sixty years of pain and destruction to a very special nation, its people and religion- still facing reprisals for every action protesting their own annihilation. Why don't Chinese people - and ALL people- together just speak the truth. It is not as if it is not all written down! China, we do not want your cruelty dominating and destroying our world, a world where people still starve and get raped, and are hurt. We do not want ANY nation's greed to dominate! We invite you to join us all in 21st century solutions! Why not?

Location: nz
Subject: frustration
Dec 28 2012 08:09 AM

Self immolation has proved to be one way Tibetans can express themselves and frustrate the Chinese who have tried several methods of suppressing this from of protest. Only now with arrests and media releases do they seem to have had some success. But as the writer points out, to stop this struggle now will mean all those who have died will ahve done so in vain. The CCP will never grant Tibetans any freedom, they will never allow His Holiness to return and for Tibetans to consider living under Chinese rule is untenable. Who, in exile, would want to return on some vague and hollow promises from China, that Tibetans could live as they are entitled to? Ordinary Chinese, who are suffering more than ever under the new leadership, should take heart from Tibetan struggle, anything is possible if one really wants it. All the analysis in the world cannot bring about frredom for Tibet, only the confidence and determination can achieve this. If you dream it, you can do it.
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