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Mon 21, May 2018 02:47 PM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "Sikyong steers clear of allegations"
Sikyong Dr Lobsang Sangay, the elected head of the Tibetan people, today dismissed allegations of his interference in the internal matters related to the Tibetan Service of the US based Radio Free Asia, calling them “completely baseless.” Sikyong Sangay said it is “unfortunate” that the CTA and his name have been “dragged into internal matters...
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Location: New York
Subject: 3 simple Questions
Nov 27 2012 02:49 AM

1. Was the trip that Mr. Kalden Lodoe and Mrs. Liu made to Dharamsala/India on company (RFA) time and account? If so, what specific REASON is recorded in the company files & records?
2. I have a feeling this is in the affirmative: but was the incidence of Mr. Jigme Ngabo’s refusal to endorse the ‘sudden & attractive raise’ for Mr. Kalden Lodoe - recorded in the company files/records? And what resolution did the Mr. Ngabo & Mrs. Liu come to?
3. Did Sikyong Dr S. Lobsang drop in @ RFA headquarters on one of his visits to DC USA? And specifically did he meet with Mrs. Liu? Which other Tibetan officials were present.

Location: USA
Subject: For your information
Nov 26 2012 09:00 PM

Wow, RFA location has managed to assassinate characters of many important people. This cowardly individual has made some serious allegations. I hope you have the proof to back up your long monologue. Otherwise, you understand that character deformation is a serious crime punishable by law, you my dear will land in a serious trouble if any one of those you accused or their family members decided to reports you to the law enforcements or take action against you.

However, here some facts about your esteem individual for whom you are willing to face the law is----

Ngapo Jigmey, enjoy a king like status until now with his loyal subjects. He never attends any important functions unless it is social. He was missing when His Holiness got congressional metal. He avoids meeting His Holiness or other CTA officials. After all RFA is a Tibetan, service not a Chinese service. I have no why he, Ngapo Jigmey is so hostile towards the CTA and His Holiness.

Let us all not forget that RFA was product of His Holiness’ and CTA hard work not Ngapo Jigmey. It seems like he is such a valuable contributor towards our community and society that some of you are willing to criticize His Holiness who has sacrifice and work endlessly since he was 16. Good job… I honestly wish you experts over shine His holiness’ and CTA contributions towards Tibet and Tibetan. Because we definitely indeed of people like you. Therefore, we are hoping Ngapo Jigmey and party will show us what they got, make us all proud. Eagerly, Waiting for that Day….Thanking you in anticipation……..

Location: MT
Subject: Digging deeper into the problem
Nov 26 2012 05:32 PM

Sikyong LS has had the golden opportunity of revitalize TGIE by bringing about more drastic changes like doing away/staying away from plague-some vested interests in our Diaspora polity.

His failures are reflected in the form of compromises in Kalon Selection and failure to make transfer of controversial diplomatic positions where the vested interests rooted- a case in point is the NY.

Added to this, has has to face and compromises with a difficult situation visa/vis Chithu Lhankhang where parochial rot and stink is reflected in the controversial election of Speaker.

Tibetan Diaspora might waste 5 more precious years unless SIkyong takes steps to fill all the bottles with new wine.

Let hope, he will come to sense.


Location: Ith
Subject: baseless accusations
Nov 25 2012 01:48 AM

I completely agree with the clarification statement made by Sikyong. But it seems that a lone black-sheep within the handful of RFA
staffs is solely accountable. Its very unfortunate and sad as its creating unwanted problems with the organisation and draging CTA in. I totally understand and agree with the comment made by " sg569b ". Now, this is what I feel... the CTA should set up a special committee to investigate the whole ongoing ... particularly with that individual. This is very disgrace to the tibetan community as whole.A very dirty self-centered motive is involved.

