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Tue 22, Jan 2019 10:45 PM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "FREE RADIO FREE ASIA ! by Jamyang Norbu (Rejoinder added)"
In my last post I mentioned an instance of how Communist China was flexing its economic muscle to disseminate its propaganda in the USA, essentially through paying for pages of the China Daily to be inserted within the august recesses of America’s newspaper of record, the New York Times....
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Location: Australia
Subject: Surprise guest!
Nov 30 2012 11:21 AM

This is first time I am finding out Xiao Wuna, a senior CCP cadre and United Front leader visited Dhasa in August this year. I do not see any other agendas of his visit than to brain washing gangkyi heads of the Tibetans in Exile. Don't we realise that he is a part of the regime which continously denounces His Holiness The Dalai Lama and annihilates everything Tibetan.

Location: ari
Subject: the "leader"
Nov 30 2012 11:19 AM

I failed to address the Sikyong in my prior post, below. The below comments of mine go towards those who would expect Sikyong to work towards free expression and germane conclusions in the political world.

Well, back when the Sikyong was just another Tibetan guy trying to be an intellectual, I ran into him a few times in Ari. Mostly, after His Holiness got his medal we were seated at the same table in the reception. His presumptive arrogance was simply astounding. By then I knew a few Khampas, and I found it hard to imagine Lobsang Sangye comfortably amongst them. Moreover, this one-time advocate of TYC positions now touts the softest possible line with the Maoist rapists. What's up with that? Sorry, Sikyong, but your big title is less impressive than integrity would be.

Don't worry. I have no plans to hurt you. I actually am a Buddhist, and especially when someone is irrelevant and silly, I never do more than bite verbally. The problem is, when the elected leader of the exiled population is this ridiculous, it doesn't look good for that pretense of a movement that you call "Umelam."

Bhod Rangzen. Bhod Gyal Lo.

Brent A. Werner
Virginia, USA

Location: Minneapolis
Subject: RFA scandal
Nov 30 2012 10:17 AM

All of us have seen the Congressman letter to the CTA. I always wonder who is behind the congressman letter. This article of Jamyang Norbu clearly indicated that he is behind the congressman to write. How does the Congressman know all the names of the Tibetan leaders?

The US foreign policy stressed that Tibet is a part of China. How is the congressman advocating for Tibet's independence? A strange stich to the US foreign policy!

It is being speculated that Jamyang Norbu la and Muara Moynihan contacted and provided all the detail information including the names of the leaders to the Congressman.

The whole scandal is not about Jigme Ngabo. Nobody including cares if he gets his job back or not. It is about lashing at the exiled government by few people.

Location: ari, Rangzen
Nov 30 2012 08:17 AM

Goal: No just end is achieved without leverage. By eradicating the Chinese economy, Tibet attains leverage to achieve Independence, while the Han Chinese people achieve the discord necessary to bring about a democratic form of government in their own nation of China.

Method: Economic sabotage carried out mainly by Han Chinese freedom fighters in China but also by willing freedom fighters from all lands, including Tibet.

Result: China "degenerates" into an amalgam of fiefdoms. But check closely. Maoists operate like a gang, raping, torturing, executing, and abusing power. If real gangsters take over the fiefdoms, its not better or worse. It depends on the ethics of the warlord. As we say in Ari, they could be gangsta more than gangsters (righteous badarse more than evil). The fiefdoms control their own food supply, borders, and defence. The Maoists have no comprehensive power. Tibet moves simultaneously to attain independence directly and powerfully. China then works to form a coalition of fiefdoms in an emerging democracy.

I know. You are already calling me crazy. But I think you are crazy. You believe in the Middle Way after 50 years without a single tangible productive result.

Bhod Rangzen.

