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Wed 21, Aug 2019 01:52 AM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "PROTECT KUNDUN – FREE RFA by Jamyang Norbu"
When I was researching my “Free Radio Free Asia!” piece I came across more information than I could fit into the article. I also came across material which was troubling, and which I could not bring myself to include in the piece, though it would have bolstered the case I was trying to make....
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Location: dhasa
Subject: he he JN
Dec 17 2012 02:59 PM

i always see JN very negative man who always blame our own government.In hindi we use to say Namakharam or Namakhalal. As compare to him my old uneducated granfather is better, though he is uneducated but he never blames our officials. Why is is more worried of Jigmey Ngaboe?? i was surprised!!

Location: Mn
Subject: Anticorruptbill and Jamyang Norbu's article
Dec 15 2012 09:19 AM

Jamyamg Norbu is always against any Tibetans who get higher seat in Tibetan office at Dharamsala except Jorchen Thupten Namgyal. It seems he does everything his power to destroy our community in Exile like make the matter real from what is imagine. Just one example: Previously JN accused Tenzin N Tanthong stealing Tibetan public money when Tenzin Tanthong was Kalon Tripa, and then JN tried hard to win Tenzin N Tanthong-la Kalon Tripa again against Dr.Lobsang Sange in 2009. Why JN want to put his mentioned thief into high office of CTA? What is his motivation. There were many more unfounded accusation of his writings in past which is little harmful for youngsters. Any way, he is very odd man, and I, myself , never trust this kind of people in any society. Why does JN worry about our Chitue’s speaker Pempa Tsering-la’s writing to Congressman Dana Rohrabacher? JN, himself, and congressman Rohrabacher are the ones who were arrogant and stupid enough to say things that is not true. Congressman Rohrabacher does not have right to threat any one including our leaders at Dharamsala. Congressman should understand what news in Tibetan language from RFA are matter for Tibetan people ,and US is so kind for us to create this new station for us. I also hope this congressman Rohrabacher does not use his power abuse on any one that is not American way or value. So I am glad to hear that Speaker Pempa Tseringla took response to write back Congressman Rohrabacher, and I hope congressman learned the truth before jumping in conclusion.

Hello, anticorruptbill .Check out I answered underlined words you used on me . You accused me as Chinese mentality and it is fine for me. I follow my own conscious base on reasoning. So one of my personal goal is to create stand atmosphere to dialog with Chinese ordinary people to show the real picture in our causes. I don’t hatred ordinary Chinese people, and these Chinese people are not the problem. Problem is Chinese evil regime. If you don’t agree, that is totally fine with me.
Secondly, what you mean by” out of fear”? Fear for whom? To you or to Chinese regime. No, that is not me, and I don’t fear especially comes to right or wrong. When our people in Tibet are sacrificing his / her precious lives for our nation and its people, why people in free country worry about well-being of ourselves. I just let you know about me that I care and think a lot about our people’s live and liberty, birth right and right to practice their believes that was lost so long under evil cruel Chinese regime maltreatment imposed in Tibet.
Thirdly,” lack of experiential courage and bride and who knows what?” I saw things enough in whole life like evil Chinese rules in Tibet, no meaning of UNO in our problem, odd man like Jamyang Norbu who divider among of youngster. I earned enough experiential courage to stand tall to pursue reaching out our goal to get Genuine Autonomy for Tibetans with no time. We got to be strong , energetic and smart to overcome ignorant ones.
“Who knows what?” True Tibetan who were never missed pay Gyalche Mangmo(Green book contribution), and who never missed Tibetan national uprising day which is March 10 in every year. At least I hope you are doing those. You may not that much important these things but I see them very important. Thank you


Location: NY
Subject: Facebook
Dec 13 2012 06:43 AM

Someone here seems to be more afraid of facebook than middle east dictators. Now that you reminded me, I am going to post it on my facebook page and highlight it.

Location: Australia
Subject: Democracy, the most sustainable
Dec 13 2012 05:08 AM

Rather than attacking individual person, it would be good to elaborate your reasons of why you agree or disagree with his or her statement. There still is a tendency in our society to think that to criticize CTA means disloyal to CTA and not following His Holiness's advices. This is wrong. I consider myself as a heart felt student of His Holiness as well as as a strong supporter of CTA. At the same time, for years I have been followiing writings of JN which time to time can be very thought provoking, but I do beleieve intellectuals like him are playing a great role in our society to clean up green brain and awakening our people to what the real democracy is all about. We definitely needs thousands of JN and LT.
Bod Gyalo

Location: nz
Subject: facebook
Dec 12 2012 04:30 PM

if this story and the opinions etc are being splattered over facebook, it ought to stop. Social media network can do more harm than good.