Location: India
Subject: independent committee for investigation
Nov 24 2012 05:48 AM

The current strategy of the Tibetan leaders to restrict freedom of speech will weaken the grandeur speech they make saying that we have a vibrant democracy in the exile community. Such an attitude of the Tibetans leaders to force people to follow the official policy without any question will make it increasingly difficult for them to be significantly different from the communist leaders. It is like giving the communist leaders lethal weapons to invalidate our arguments that the Tibetans in Tibet are deprived of freedom of any sorts under the communist regime.

It is insensitive on the part of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to bring out his disappointment with those who were not in sync with him on the name change of the Tibetan Government in Exile. I do not believe that His Holiness has any malevolent motives in expressing his disappointment publicly. It was just a sincere and heartfelt disappointment. Nothing more, nothing less. However, such an act could have undesirable effects simply because He is not an ordinary citizen. For instance, such a vague speech, where the group he was disappointed with was not identified, could stoke violence in our community, pitting one group against another. Further, we all know that Sikyong and Chithue Tsoktso immediately jumped onto that speech of His Holiness and used it to suppress free speech. Finally, because of His Holiness's influence in our community, such a speech could be construed as suppressing free speech. Therefore, I hope that His Holiness will watch his speech carefully in the future so that there is no room for misinterpretation as well as no one seizes on his speech to exploit it to serve their personal interests. In any case, His Holiness should rebuke anyone who misuses His speech.

I was quite disturbed by the letter of the congressman Dana Rohrabacher. It would be highly unlikely on the part of Mr. Rohrabacher to write such a critical letter without a serious concern. It would be very unfortunate if the allegations made turn out to be true. The credibility of the CTA is on the line. It is hoped that what unfolded recently was caused by some misunderstanding and nothing beyond that. However, the best way to resolve these issues is to constitute an independent committee to thoroughly investigate the alleged problems. Independent investigation, if nothing fishy is unearthed, will help us retain and sustain the U.S. government help which is critical to our survival. If the Tibetan leaderships are found to be at fault on any fronts, nothing less than severe punishment should be expected. Sikyong’s response to the congressman’s letter makes it clear that the Tibetan leaders are not involved in any way in the whole saga of the removal of Mr. Jigme from his post. So because our administration is built on the foundation of transparency and strong ethical values based on Buddhist philosophy, we are ready for and welcome any kind of investigation by the congressman and his team.

Location: Seattle, USA
Subject: Stay focused.
Nov 23 2012 11:50 PM

Personal ambitions, self serving are some of the reasons that described during wheeling & dealing,by few aristocratic leaders, with China between 1949-'59. As a result, we are still fighting it's consequences after 60yrs.
Fellow Tibetans, please do not let the history repeat itself otherwise we will be in for another 60yrs of struggle against Chinese regime.
Though RFA issue might not be directly related to issue of Tibet but it is becoming huge distraction from our main struggle against China. Every day our brothers and sisters are killing themselves in protest and our focus & discussion should be towards that. We do not need all these side DRAMA to be point of discussion. Be aware of the issue but it would be more productive if we discuss more about our struggle against Goliath, China.
Stay focused my fellow Tibetans & friends of Tibet.
Bhoe Gyalo!

Location: RFA, Wash DC
Subject: The REAL story
Nov 23 2012 06:26 AM

This is the real story: a sad tale of personal ambition and betrayal that would go nowhere without a CTA administration ready to exploit it. The CTA was involved fully.

Mr. Kalden Lodoe maybe had a big personal ambition, but he needed the CTA's cooperation so he could dangle "access to His Holiness" like a golden prize for Ms. Libby Liu's job ambition. He could not do it alone. Sikyong Lobsang Sangay saw this as an opportunity to stage a coup at RFA and remove a huge thorn in his side, ie Mr. Jigme Ngapo's defence of free speech. We all know that Sikyong talks of free speech but threatens anyone who doesn't support him as being against Unity or against His Holiness.

So there was a Cooperation of Convenience between Kalden Lodoe and Lobsang Sangay.

Funny enough: people say that both Kalden Lodoe and Lobsang Sangay had affair with Libby Liu.