Location: USA
Subject: RFA
Nov 29 2012 11:07 PM


There's a whole lot of hullabaloo subsequent to abrupt dismissal of Ngapo from RFA - razzmatazz from a congressman, Woeser's initial comment on her blog and JN's elaborate article on the subject. In short, I see all of you as freedom fighters. The ball is on Miss liu's court. What's her say?
Ajo Che


Location: Berlin
Subject: Reinstate Jigme Ngabo with full honour
Nov 29 2012 09:44 PM

Although I view myself a political person but I often prefer to refrain myself from indulging in heated and emotional debates like this. But the current debate on and the way Jigme Ngabo was seemingly forced to step down from his position as Director of the Tibetan Service of Radio Free Asia prompts one to articulate.

On the internet there are serious and unserious views both in Tibetan and English languages reacting to the letter of Dana Rohrbacher, US Congressman, to Sikyong Lobsang Sangay and his rejoinder.

As such I welcome the very insightful article by Jamyang Norbu “Free Radio Free Asia” on this website and I would to write my opinion by drawing from my personal experience of working with the RFA and Jigme-la as stringer since March 1997. Although I know that he is the son of Ngabo Ngawang Jigme whom the Kashag called “honest and patriotic” I always have my political reservations on his historic role, but have great respect to his son, Jigme Ngabo, the Director of RFA Tibetan Service, as he never ever tried to interfere in what, when and how I file my report during all those years. He encouraged me and I am quite sure others as well to file reports on various aspects as long as it is sound and verifiable. I have taken this to heart and I am thankful to him.

In my article on Tibetan Democracy I have mentioned his father Ngabo Ngawang Jigme as one those high aristocracy of old Tibet who choose rather to collaborate with the Chinese Regime than the government of Tibet under the reform orientated young Dalai Lama. I am quite sure that he has read my article but sensed no personal grudge. I value this high.

It is easy to talk about tolerance in theory but we all know that it is hard to put tolerance into practice. Jigme Ngabo, however, showed tolerance and openness in his position as Director of the Tibetan Service.

For him the sole criterion is journalistic credibility, in other words, the reporter has to stand up for his or her report. This is for me freedom of speech and freedom of press in theory and practice.

As a Tibetan and a reporter I see that this issue touches two important aspects of democratic governance. I am a person who plays with open card and always stand for independence. I do not know whether Jigme-La stands for independence or Middle Way Approach but frankly speaking as a stringer of the RFA this is of no relevance to me. This is exactly the greatness of Jigme-La as Director of the Tibetan Service.

So much on the person of Jigme Ngabo but this issue has wider implications and I will elaborate more below and share with you some personal experiences. During the TSG meet in Prague, I tried to interview our Prime Minister, Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche, for RFA which he refused on the ground that he does not grant interview with RFA. For a person living in a democratic society in the West, I had no problem in accepting it as I know that the then German Chancellor, Gerhard Schroeder, also did not give interview to the influential German tabloid Bild Zeitung and it is my conviction that the RFA in general and the Tibetan Service in particular is no tabloid media.

However, I would like to take the CTA in protection against this charge as I also heard similar complaints against RFA from Tseten Norbu when he was President of Tibetan Youth Congress. We all know that the TYC stands for independence and the CTA propagates the Middle Way Approach. I also hear complaints from ordinary Tibetans that the Tibetan Service of RFA provides forum to voices critical of the CTA.

It is not right to create impression that the RFA airs more CTA critical voices. An analysis of the RFA Tibetan Service will definitely prove that such assumptions are wrong. The fact is that vibrant democratic societies need critical voices and programs with Jamyang Norbu or others must be seen in this light.

It may not be wrong to assume that both the CTA and TYC (at least some office bearers) see the RFA as an instrument for their official standpoint and forget the value of media that is independent of any state control. Freedom of speech and freedom of information is such an important accomplishment today that in democratic countries media is often regarded as the fourth pillar of a modern state along-with executive, judicative and legislative.

The Mission Statement of Radio Free Asia “is to provide accurate and timely news and information to Asian countries whose governments prohibit access to a free press. Guided by the core principles of freedom of expression and opinion, RFA serves its listeners by providing information critical for informed decision-making."

