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Sun 17, Feb 2019 09:08 AM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "FREE RADIO FREE ASIA ! by Jamyang Norbu (Rejoinder added)"
In my last post I mentioned an instance of how Communist China was flexing its economic muscle to disseminate its propaganda in the USA, essentially through paying for pages of the China Daily to be inserted within the august recesses of America’s newspaper of record, the New York Times....
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Location: Canada
Subject: Say, Mea Culpa!
Nov 29 2012 12:46 PM

Some serious allegations made by Jamyang Norbu, though not as truculently enunciated as that missive from the sitting US congressman Dana Rohrabacher.

Since the Congressman is the one accusing CTA and other Middle Way bigwigs in Tibetan diaspora with that aggressive, almost bullying tone, shouldn't it be incumbent on the part of Mr. Rohrabacher, "Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations" to produce some solid "evidence" which clearly shows CTA culpability, beyond hearsay and rumors? As Woeser rightly points out in her blog, "The Responsibility for the Ngapo Jigme Incident Lies with Radio Free Asia." Before anything, the Congressman should have accosted Ms. Libby Liu who fired Jigme Ngabo.

Anyway, we have Tsering Woeser, Dana Rohrabacher, Jamyang Norbu, all speculating or outright alleging foul play by some members of the CTA. The Sikyong, CTA, and at least two regional communities in North America vociferously repudiates said charges. Who to believe?

I do not always agree with Woeser and Jamyang Norbu, still, they seem much more revealing and transparent then CTA has ever been. In the article "Are the Speaker and Kalon Tripa stifling free speech?" within the article, in the links, you can still smell the "smoking guns" fired off by VIP senior echelons of CTA with their passionate demagoguery, talking down to the common people on what constitutes free speech, chiding the Media, condemning Tibetans who don't tow the party line, etc..

And, although Jamyng Norbu is never explicitly mentioned by name, yet, as anyone who takes the trouble of comprehending Tibetan politics can surely get a good intuitive sense of who or what some of these targets might be.. (pro Rangzen people, TYC, few liberal Tibetan media outlets, secular minded bloggers)

Jamyang Norbu makes a cogent point in stating that "I have long maintained that China has for many years now manipulated policy makers within the CTA", and that he had, "named names, provided details" yet, "have not received any sort of denial or repudiation to date"

If Dharamsala was full of noble and honest politician like Kalon Dicki Chhoyang I could grow to trust Dharamsala over time, alas, her kind seem to be a rare breed, more numerous are the fundies, conservatives, yes men, jackals and opportunists.

We have intelligent people like Woeser and Jamyang Norbu in our community, who resonate with certain segment of the Tibetan population, they have integrity, tenacious in their iconoclastic attempts at policing the Leviathans, (China and CTA) even if they themselves are powerless within the exile power structure.

Would be prudent for Dharamsala to bury the hatchet with these patriots and smoke the peace pipe, for both sides are really two sides of the same coin, right?

CTA need to be more inclusive of people with differing ideas, work with them, share and exchange opinions on how best to carry on the struggle in this difficult time of teenagers setting them on fire.

Please stop making outcasts or persona non grata from the Establishment those who disagree, they care too.

Location: usa
Subject: Dismal of Jigme Ngagpo from RFA
Nov 29 2012 11:17 AM


Location: South India
Subject: Need Proof
Nov 29 2012 08:04 AM

Hi Jamyang lak,
Thanks for the article. If you think CTA is behind dismissal of Ngapo Jigme then you should come up with some solid proof. Merely saying so and writing such things will mislead the Tibetan mass. First it is RFA who fired Ngapo Jigme not CTA so we need to ask RFA WHY they did so. We cannot ask CTA such question. I know that you are critics of CTA and i really hope that in some way you can appreciate the work done by CTA.

Location: nz
Subject: come into my parlour, said the spider to the fly
Nov 29 2012 07:16 AM

This article leaves one with more questions than answers.
Why was TGIE dropped in favour of CTA. Administration is far removed from the interpretation of a Government? NOw Tibet does not have a government, irrespective of if in exile or not. Is it now a Chinese approved Administration. ?
An administrator is selected and appointed, not elected.? Does this make LObsang Sangay position null and void? Not being in the Dharamsala loop, it is worrying that meetings with Chinese have gone on without the wider Tibetan community being made aware.? Was the Government not obliged to officially dissolve, as it changed the name, before it reappointed itself as something else? So many more questions, and the silence from the administrator

leaves one with the saying
:Silence like a cancer grows"
Does the fact that the Karmapa being Beijing approved, have anything to do with the fact that here, the place where I read these reports, the Kagyu lamas never appear on the streets with Tibetan on occasion of protest, that a significant friendship is ongoing with the Chinese community. This place is hand in glove with Chinese. The previous leader of the current government now sits on the board of China's, and the worlds biggest bank, the China Construction bank. The current Govt wishes to see Chinese imports go to $20 billion over the nest 2 yrs. Large swathes of this land have been sold to China. Chinese elite are by passing normal visa regulations. And so it goes on.
Oh what a tangled web we weave.

Location: toronto
Subject: differences
Nov 29 2012 12:02 AM

dirty politics. censorships. intolerance to dissents. what makes us different from china?

Location: ari
Subject: curtail the silencing
Nov 28 2012 09:13 PM

My name is Brent Werner. I haven't talked to him in over a year but I once enjoyed the friendship of Lodi Gyari Rinpoche. I believe Rinpoche is a great Nyingma tulku and a very gregarious and kind man. If, however, Rinpoche tried to silence Rangzen activists, Rinpoche was totally wrong on that account.

I also know Kalden Lodoe. He is a very nice guy. Truly, he's a nice man. I wouldn't exactly call him courageous, though.

Rangzen will be shaped by fearless men and women unafraid of death. Those who silence the voices of Rangzen only proves themselves increasingly backwards and irrelevant.


Brent A. Werner
Virginia, USA

Location: Dhasa
Subject: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
Nov 28 2012 03:04 PM

Jamyang Norbu, claims that he is a pro independent, and one with full of nationalism. But he is just an opportunistic for matters that he values to criticise the His Holiness the Dalai Lama and CTA. And his pen never budge and inch to write against PRC, Do you remember that ? If he is really pro Independent show us the way and lead us or else don't destroy our system which has grown to certain level of success.
RFA's use of Respected vocabulary to Chinese official like Kushab Hujin Tao and just Dalai Lama for His Holiness the Dalai Lama is black and white. Which of couse we can't tolerate when they support Dictators of China more than our self. Many of RFA Staffs are brought up and nurtured by the care of His Holiness and CTA, how could they do that for Us.
If this case and Jamyang Norbu's incessant articles which always ridicules the long time generous service by His Holiness and CTA has no influence from China what else it could be.
I think it's Pro Samdhong Rinpoche's made a right move to safe our self.

Jamyang Norbu, either you are over grown child with genetic disoder, who dreams independence, with no solution what so ever. or you are deliberately instigating within the tibetan society by the influence of PRC.
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