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Sat 23, Feb 2019 02:01 AM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "FREE RADIO FREE ASIA ! by Jamyang Norbu (Rejoinder added)"
In my last post I mentioned an instance of how Communist China was flexing its economic muscle to disseminate its propaganda in the USA, essentially through paying for pages of the China Daily to be inserted within the august recesses of America’s newspaper of record, the New York Times....
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Location: Toronto
Subject: Free Radio Free Asia
Jan 17 2013 05:14 AM

This is my third attempt at trying to post my comments, but none are being posted. I wish I knew why.

I also submitted my writing piece to editor of Phayul.com in response to Jamyang Norbu's article on Free Radio Free Asia. It's been 10 days since I submitted my article; no word & nothing has been posted under the latest "Hot Topics".

It would be nice if we could get a response of sone kind as to whether it will be posted or not.

Location: asia
Dec 11 2012 08:20 PM

I love reading your article and I admire you for your boldness and straight forward.Save RFA from CCP

Location: Dc
Subject: Jamyang Norbu mama shi Rii
Dec 06 2012 01:09 AM

Dear Tibetans please don't be fooled by the talkative, chatterbox mama shi rri jamyang NORBU la . At this very critical time, Why he doesn't care more about whats happening inside Tibet rather than just talking shit of internal matter which we can discuss when the truth will come . Bho galoo ........!!!!!!!!!!

Location: usa
Subject: For your information
Dec 04 2012 07:13 PM

Ngopo jigme has a very impressive Bio. He is one Tibetan who is pro CCP Government. We cannot blame him for being that since all his family members Enjoy high position in CCP Government. For his record, he meets with Dalai Lama only once, since he held the position at RFA. Apart from Chinese Government he is the only person who avoid meeting Dalai Lama every chance he was presented. He was missing when Dalai Lama received the congressional metal. Fire employee who displeases him personally. His appointment of staff at RFA was based on Nepotism rather than by merit. Hence, there is no doubt that The Staff members appointed by him are more loyal to him than His Holiness the Dalai Lama… Does Tibetan seriously think we are better off handing out one of most important logistic position to likes of him or should it go to someone who is loyal Tibetans, who can at least read and write Tibetan fluently? After all this station is Tibetan broadcasting not Chinese. Don’t we Tibetan deserve someone who cares about Tibet, Tibetan and most importantly someone who shows genuine respect towards His Holiness? In my opinion, we Tibetan and His Holiness deserve at least this much from a head of our news organization meant for Tibet. Do not forget that His Holiness begged and work hard to make RFA available for Tibetan, not Ngopo Jigme and his handpicked staff members of RFA.
Good Job RFA staff. Your loyalty towards Ngapo Jamey la moves us all and you people know where your bread is buttered. You have allies in the form of Jamyang Norbu. Who is critical of His Holiness, CTA and so on? So the only people in opinion working for Tibet are good are Karma Zurknang, himself and Ngapo Jimey.Rest are working for CCP including His Holiness,,, Bravo Jamyng La.
I am member of RTYC since eighth great. I stand for Ranzen but I do not disagree with middle path and certainly not against CTA and His Holiness. China is doing good job bashing His Holiness and CTA.
However, I am 100% sure RTYC will not agree with jamyang norbu's view on His Holiness and CTA. Therefore, Jamyang la should stop ridding on RTYC's back to write your personal opinion. Do not make RTYC into an ungrateful organization. We are the organization, which is in tune with His Holiness’' vision of Democracy. Nevertheless, RTYC as an Organization surely are always be grateful to His Holiness and will never criticize his policy and of CTA. After all, we all have a common goal that is to free our suffering Tibetan from the clutches of China. It is time unite not divide.
Please pry for our unsung Heroes and for our fellow Tibetan to enjoy basic human rights soon, May peace prevail in Tibet soon.

Location: ari
Subject: re: jamyang norbu lak
Dec 04 2012 09:46 AM

Re: Mr. Norbu and the need to do something, what exactly should he do further? First, the pen is mightier than the sword. The problem is not Norbu or Lhasang for that matter, but a bunch of beach Tibetans who don't know how to fight for freedom.

