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Mon 27, May 2019 03:00 AM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "Self-immolations crisis: who is to blame for the stalemate?"
Although the number of self-immolations is rising at an exponential and very disturbing rate in Tibet, the crisis is gradually reaching a stalemate. With no change in the horizon and less attention being paid by foreign media and governments,...
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Location: Kathmande Nepal
Subject: Self-immolation
Dec 10 2012 07:03 PM

the term as such sounds complicated, with all due respect for the martyrs it is a horrible death...I think the tension between the outside pressure of denying culture is too much, as well as no hope of change. But we are all to blame it has to stop all these precious human lives, so much suffering. It is suicide. if anyone knows of anyone with such projects prevent .Until there is peace. I pray it stops!!!

Location: Ari, US of Tibet
Subject: what to do
Nov 28 2012 02:09 AM

By EVERY mean necessary, BHOD RANGZEN.


Location: virgin island
Subject: Self -immolations
Nov 16 2012 08:25 AM

It tears my heart to see yet another innocent tibetan burning to death everyday and CTA on their part coming up with no effective action to find a solution to stop and save the lives these young tibetans(real paos and pamos) other than organizing a vigil.Obviously,that is not working nor helping.It is a very serious situation and those at the helm do not deserve and can not get sleep at night. How can they ? If they are worthy of the title like sikong or what ever, it is time to analyze the demands of these martyrs and start working on fulfilling their wishes for which they gave up their lives. It is not one or two, we know how many of them have burned themselves and we all know clearly what their wishes are.Today's tibetans can not afford to be and are not yes men like our parents. They are educated and demanding. I know some of you politically correct kind of people will not agree with me and I will disagree with your kind, so do not bother to convince me. It is time to be real, feel the pains of our fellow country men burning in blaze. Let that fire light our minds particularly those at the helm and empower our leaders to put some sacrifice and save the lives of the young innocent fellow tibetans.

Location: nz
Subject: Udem chen
Nov 16 2012 01:56 AM

Look at Sikyongs latest comment it does reflect almost exactly what you wanted, which is a step in the right direction. I am sure that up to now CTA has been politically pandering to the USA in the belief that they will come ot our aid. USA does not want to challenge Beijing so directly. Sikyong must realise the CTA is the representative of all Tibetans. The mountains do have a physical appearance but they do not divide Tibetan inside and outside Tibet. It is a hard stone to swallow when one realises one has been duped

Location: new york
Subject: who is to blame for the stalemate?
Nov 15 2012 12:18 AM

it goes without saying that CCP is the perpertrator of this genocide leading to the self immolations in tibet. but the question is: who is to blame for the stalemate? i'm not interested in any blame game but the reason is off course the the lack of leadership, no guidance and direction. so i think forget the sikyong and please let his holiness do his religious duty to the world. if japan really is with us and we should all get ready and go all the way to the end. japan ex prime minister can say that because he is not in power right now but without power can he get japan to back us all the way?

Location: Land of the frustrated
Subject: CTA and The Failed Policy
Nov 14 2012 10:49 PM

HHDL himself has already acknowledged that Middle way policy has been a failure. Watch here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=se-opBHJbb0

Then why is the CTA still clinging on to a failed policy?

Tibetan people should think very carefully who they elect next time to the highest political office and to the Tibetan Parliament as well.

If this sort of policy and inaction by CTA continues then those who have stronger convictions will be compelled to open a new front in our struggle. A front that will no longer heed to CTA and will not recognize CTA as a body that represents the true aspiration of the Tibetan people. It is in danger of becoming the cause of disunity within the Tibetan society and of its own downfall. More and more people are losing faith in the CTA and are frustrated by its impotency and unchanging behavior. CTA should wise up while there is still time and support from the people.

CTA should be commended for its achievement in the last 50 years with regards to education and economic uplifting of the Tibetan refugees. But now we are into the 3rd generation of exile Tibetans. Less and less people are economically dependent on CTA; rather it is more likely the opposite situation is true, that the CTA may not be sustainable without the financial support of the exile Tibetans from all around the world. So now the CTA can and must concentrate on one and the most important task, which is to be the spear-head in our life and death struggle and commit towards fulfilling the TRUE ASPIRATIONS of the vast majority of the Tibetan people, which is to regain our Independence and return His Holiness to his rightful place in a Free and Independent Tibet. Anything less is unacceptable.

Location: Italy
Subject: Proposal
Nov 14 2012 01:56 PM

I very much appreciate this effort to try to understand from facts what is going on.
Taking as reference the list of the immolated people called "Tsampa Revolution" on the site of Rangzen Alliance. If I am not wrong, I would notice that the current wave of self immolations began the 16th march 2011, a few days after His Holiness announced His resolution to relinquish political powers.
The next immolation occurred in August 2011, the month Dr. Sangay assumed officially office as new Sikyong.
From August 2011 there was no single month without an immolation. With peaks on march 2012 (11), august 2012 (7), october 2012(10) and november 2012 (13?) ... the relation with the events is what highlighted in the article.
If chinese repression continues to intensify, what will happen till march 2013?
This is a very hard test for the tibetan government in exile, will it grow? Show leadership, identify goals? Show and invent non-violent actions?
The energy of the people in Amdo and Kham has to find a different way of expression that unites them all and gives them a perspective to be united in the future as a people.
This is a very difficult task.
I have just an idea about this ...
Maybe all the tibetan people could make the decision of not eating meat anymore taking upon themselves all the consequences that might occur. This would be a form of generosity towards the herds. The suffering that comes (ilnesses etc) would be a way to burn bad karma.
This would be an act of love very difficult to maintain ... but I think the message will be very strong. No other people has ever done this before in history.... the way of living on the tibetan plateau will never be the same, there will be a before and an after. And this will not be imposed by an external power ... but by the tibetan people themselves ...

Location: America
Subject: Thats What I Feel
Nov 14 2012 07:10 AM

Thats what i feel everyday. I trusted Dr. Sangye will effectively handle Tibet's situation. He said during campaign that he know and have lots of contacts with Indian, Chinese and Western govt. He also implied that his knowledge of International Law will help further Tibet's cause. What happen now? I am getting tired of your Joke and speeches (Almost always same). If you want my vote next time, do something; Show direction and LEAD US.
Please Please Please. I am so depress. Tibet is without Leader if you don't lead.

Location: ktm
Subject: action
Nov 13 2012 02:43 PM

i agree with Mr Christophe Besuchet articles, he is indeed true that our brave brothers ans sisters who sacrificed their life were certainly not asking us our only prayers, they wanted to heard their voices to the world, please lets take some step to make the world to hear our voices, where ever in the world we are, just knock the door of chinese embassy or consulates, dont lie back, it is time to unity and action now,

Location: Canada
Subject: Who is to be blamed?
Nov 13 2012 11:38 AM

Thanks for your detailed and precised article regarding this drastic actions of self immolation in Tibet. When you ask who is to be blamed for the stalemate? Ans is: The Autocrat regime of China is to be blamed for all these self immolation, it is because of their stubbornness and cunning policy to erase everything that is Tibetan and to get hold of it permanently. As you can understand the huge concession or sacrifice given by the Tibetan government in exile by accepting to live under China's rule if the genuine autonomy is granted for the greater Tibet. What else we can do to bring China on the negotiation table? when this world is just blind and obsessed with China's big market, they are all hypocrites, knowing not that they are creating an act of complicity by making the tyrant regime in China grow more powerful. So, China is to be blamed solely for all this sufferings in Tibet, no one else.
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