Sad. Sad. Sad.

This next information came from High Peaks Pure Earth (not by me) but I agree fully:

As a regular and enthusiastic follower of the Tibetan Service of RFA – over the last decade, I was deeply shocked to hear about the sudden dismissal of the Director of the Tibetan Service, Mr Ngapo Jigme. Under his leadership the tibetan service of RFA has been a reliable and successful channel of news around the globe and especially for the Tibetans in Tibet, who are, as we all know otherwise denied of this privilege of having access to the truth, to an unbias and an undaunting source of information, under the communist regime. Mr. Ngapo Jigme as I’ve gathered, is very well known in our community and wide beyond, for the high principles and democratic values he holds and practices. His personal qualifications for the post of The Director of the Tibetan Service, and the many years of dedicated service is undisputable. Thence this issue of his abrupt dismissal and the very fact that no official and concrete reason has been given, makes it a very disturbing issue and therefore I would like to express my deep concern in this regard. Not wanting to be a silent observer of this injustice inflicted upon a man of honour and in such a humiliating way, ( a disgrace in a land where democratic values build the core and the fundament of the society) I have looked into this issue and made a survey of the matters that very well seem to have played a great roll in this effect. Herewith I would like to present some arguments and proofs gathered, inorder to protest against this most drastic and unjust action taken under the leadership of the RFA President, Mrs. Libby Liu. As a matter of fact it is widely known that – the American Broadcasting Board of Governors ,(BBG) as cost cutting measures in such services as RFA and VOA, have considered reducing the number of officials from the administrative sector. So the RFA President Mrs. Libby Liu, under the threat of loosing her position, gravely started lobbying in all the influential circles, inorder to gain support in BBG. She even paved her way to win private audiences with HH the Dalai Lama, who inturn, is deservingly held in high esteem by many members of the congress. With this Mrs. Liu’s intentions are clear. My survey goes on further, to reveal Mr. Kalden Lodoe, RFA service staff member, who appears to be the master mind behind this whole issue. Realizing the situation and the intentions of Mrs. Liu and taking advantage of it, he mobilized his connections in Dharamsala, in not only gaining private audiences of His Holiness the Dalai Lama for her, but also escorting her in Person to these very audiences, thereby leaving behind a false and pretentious opinion . Here I must mention that Mr. Kalden Lodoe happens to be the brother- in- law of a senior official in the Private office of H.H the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala. This particular official is presently in Washington DC and is assumed to be looking for a job –wouldn’t it be convienient to acquire this presently disputed seat of the Director of the tibetan service – the path seems to be paved free – intentionally or co-incidently! As the word goes, Mrs. Liu issues an order of a sudden and attractive raise of salary for Mr. Kalden Lodoe. Mr. Ngapo JIgme is said to have disputed this favouritism shown by Mrs. Liu and refused to sign this order. So clearly , one more stone paved on the path leading to the dismissal of Mr. Ngapo Jigme. Words from different sources go on further to discuss the other connections of Mr. Kalden Lodoe. Mr. Benpa Topgay a senior editor in the tibetan service of RFA, has been unduly accorded the Interim Director of the service instead of , as the norm usually goes , Mr. Karma Dorjee the existing Deputy Director. Mr. Tseten Namgyal the senior editor is reputed to be better qualified than Mr. Benpa Topgay. But unfortunately they both stand no chance against Mr. Benpa Topgay, who again has the privilege of having marital relationships with Mr. Kalden Lodoe. In clear text, Benpa Topgay is the father-in-law of Kalden Lodoe’ s brother-in-law. A complicated liason, isn’t it?! But it’s a fact. Now a little information gathered to describe the person of Mr. Kalden Lodoe….as already mentioned – the master mind behind the whole issue! In many occasions he is quoted to speak very disrespectfully against monks and nuns in special and offcourse also against his fellowmen. He is said to have referred to monks and nuns as stupid and useless members of the society who make no contributions to the economic welfare of a society. Morals and principles in life seem to be of no value for this particular gentleman. I would like to draw your attention in this regard, to the resonance in his words and that of dictator Mao’s, many decades ago – ’’religion is poison’’. With this in mind Mr. Kalden Lodoe seems to have denounced his monks robes some years back. During the Kalachakra intiation in Washington DC in the summer of 2011, this young gentleman disregarding the norm and the wish of H.H the Dalai Lama, that the monks and nuns rise as first, to view the Mandala, Mr. Kalden addressed the monks and nuns very harsh and disrespectfully and literally ordered them back to their seats. On this very same occasion of Kalachakra, Mr. Kalden Lodoe took it upon himself to ban the Tibetan Youth Congress from setting up an information stand on the compounds of the auditorium. He is quoted to have said that this is a religious gathering and there is no place here for political issues. Taking into account such incidents as this, as an indivisual, one gets to question oneself – what the whole Tibetan Cause is really all about! Isn’t it a shame? Who is this man with an exaggerated sense of self-importance, waving his septor relentlessly in favour of his own personal interests? So my dear friends, I ’ve come to the conclusion that this is a story of intrigue, of lies, of selfish motives and offcourse of manipulation. In other words, a story of an opportunist . History repeats itself once again! Lastly, I should also make a mention of the word that went about recently, about the big amount of monetary donations Mr.Kalden recieved from Taiwan – the cause naturally again –unknown! This prior issue – the dismissal of Nr. Ngapo Jigme, has raised many questions, for instance, Where does all this really lead to? Whats the future of the tibetan service of RFA going to be like? In which direction does it move – that of Xinhua (Official Press Agency of the Chinese regime.) or that of a Free Press,( for that what the service stood for till date)? I’m left with nothing but to express deep concern and disappointment!