It is a testament to my love for my late wife and her culture, religion, and nation that I continue to advocate for Rangzen, despite the sheer carelessness and stupidity of a population that seeks to negotiate with the same demons who raped their grandmothers, imprison their children, and torture their Rinpoches.

I invite the exiled Tibetans to get a clue, and while they are at it, to get off the backs of men like Jamyang Norbu and Lhasang Tsering.


Brent Werner
Virginia, USA

Location: MT
Subject: In support of JN?
Dec 04 2012 09:23 AM

I do not agree with many things that JN la writes. This does not mean I should despise him. Secondly what is wrong if there are those who do not agree with official stand of CTA? Even some of the sitting Chithues on record have told that privately they are for Rangzen. Also Katri Lobsang Sangay did not reject Rangzen during his campaign.

What surprises me is some of these concerted attempts by posters like Tsering255, Astoria etc. using laughable comments like JN la being" over grown with genetic disorder" and pleading him" please don't destroy Tibetan society" etc. Such childish expressions against JN la' excellent writings will only prop and heighten JN la's standing and position. You are doing a great service to JN la. If you must contest JN, get to the point, be substantive categorical.


Location: VI
Subject: Talking is also doing
Dec 04 2012 07:59 AM

I think Jamyang Norbu and the few others' talking are doing something.Sharing thoughts and information should always be welcomed rather than responding with some cheap criticism. Unfortunately we have a habit of not letting the mind speak. Is that going to be one of our legacies for the younger generation ? no more please,let people open their mindS in a democratic society.

Location: nz
Subject: uncouth
Dec 04 2012 04:10 AM

Mr Brentwerner, you were married to a Tibetan, that is all. Your approach is uneducated and uncouth, most of what you say is ridiculous, bordering on verbal diarrohea. Direct your attacks toward the US Government they are the ones who have let Tibetans down and created so much false hope in the past. Perhaps if you know Obama personally, you could have a word in his ear.

Location: ari, virginia beach
Subject: dralha's excellent idea
Dec 04 2012 03:37 AM

Dralha (it pains me to say that here):

Well, literally, your idea is quite fine. I nominate Jamyang Norbu to represent me and hereby excise myself from all processes per personal desires and inability.

Seriously, bro, you have an ineffectual, sissy, loser government in exile. They cant get jack done. This is despite having ties to truly admirable men (Lodi Gyari Rinpoche who is a great Nyingma Tulku is one). The problem is the punk arse policy that betrays the Independence that many gave their lives for. The problem is a deluded view that China will "change" through the tathagatha-garbha or some other new age nonsense.

I'm only good for making Tibetan babies. That said, if you know a good Khampa woman....er...wait....my fiancee is an American military officer and she wouldn't approve.

But a new government with a realistic plan to save a nation....that would be swell.

Have a nice day.

Location: USA
Subject: Thank miss Luby
Dec 03 2012 10:50 PM

It is indeed sad to discuss this issue when our fellow Tibetans are suffering so much. We are all discussing a person who from what I heard and am not even sincere towards Tibet. I am sure the staff members loyal to him are appoint by him. They should all know that they enjoy wealth and status because of a radio station meant for Tibetan people not for Ngapo. I think some of them rightly pointed out that Mr. Jigmey and staff members might have enjoyed this radio station like personal property far too long. As far as I am concerned, it is about time we need sincere Leader and better radio personals. If they have problem-serving person who cares about Tibet, they are welcome to leave their post with Mr. Jigmey. I am sure he will take care of you all. We rest of the Tibetan are confident that there are better and more able Tibetan waiting in line to take over the job. I happy that Mr. Jigmey’s Time has ended at a very curtail time. Tibetans are suffering and we definitely need a leader who can support our cause whole-heartedly. Many fellow Tibetans and I are looking forward to new RFA leadership with happy heart. I on behalf of Tibetans who are looking forward to this new change would Thank Miss Lippy for this courage move.
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