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Wed 25, Apr 2018 08:10 AM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "WHY RFA MATTERS, SO MUCH, RIGHT NOW by Jamyang Norbu"
Commenting on my last few posts, some readers took me to task for raising the issue of Jigme Ngabo’s dismissal from RFA, thereby (according to them) diverting public attention away from the self-immolations in Tibet, especially when “… our nation is on fire” as one put it so graphically....
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Location: Toronto
Subject: Power of Umay Lam
Jan 14 2013 10:58 AM

Dear Editor,

The Power of Umay Lam.
This is in response to the recent letter of Bushido in your column. I cannot help if you are uncomfortable with my using my own name on Phayul.com. I have no reason to hide behind a fake name while writing in Phayul.com or any other publication.
As for the Kudrag and Khampa Amdo talk you have raised in your letter is not worth talking about and I am not going to waste any of my time and Phayul space.

I would suggest you to write directly to Sikyong about his tagging along wherever HHDL travels if that is how you see it. I have no problem where he goes or with whom he goes as long as the Sikyong is doing his job the people of Tibet has entrusted to him.
Your accusation that I am being pro- Sikyong Lobsang Sangay and pro-establishment is not true but at the same time I don’t have any reason to doubt the contents of the Sikyong and Chhuthue Tsoktso letters refuting the allegations made by the concerned U.S. Congressman. But if the U.S.Congressman still sees the need of conducting any investigation that is his own prerogative.
Now to come to the real important point of your observation of the Umay Lam being almost a sell out of Tibetan independence and the Chinese government hating and despising this approach but have you ever given a minutes thought to why the Chinese government find Umay Lam so hateful and despicable. The main reason for their hatred and despising (more appropriate would be wailing and whining) about Umay Lam is because they found it more dangerous and life threatening to its own legitimacy as the government of China. The 9 point proposal handed over by the Tibetan delegation to Beijing in 2009 has obviously delivered a hard blow to the most sensitive part of the Chinese government under CCP dictatorship. So instead of revealing the contents of that document to its own people, the Chinese government responded with wailing and whining of the Dalai Lama seeking independence for Tibet.
Beijing knew that revealing the contents of the Tibetan proposal would have opened a flood gate of empathy from the Chinese public to the Tibetan demands and in fact would have joined hand with the Tibetans in demanding the same for them too, for the great majority of the Chinese want to live a free life in an open society with democracy and rule of law in place of the over sixty years of brutal dictatorship under the CCP. The world at large knows the fairness of the Tibetan demands and even a great number of Chinese living out side of China are with us and in support of the Umay Lam. The message is gradually sinking in mainland China too and it will not be long before that the Chinese in China will come to know the truth. The way I see it today that the Chinese communist government is like a man riding a tiger with a Tibetan head, Chinese body and Uygur tail and the rider knowing well that its days are numbered unless it can crush the tiger’s head. With this believe, the Chinese communist government is using every possible oppressive measures to suppress the genuine expression of grievances by the Tibetans inside Tibet including self-immolations as Tibetan separatist movement headed by the Dalai Lama. However the Chinese government can never crush the indomitable spirit of the Tibetan people with their unshakable faith in the power of truth.
The communist government of China is the only government in the world that spends more money on its internal security than its external national security. Who are the Chinese government afraid of and so paranoid with insecurity having to squander so much valuable national wealth on internal security? The answer is their own people and His Holiness the Dalai Lama who is the epitome of non-violence with a heart of pure gold and intrinsic compassion for all. The government of China under CCP dictatorship is doomed to fail under its own greed for power and bankruptcy of its policies. I believe the day is not far when His Holiness will give the Kalachakra teaching to the billion Chinese in China at Tiananmen Square in Beijing in a free and democratic China and the Tibetan people having the right to determine their own future.
So I suggest that we leave aside all our petty differences and instead focus all our attention at the task at hand with unity, solidarity and single minded determination.
Body Gallo.