Location: U.S.A.
Subject: Jigme Ngapo's forced resignation
Nov 23 2012 06:26 AM

1. If Sekyong is not lying let there be full investigation and let the chips may fall as they are. Then we will know either Sikyong or Congressman is right.
2. If the U.S. congress makes full investigation, we will know why and who forced Jigme Ngapo to resign.
3. The culprits must be brought to law and justice.
4. Let the public know the roles of Sekyong, Gyari Lodoe, Lobsang Nyandak and Kalden Lodoe in this mess.
4. Most importantly free and independent nature of RFA must not suffer.

Location: nz
Subject: support
Nov 23 2012 05:17 AM

There should be a loud call in support of the suggestion submitted by tibetusa. By staying closeted in your offices only futher gives the impression of a divided Tibetan community. China's iron fist grows ever tighter which is only adding fuel to the flames, flames they cannot extinguish, no matter what measures they impose. Tibet is now a beleaguered nation with tension running so high, things will explode one way or another very soon

Location: Seattle
Subject: It's High Time....join us
Nov 22 2012 05:07 PM

I am glad that Sikyong Lobsang Sangay has responded to the letter from Congressman. We, Tibetans, should to divert our attention from bigger issue at hand....our struggle against Chinese regime. Let the internal investigation take its course.
Meanwhile, I would like to urge Sekyong, all Kalons and Chitus to join the rest of Tibetans in protest. Why is it that we do do not see their faces whenever there is protest rally ? Those who have given up their lives are not asking to pray for their souls, but we must, they are rather asking us to rise up against the Chinese regime. We need to see your leadership during our protest and rally against Chinese atrocity against our fellow Tibetans in Tibet. CTA's stand on "middle way" does not prevent you all(Sekyong, kalons & chits) from mass protest demanding international support against China's policy in Tibet.
At this time we can certainly afford to leave the administrative duties of CTA on back burner in the hands of junior staff who are equally capable to manage. Step out of your offices and lead us in the streets of New York, Europe, Delhi............
If you cannot hold our National flag(independence), atleast hold the pictures of those who died and lead us It will surely send a strong message of solidarity not just in prayer for the souls of martyrs but also for the demands of our martyrs.
It's high time....join us.
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