Although I feel that the tone of the letter of the US Congressman to Sikyong is very unduly, I completely agree with the honourable member of the Parliament that any political censorship within RFA must be fully investigated and Jigme Ngabo immediately reinstated in full honour.
Finally I agree with Jamyang Norbu that Beijing is playing with Dharamsala and it has become “an article of faith” with the Tibetan leadership that Beijing would grant one day “genuine autonomy” if the Tibetan side fulfill all the preconditions China sets.
This will not happen or at least is not going to happen during the life time of the XIV. Dalai Lama, then reaching at a negotiated settlement would require Beijing to allow His Holiness back to Tibet and come to China. It would pose a great threat to the CCP power monopoly. At the moment we see no Chinese leadership with enough stature to risk it. When one day His Holiness the XIV. Dalai Lama would be no more there, Beijing might agree to give “genuine autonomy” and I feel that the Tibetan leadership would not be in a position to win majority in a referendum to support the negotiated settlement as stated in the Strasbourg Proposal.

Tsewang Norbu

Location: 2025MStreet
Subject: Victim of Dirty Politics
Nov 29 2012 08:14 PM

This is really sad to be happening at a time when our young brothers and sisters are dying inside Tibet. I know JN has no smoking gun, but if one studies the behavioral pattern of CTA it will not come as a surprise if it did had an influence in the decision to fire Mr. Jigme Ngabo. As for CTA trying to stifle the Rangzen voices I know that is true. It has always been their policy because they know very well that Middleway and Rangzen are two irreconcilable positions. And guess who else knows this - Chinese government. And CTA under the lure of negotiation by the Communist Party of China may very well have been pressured to do something to tone down the honest (and therefore stronger) voices, especially that of a radio station that has been legally banned by China.

What seems to be absent from all these talks is the official reason as to why Mr. Jigme was fired. I haven’t seen any statement or press release by RFA stating the reason for his expulsion. I am sure Mr. Jigme knows very well and if he has the proof and reason to believe that his dismissal was unjustified, then he has every right to bring a legal action against RFA and Libby Liu.

However, this still will not undo the fact that he has been victimized by dirty politics.

My best wishes to Mr. Ngabo Jigme.

Location: MT
Subject: This- at this time?
Nov 29 2012 06:47 PM

At a time when our brethren in Tibet are giving up their lives( which actually deserves to be matched by a united and matching response by the Diaspora)- this controversial sacking of Ngabo Jigme- dirty linen washing in public place --is most unfortunate and disheartening. If Jigme was a problem, why was'nt he sacked years ago when the situation in Tibet was not so grave?

I do not mean to say that sacking of Jigme was right or wrong. The truth will prevail some day. What frightens me is that this development is heightening the already ugly divide between Lam Uma and Rangzen believers. If CTA's official policy on China Lam Uma, what is wrong with that? If JN la and ilk believes in Rangzen, what is wrong with that? This is the beauty of democracy. British had to leave India not only because of Gandhi ji!

What frightens me is also dirty the hands of vested interest playing politics in the name of HHDL even to this day. Our history, both pre/post 1959 is rife with instances of innocent becoming victims of vicious scheming. Sikyong LS has had a golden opportunity to clean up this vicious aspect of Tibetan polity. Sadly, he seems to be falling victim to forces whose "thirst is not quenched by drinking the sea and hunger from swallowing the mountain"


Location: Dharamshala
Subject: Role of Lobsang Nyandak
Nov 29 2012 04:46 PM

Though i support Sikyong and the parliamant speakers stand, We would like to know the role of Lobsang Nyandak in this whole mess, because he has the old habit of disgracing old and senior serviceman on personal grudges. He has put the Sikyong and the CTA in an awkward position.

Location: toronto
Subject: Jamyang norbu was behind the scene
Nov 29 2012 04:40 PM

The whole article is a crap and Jamyang Norbu has done nothing but create problem in the community. It is now clear that people like Jamyang norbu might have filled the Congressman's ear in issuing the press statement. Jigme la paid price for associating with Jamyang Norbu.
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