Wangchuk Tsering


Location: Toronto
Subject: Bushido
Jan 06 2013 10:08 PM

Hi Bushido la, Before I find time to respond to your latest writing of Jan 4th, I am posting the following which I emailed to Phayul on Dec.6th but some how never came out.
December 6th 2012
Dear Editor,

I would like to request you to publish the following in your paper. I wrote the piece in response to Jamyang Norbu la’s first article regarding the dismissal of Ngapo Jigme from RFA and posted it on the TSG-list a week back and presume it would be of interest to your readers too.

I am compelled to write a few words here as fact checking of various allegations made by Jamyang Norbu against the CTA and the current Tibetan leaders with regards to recent dismissal of Ngapo Jigme from his job at RFA. Actually I am not interested to know what and why of Ngapo’s dismissal but JN’s allegations that it was conspired by CTA headed by the Sikyong who allegedly did what he did at the instigation of Beijing is too far fetched. However this too does not concern me as much as it is the responsibility of CTA and Sikyong to clarify the matter as the allegation was not only coming from JN but also from a lawmaker of the United States of America. I am glad the Sikyong and the speaker of the Tibetan Parliament in exile had issued statements refuting the allegations made by the U.S. lawmaker and it’s now up to him for the next step.

What irked me most like many other Tibetans who had read Jamyang Norbu’s long article on this matter is his allegation that the adoption of CTA as the henceforth official name of the H.Q of the Tibetan establishment in exile and the recent change of Kalon Tripa to Sikyong as the official title of the head of CTA is at the urging of Beijing and part of CTA leaderships’ way of appeasing the Chinese government. Nothing could be further from the truth than this allegation and in fact it is an act of insult to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Jamynag Norbu knows very well that His Holiness the Dalai Lama was solely responsible for making these two important and necessary changes at the time of his devolution of temporal power to the popularly elected leader of the Tibetan people through the power of ballot over a year ago. His Holiness had given ample explanations to the Tibetan people and non-Tibetan supporters of Tibet at the time. His Holiness had found it necessary to reiterate the matter again and had spoken extensively during his visit to Italy early this summer and at Ladakh during his teaching a few months back. In fact His Holiness had said that he found it necessary to speak again on these two issues because of unfounded allegations by a few Tibetans of betrayal by His Holiness. So, as a Tibetan, I would demand an unequivocal apology from Jamyang Norbu to His Holiness the Dalai Lama and henceforth never ever make this kind of mistake and stop twisting facts to suit his own convenience.

By the way I think it is important to know the reasons His Holiness has given for the two important changes I have mentioned above by non-Tibetan speaking friends and supporters of Tibet. To be very brief, His Holiness had said that the sole reason for adopting the CTA was because of unequivocal rejection of the name Tibetan government in Exile by then late Prime Minister of India Mr. J. Nehru during His Holiness’s meeting with him in the summer of l959 at Massoorie in India. Mr.Nehru had vehemently rejected the idea as unacceptable by the government if India when His Holiness had revealed it to him and thus the CTA was coined.

The title of Sikyong has a very significant meaning and historical importance to us as Tibetans. The title of Sikyong dates back to the time of 5th Dalai Lama and all the subsequent Dalai Lamas leading to the current 14th Dalai Lama. The title of Sikyong (translated in English as Temporal Authority or Administrator) was given to the Regent who was appointed by the Special National Assembly of the Tibetan people called expressly to select and appoint a Sikyong during the interim period of the passing away of the Dalai lama and until the discovery and maturity of next reincarnation to take the power of both temporal and spiritual leadership of the Tibetan nation.

His Holiness the Dalai lama specifically mentioned in his speech during the inaugural of Lobsang Sangay as the newly elected Kalong Tripa of CTA that His Holiness was very pleased to confer the title and post of Sikyong to Lobsang Sangay on this very auspicious occasion as he had received it from Sikyong Takdrag Rinpoche the then Sikyong of Tibet over a six decades back. So I would like to remind my fellow Tibetans and also non-Tibetan speaking Supporters of Tibet to know the historical significance of the title Sikyong.

