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Wed 21, Aug 2019 02:23 AM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "PROTECT KUNDUN – FREE RFA by Jamyang Norbu"
When I was researching my “Free Radio Free Asia!” piece I came across more information than I could fit into the article. I also came across material which was troubling, and which I could not bring myself to include in the piece, though it would have bolstered the case I was trying to make....
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Location: MT
Subject: Hello Mr. Lingpei
Dec 10 2012 04:48 PM

Hello Lingpei

After going through Mr. Lingpei's piece here, I felt sorry, because it has hurt a Tibetan friend's feelings. It also made me sad and helpless, because his views seem be stemming from one- sided information.

Going a little bit deeper into the issue, I feel that the this discussion is NOT about taking sides for or against Libby or JN. Ms. Libby and Jigme had no problem during their decades of working together. They both enjoyed affection and respect from over 40 educated Tibetans working under them. This is manifest when almost all the Tibetan staff regretted Jigmes' dismissal.

The core issue stems from the ugly and irrelevant divide between Rangzen believers and the official Middle Path Stand. Both Libby and JN are victims of this ugly divide. I am a supporter of Middle Path , but I do not believe treating a handful of young energetic Tibetans like JN as our enemies. It is their personal stand. Opposing them on a war footing: For example sacking of Jigme . Why? because Jigme gave JN and other space to express their views. This charade against Rangzen believers is COUNTER PRODUCTIVE to Tibetan cause and image of Tibetan democracy.


Location: Mn
Subject: Lingei, no ordinary Chinese different than Tibetans
Dec 10 2012 01:48 PM

Hi, Lingei

Firstly thank you for your beautiful writing, and it is very nice to know that some Chinese brother who support the truth with such common sense. Otherwise, a lot of other Chineses act and talk like we ones who invaded China and killed Chinese's people. For us majority Tibetans, Chinese ordinary people are no different than us, Tibetans, and we wish we all live peace, free and harmonious. We also know H.H The Dalai Lama is working tirelessly for both and even whole world.

Now for your doubt, we, more than 90% of Tibetans, know how extremely lucky we are to have such a blessing from H.H the Dalai Lama. Without H.H's hard working and blessing for us, there won't be left any more Tibetan language, culture, way of lives and pure Buddhist religion. Most of Tibetans and all leaders at Dharamsala are so loyalty to H.H, and we will fulfill H.H's hard work for us all these years. We also need Chinese brothers and sisters' support to achieve our goal.

Please don't mind these few Tibetans’ writing including Jamyang Norbu. Most of these people got educations through English, and they don't know the value of our true language. Look at Jamyang Nauru’s previous writing about explaining for Buddhist concept of Middle Way. He does not know meaning of Middle way which means emptiness. Emptiness doesn't mean nothingness. It means finding true reality or suchness through putting myself or me benefit of others through profound knowledge and genuine strategy. So our attitude get to be known all living being are interdependent, and our action get to compassionate, no kill, no harm, no mean and etc. on others.

Any way we, Tibetans, all need is Genuine Autonomy to preserve our way of lives under frame work of Chinese constitution. We need more Chinese brothers and sisters to achieve this goal. Thank you

Location: Toronto
Subject: To Brent la
Dec 10 2012 12:52 AM

I'm little surprised to see Brent's derogatory remarks and generalization on all Tibetans. Brent la, nobody is forcing you to support Tibetans, and Tibetans surely don't need mercy. Only if you believe in the just cause of Tibet, should you then choose to support its activisms in entirety (including both negative and positive aspects). You have to accept the fact that there will be opposing views and arguments in real functioning democracies, including Tibetans.
Further, there is nothing surprising about negotiating with Chinese, which is in accordance with CTA's official policy, just as Obama's policy (your president) to negotiate with Talibans (mother of all human rights violators).

Location: USA
Subject: The Usual
Dec 10 2012 12:22 AM

Per the norm JN uses speculation and diluted thought to put forth his paranoid opinions. Pointless waste of time.

Location: usa
Subject: Too Sad
Dec 08 2012 10:04 PM

I am a Chinese American. A friend mine showed me some of the articles and some clips shared on FaceBook. I have to admit I do know much about Tibetan Government in Exile. However, we all assumed you Tibetans were united especially in the time like this where Tibetans are self-Immolating themselves to hear their plea. I guess I was wrong. I like many Chinese who loved and respect His Holiness felt guilty every time I read about Tibetan self- immolation, China bashing His Holiness and China’s high hand tactic by banning elected world leaders meeting with His Holiness and punishing person who meets with His Holiness. Because of China’s bully, we have formed a group who are actively involved to end the struggle of Tibetan by writing to all the elected member of the world, educating other Chinese and others on facts of Tibet. I am not going details because I might be bullied on Facebook or on Tibetan Media.