Location: Toronto
Subject: Correction on fickle minded.
Dec 12 2012 06:35 AM

JN might be reading all these comments but he will never change for the good on oneself and for our common cause, it is because of his shallow fickle mindedness, knowing not that it is just his strong PASSION for writing, good for nothing, or he might have certain purposes or any hidden agendas. We can't say what's inside within these descends of Kudraks (Koopdaks!) Might be a very vicious and dirty one! What dirty politics played not in the history of Tibet by all these Koopdaks? better not open it to smell the worse!

Location: Roof of the World
Subject: Take it with a Grain salt.........
Dec 11 2012 09:54 PM

One word for the LinGpei letter:

Location: toronto
Subject: Jamyang N anf Karma Dzungkar partners in Crime
Dec 11 2012 10:57 AM

I want Jamyang la to understand that he has certain following from his writings and hence be responsible in what he says and writes. His blogs of accusations have no credible, sufficient and reasonable evidence or prove. Instead, his basic arguments including Sikyongs and Lobsang Nyandaks London trip where they met Lucy Lui all rests on fanciful and wild presumptions, which do not reflect any hint of responsible journalistic standards and credible information. Anyways, by now people have realised that the whole issue now is not about Ngabo loosing his job but with Jamyang Norbu loosing his contract and the substantial income. It must also be brought before the public that there are people within RFA who are allies with JN and hence supply him false and presumed informations. I have no proof but many from DC and RFA will agree that KARMA DZUNGKAR is to a great extend JN's partner in crime. If a real injustice is done to Ngabo then why on earth is he not making himself heard. There are legal options to pursue so when Ngabo himself is quiet and sort of agreeing then why is JN making so much of an issue. In all these years Jamyang Norbu has done nothing but criticize His Holiness and the CTA be it during his tenure as the Director of TIPA or the editor of Mangtso Journal. In this whole RFA issue when he has failed to drag in Sikyong and the CTA he is now involving Kundun.

SHAME ON YOU JAMYANG NORBU, if you really care about TIBET then use your resources and energy as to how best you can be a part of the Global Tibet Solidarity movement and how best you can gather support for Tibet.

Location: here
Subject: re: tassh
Dec 11 2012 09:03 AM

I am sorry for your irrelevant opinion. I am the man who would deeply consider the effort to burn people alive if they try to rape and torture your family. Who are you? This has a slim chance of getting released by weak men and women without the integrity and strength to fight for human rights.

Location: new york
Subject: Ling Pei and Dralha
Dec 10 2012 10:48 PM

Dear Rangzen activists and freedom loving Tibetan brothers and sisters. Please don’t mind what Dalha wrote in response to Ling Pei’s posting. If you read all his postings, it reflects someone needy and dependent on the Chinese- mentality. I don’t blame him- could be out of fear, lack of experiential courage and pride and who knows what.

I did write a lengthy response to Ling Pei’s posting yesterday but I took too long and so it was lost and didn’t have the time to write again. What I wanted to say to Ling Pei was how your posting revealed your inner imperialistic mind and colonialist attitude. As a Chinese coming into Tibetan sphere and lecturing us what is good for us and what is not is to re-traumatise us all over again and trigger in us the strongest of emotions. Especially at a time like this when we are dealing with the very sad and tragic situation of self immolations every day. Those are our Tibetan brothers and sisters of flesh and blood and not just a number. They have family, friends, community everything yet they sacrificed their lives for Tibet and Tibetans. They are not lonely, destitute individuals taking their lives out of hopelessness. In light of all this not a single word of condemnation by any leader let alone form any Chinese. I urge you to just for one day strip yourself of all Chinese conditioning of pride/ humiliation/ shame/ face saving and other accumulated psyche over the generations and put yourself in a Tibetan’s shoe. I would like to see if you can really feel empathy. Why should it always have to be the Tibetans who have to understand the CCP Chinese and put up with their ever increasing brutality? It is not only inhumane,it is insane of us to put up with this. We have been so numbed and people like you want to numb us further into silence.
As for your audacity to label us all Tibetans as hypocrites, that is the height of hypocrisy. Bear in mind that just because you make few donations to Dharamsala and say few kind words and follow HHDL to his teachings that, that don’t give you any right to talk to us like that.
I am very encouraged by Jamyang Norbu’s work and constant effort to bring about the best of a system for us Tibetans and instilling values of cultural pride, strength and character building in the younger generation and basically educating and enlightening all of us.
As for Ms Libby Liu, an independent investigation will find out if she is innocent or not. Until then from what we have heard of her, she seems to be a person of liability to anyone she comes in contact with.
Lastly, I want to say to you, to never ever say that you feel sad for HHDL. In tibetan custom, its just not done. HH was born the emanation of Avalokiteshwar. HH had the best of Buddhist learning, teachings and practises. What more can any human want in this world? Its people like you and me who still live in this dualistic world and delude ourselves in thinking that we are so advanced in our practises. You speak from a Chinese point of view and I speak from a Tibetan point of view. And as along as you speak that way I am forced to be the way I am.

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