Wangchuk Tsering
Toronto, Ontario


Location: Tokyo
Subject: Wangchuk Tsering
Jan 04 2013 08:11 PM

Thank you for your response. While I appreciate the overall tone of your posting, I still think your obsession with the name “Jamyang Kyil” is unhealthy. Yes, we do hold different opinions and as you said - it’s normal and healthy in a democracy. Only thing and I hope I can speak on your behalf as well is that we both agree that we want to know the truth in this RFA controversy. What we can do is exercise our free will and be the best we can be but the bottom-line is that we do get to the truth of it all. As long as we agree to that the rest will fall into place. I do wish that you would respond to my other points because otherwise you are depriving others and I of information that we may not know and something that we could learn. My username may be Bushido but I am not hardened. I can still learn. No, I don’t have to reveal my identity. I’m not about to run for any posts, big or small or build a support base or anything like that. That’s my prerogative as a private concerned citizen.

Location: Toronto
Subject: Barking at the Wrong Door
Jan 03 2013 03:56 AM

Some one calling Bushido have posted some comments on my piece Barking at the Wrong Door in Phayul and I appreciate it but there is no need of being so antagonistic after all we are both Tibetans and as Tibetans we are showing our concern for Tibet and what matters most to Tibet and the Tibetan cause. We just happened to hold different opinions which is most natural and healthy in a democratic society like ours in exile. I can respond to many of the points the writer has raised but will refrain myself to this much for today as I don't believe talking to a faceless. Yes, I have given my full name and the user name is very much part of my name. I would appreciate the writer doing the same.

Location: Tokyo
Subject: Wangchuk Tsering from Canada
Dec 31 2012 08:08 AM

Wangchuk Tsering from Canada, given your choice of the username “Jamyangkyil” the only thing I can apprciate about you is you giving us your real name and where you live.
Its pathetic how some people will go to any length to defend Lobsang Sangay no matter what he does. Only thing he does is tag along HHDL and take every opportunity to be seen, heard, and photographed. HHDL doesn’t need him. Tibet and Tibetans need him to act and not be a coward and self serving while in office. I understand its human nature to defend the status quo as they will see it as better, more legitimate, and more desirable than new alternatives –which they see as threat. But if status quo is so attractive and lucrative a proposition to maintain, atleast have the honesty to state that instead of dismissing valid issues brought up by Jamyang Norbu. If you still maintain that that the CTA has nothing whatsover to do with the RFA firing of Ngabo Jigme or that its not a big deal then you’re choosing to willfully ignore it because of your strong, fixed biases and you are part of the problem. I’m no Kudrak, have no connection with Kudraks and have nothing whatsover to gain from defending Jamyang Norbu but if somebody is sticking their neck out for Tibet and Tibetans in general whether he or she be a Kudrag, Amdo, Khampa or a Toepa, doesn’t matter to me, I respect that person. But if some people want to enforce harmony at all cost without addressing issues at hand, then disharmony is inevitable.
As for RFA not becoming a mouthpiece of Beijing, forget about RFA, CTA unwittingly is a mouthpiece of Beijing.Maybe they don’t see themselves as that but essentially that is what they have become.The sad part is they don’t even get acknowledged for that. In fact Beijing hates despises it even more for that. And things just get worse for Tibetans in Tibet. Even some chinese have commented about not positively re-enforcing the CCP but the CTA remains stubborn. In their pursuit of engaging some so called chinese democracy activists they allow them to insult us all Tibetans. If we are to engage and cultivate ordinary chinese make sure its done as equal partners and if they as they claim are sincere about their feelings for the plight of the tibetans, then stop blaming the victims. Instead of trying to contain the Tibetans, they should put all their effort into putting some sense into CCP and their brainwashed chinese brothers and sisters.