It is indeed sad to no Tibetans stood up for Miss libby , who has dismissed someone who clearly was working for the best interest for Tibetan people. I hope there is plenty of capable Tibetan to take his post. Tibetans should look into the RFA staff members who ask to give his job knowing of his stand on His Holiness and you Government. I think person who master minded and physically went to collect the signature should be removed along with Mr. Ngapo Jigmey. One or two bad apple can spoil the whole basket.

If you Tibetans managed to victimize the person His Holiness grand ordinance to than you are doing what China is doing all this time. So in future you will lost people who sympathize with Tibetan Couse.

Many of us get involved with Tibetan Couse because of our love and respect for His Holiness. When I read the elegant article written by Mr. Jamyang and all the support he is generating I felt very sad for His Holiness. It seem like all of you are criticizing everyone who has and is working for Tibetan government.

I heard of Mr. Kalden Lodoe because I am one of sponsor of Kalachakra world Peace in Washington DC. It seem like he was punished for organizing one of best event so far by Tibetan which generated media coverage and resulting in His Holiness meeting with Present Obama. It is sad to see no Tibetan are coming to his recue but many are willing have someone who has great connection with CCP to be reinstated.

I feel many Tibetans are hypocrite. You always have this beautiful long life ceremony for His Holiness in the conclusion of each event but you do not act as if you really mean it. It seems many agree with Mr. jamyang than with His Holiness. Do you Tibetan believe that Mr. Norbu or Mr. Ngapo will free Tibet???

I feel sad for His Holiness for having to face this kind reaction from his own people after working for Tibet whole life. I feel even sadder for Tibetans for shattering the image built for you by this ugly display of yourself on Facebook.

The Radio Station RFA came in picture because of His Holiness’ and exiled Government hard work,( that is my Guess). If it is result of hard work by Mr. Norbu and Ngapo, than please forgive me.

If you do not agree, with them or the RFA staff members than please join me and let these individuals know where we all stand. With Mass Tibetan


Location: Toronto
Subject: Namtok marey Udhum rey!
Dec 08 2012 11:06 AM

Udhum Chen, khernag gyi u dhum dhum rey, dhey nangshing gowa dheyang dhum dhum go gkyi yo rey!

As your title is, it is your understanding and thought, very short sighted. Free speech is welcome if that is based on reason and truthfulness. Free speech is not welcome if that confuses and harms our common cause that needs clarity and more strength in unity! A freedom of speech we are practicing is in exile, which is not recognized officially by any country in this world. On the other hand we have a snake like enemy waiting for chances to disrupt our stability and unity in exile. What JN's writing does is more harm and confusion, but for him, it is his passion or profession and to earn his living. If he truly determines and have guts to fight for our common cause, he has to stand and act accordingly, like Tenzi Tsondue, who writes and acts relentlessly! otherwise JN is nothing more than a dirty politician disguised as writer or kind of an intellectual!

Location: ny
Subject: Unity: Another Name for Cover up
Dec 08 2012 05:30 AM

If we had 100 more Jamyang Norbus, we would have been able to put a brake on the stupidity that is Dharamsala. Look at these chitues, what have they done? Write a pompous letter to a US congressman, who have benefitted the Tibetan cause more than our chitues have. He has been a co-sponsors to a long list of congressional resolutions benefitting Tibetan cause. A responsible course of action for the chitue would have been first investigate before becoming so defensive even when the people named in the incident are lying so low. I would chose this congression to be on the side of Tibet rather many of these chitues, who do not know their responsiblity. Our system is rotten but we have been able to cover up. Machination and manipulation how dharamsala is good at. RFA incident just tip of the iceberg.

Location: London
Subject: dis-ingenious
Dec 08 2012 02:08 AM

Sadly with fictional crime thrillers, you seldom learn about the victims or the culprit or their side of the story as it is all about the detective and his work. In the real world Jigme Ngabo is alive and capable for speaking and writing his own story and fighting his own case. This whole story is unnecessary distraction at the time when Tibetans need to be United therefore JN and other pointing fingers at CTA looks very dis-ingenuous when all they have are assumptions. If they have proof, please take it to the relevant authorities, rather than writing self promoting articles that sow discord. When we read the verdict of the judge or adjudicator with all the facts then we will make our own mind about the case.

Location: Australia
Subject: Totally agree with Udumchen
Dec 08 2012 01:51 AM

Shouldn't chitues be monitoring and correcting the government to ensure it is not corrupted and make it accountable and transparency to the public?

Location: nz
Subject: allegations
Dec 07 2012 08:16 AM

UdemChen the trouble is that these were not just raising issues, they formed allegation without substantive proof, point already raised. Now if there is any truth , the parties concerned are alerted and will make sure that any futher investigation is difficult
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