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Fri 19, Apr 2019 07:56 PM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "PROTECT KUNDUN – FREE RFA by Jamyang Norbu"
When I was researching my “Free Radio Free Asia!” piece I came across more information than I could fit into the article. I also came across material which was troubling, and which I could not bring myself to include in the piece, though it would have bolstered the case I was trying to make....
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Location: virginia beach, va usa
Subject: YOU
Dec 07 2012 04:35 AM

You Tibetans are fast losing my support because you are a bunch of self-aggrandizing little girls who can't fight for your OWN freedom.

I am operating at this point out of sheer MERCY for your nation.

You want to negotiate with rapist genocidaires who torture women and children? Go ahed, burn yourselves alive and defame Lhasang Tsering for having a legitimate plan.

I remain,

Brent Werner
Virginia, USA

Location: Kyaktsang
Subject: Namtok Re!!!
Dec 07 2012 03:51 AM

After reading most of these comments, I am saddened to learn that most Tibetans would attack the whistle blower rather than take the initiative themselves to ask questions to their Dhonchoes, Chithues and the Sikyong. Jamyang la did not cause disunity. He just raised questions. And if people like him and Woeser la did not bring this up, I am 100% sure most of us will not even know about it. It is because of the lack of transparency in the functioning of the top level politicians that is causing suspicion and doubts. If the Sikyong and CTA have nothing to do with the dismissal of Mr. Ngabo Jigme, then they should not have anyting to worry about and should let the Parliament form an independent investigation committee and let it investigate thoroughly. But this committee must not consist of the perennial chamcha Mr. Penpa Tsering, who took the parliament for granted by replying to the Congressman’s letter which wasn’t addressed to the parliament in the first place. I wonder what his motives are. The chithues should wake up and be more assertive to have their say in these sort of decision making process i.e. if they want to make themselves useful.

Even after more than 60 years of exposure to the external world, it is sad to see that some Tibetans are so green-brained that they are unable to appreciate the value of free speech. If we are struggling for a Tibet where dissenting voices and criticism of those in power are not allowed, then count me out.

Namtok Re!!!

Location: nz
Subject: negatives
Dec 06 2012 07:24 PM

It seems rather a coincidence that what with this story and the article written by the woman who worked for the Tibet society in London, more than a year back, the article re Cameron blanket banning meetings with His Holiness, a story that could have gone to press in June there is a pattern forming. Irrespective of whether these things are true or not, we are being bombarded with negatives that could be thought is designed to undermine Tibetan unity and throw us into confusion, suspicion and general disaray. STAY FOCUSED BROTHERS

Location: Toronto
Subject: Empty vessel!
Dec 06 2012 10:45 AM

It seems that this empty vessel keeps on making lots of noises, without being able to hold the bit of nectar to heal oneself from all these wrong views and diluted thoughts! Good for nothing but to hurt oneself and others!

Location: MT
Subject: Pempa Tsering& Obama- biggest joke on earth!!
Dec 06 2012 10:01 AM

Hello Snowsnow,

Did you read today's headline? Forbes has tipped Obama as the most powerful Leader on earth.

And you say Pempa Tsering did a good thing by sending a COPY of his letter to Obama. THIS IS THE BIGGEST JOKE ON EARTH.

I will not be surprised if on another occasion Penpa Tsering sends a copy of his VISA application to Obama.

Does this man have any idea as to what " PROTOCOL " means, what diplomatic rules and norms mean?

Does he thinks all Tibetan Donchoes should copy their complaint letters direct to HHDL ?

Does he know that all non-sense letters/requests thrown into the vertical file?

EGO and IGNORANCE playing havoc at Dhasa!!havobabarebare what a tamasha!!


Location: Australia
Subject: where there's smoke there's fire
Dec 06 2012 07:08 AM

Everything JN is bringing up may not be right but it is important and we must appreciate that JN writing is really awaking us to make our leaders accountable and transparency in carrying out their duties to our dying nation. The below article does substantiate a part of JN finding and it is a concern.


Location: SF Bay Area
Subject: Take a Chill Pill
Dec 06 2012 12:06 AM

Jamyang la
Here is Cut and Paste from RFA’s Website: RFA is a private, nonprofit corporation that broadcasts news and information in nine native Asian languages to listeners who do not have access to full and free news media. The purpose of RFA is to provide a forum for a variety of opinions and voices from within these Asian countries. Our Web site adds a global dimension to this objective. If you have comments, questions or suggestions, please contact us at contact@rfa.org .

RFA management must have taken this action in keeping with their policies. We need to learn to look at the tree and not the entire forest. Hiring and firing is normal course in corporate culture. You live in USA therefore you should be aware of it.

Just keep it simple. Media in any forms has its own agenda and restructures facts to their own advantages like Mangtso had done to Kasur Tenzin Tethong.

Location: USA
Subject: RFA
Dec 05 2012 11:48 PM

At a time when our country is reeling with increasing number of self-immolations & when it is our solemn duty as a Tibetan to rally around CTA leadership to challenge CCP of their regressive policy toward Tibetans & maneuver international support for our cause, the controversy over dismissal of Jigme Ngabo from RFA is totally unnecessary & a big distraction. It is ingenious on the part of JN to rake up this issue with unfounded, unsubstantiated & fanciful conclusions linking up CTA & Sikyong Lobsang Singye la. Dismissal of Jigme Ngabo is a matter of RFA & it is best left to them to play out. Clarion call of our martyrs is for UNITY & NOT DIVISION.
TYC’s policy stand of INDEPENDENT TIBET is well known to all of us & is widely respected by most Tibetans. However, never did it occur to me that TYC is anti-CTA. In a vibrant democracy competing points of view is in fact necessary & helpful for our larger goal. Never have I known or seen TYC engage in relentless campaign to discredit CTA. TYC is always on the forefront to shoulder responsibilities & play a complimentary role to our nation’s cause. Similarly we all know & very much respect Jamyang Norbu la as a fierce advocate of INDEPENDENT TIBET. However, JN appears of late to be bitterly engaged in a campaign to discredit CTA & this I find is very troubling. Vitriol & bitterness of Kalon Tripa Election is long over & the Tibetan people inside & outside have very loudly & clearly spoken & Sikyong Lobsang Singe is our leader. Inspite of all the failings of CTA, we are all very proud of our leadership & the way our Sikyong Lobsang Singela has conducted himself domestically & in the international arena in carrying forward our cause. Let us all rejoice & cry together for all of our achievements & failings.

Location: virginia beach, va, ari
Subject: my part
Dec 05 2012 10:37 PM

Doing my part to prove JN nice.

Here, in the NAVY town of Virginia Beach, I go on record to say I categorically reject the presence of any Maoist Chinese.

My fiancee, Lieutenant Cherece McKinney and I are here to oppose your lies and atrocity.

A fire breathing dragon lives in front of my house. I swear. You come for my fiancee you have to get past my dragon. Then, me.

Stay in China, you scum.

Location: virginia beach, va, usa
Subject: punks
Dec 05 2012 09:40 PM

People who attack JN la are intellectual punks who can't hold their own. I see JN as a real warrior of truth and I support him so much that I would be honored to go fisticuffs with anyone who tried to hurt him. Intellecually, I can't help him as he is over my head. Tibetans these days are losers and cowards who don't protect their own birthright. It's sad. Kham is dead.
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