Location: Toronto, Canada
Subject: Barking at the Wrong Door
Dec 30 2012 11:20 PM

Dear Phayul Editors,
JN barking at the wrong door.

I am writing this in response to Jamyang Norbu la’s latest article entitled, Why RFA Matters So Much.
As usual Jamyang Norbu la is barking at the wrong door again. Why should any Tibetan ask the U.S.Congressman Dana Rohrabacher to conduct an investigation regarding the dismissal of Ngapo Jigme from the RFA?
CTA headed by Sikyong Lobsang Sangay and President of Tibetan Parliament have categorically repudiated the allegations made by Congressman Rohrabacher and also for that matter by JN too. If the Congressman Mr.Rohrabacher is still not convinced, he should start whatever investigation necessary and produce concrete evidence to proof his allegation of CTA’s interference in the affairs of RFA Tibetan Language Service and misuse of the U.S.Government assistance to the Tibetans. These are very serious allegations and he should either be able to proof with evidence of his allegations or at least express his regret to CTA for having acted upon hears say information. Before doing so, the Congressman should first question the source or the sources of his own information or misinformation and take them to task if they fail to produce factual evidence to proof their allegations.
JN need not repeat the importance of RFA Tibetan Language Service for the Tibetans inside Tibet and also those in exile. We all know how crucial the RFA Tibsetan Language Service is in disseminating upto date news of what is taking place in various parts of Tibet and also what is happening around the world of what matters most to the cause of Tibet. But JN’s concern of the service becoming a mouth piece of Beijing is unfounded and ludicrous to say the least. After all this is a U.S.Government establishment and I am sure it has strict policy guidelines based on the U.S. foreign policy and the best interest of the United States which must be followed by whoever may be in-charge of it. So the question of RFA Tibetan Language Service becoming a mouth piece of Beijing via CTA is too far fetched. JN should stop crying wolf and also stop barking at the wrong door.

Wangchuk Tsering
Toronto, Canada
30th December 2012


Location: Canada
Subject: Everyone knows why it matters so much?
Dec 29 2012 11:21 AM

From the very beginning it was mattered and than established it as RFA for the very purpose of broadcasting news on Tibet, one can understand it by using a very simple common sense of news broadcasting. It is not a matter of why it matters so much right now, what about the past and future matters? Instead of that JN should writing: Why media censorship and internet restriction matters too much for the autocrat regime of China?

Internal dispute happens in every established offices and in their organizations, depending on their internal likes and dislike matters, it is quite natural. However exaggerating the situation with false allegations on CTA and to politicize the issue with personal agenda is very dirty game to play with, it badly harms our greater common interest.

Location: Toronto
Subject: Can you stop writing now on RFA...
Dec 28 2012 06:04 AM

I fully understand of what is problem of RFA under the Ngapoe Jikmey. But i am very much research myself on it and but i found very funny and hard to digest most of worker at RFA are from Tibet. Beside Ngapoe Jikmey is visiting China very much and i didn't understand why Chinese gov let him go so freely. I myself went to apply visa to Tibet but they rejected because of political activities here in Toronto.I read last blog of Woeser and she clearly said Ngapoe problem is not between Exile Gov and RFA. Why Jamyang la you keep digging on it. Lets stop here and think of self Immolates people in TIbet.....

Location: ari
Subject: Enough
Dec 27 2012 08:30 PM

We had enough of this RFA thing. Please remember no one is indespensible. RFA will move on who ever is selected as its next Director.

We have better and bigger things to do.Better concerntrate on those rather mud sliging CTA.Is that JN is good at.

Location: asia
Subject: I wish Bhorig in Exile could understand your point
Dec 26 2012 08:51 PM

but I guess not because there are some powerful bhorigs in Exile live on Gay-me paycheck.I know how important RFA is in Bhog because I have been there, its their window to world and for truth news.
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