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Sat 21, Apr 2018 05:34 AM (IST)
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A certain defensiveness is settling over the elected leadership of the Tibetan government-in-exile (TGIE). The self-immolation crisis in Tibet and the resignations of the Tibetan Envoys have placed extreme pressure on the TGIE...
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Location: virginia, usa
Subject: good news!
Oct 15 2012 12:32 AM

There is good news. It is not as bad as some of us think. It is bad, but not as bad as some intellectuals say.

Let me make a religious comparison. (;

When you emerge from Avici hell, you are grateful for rebirth as a flea.

In much the same way, the Maoist policies create Avici on earth. Even if the CTA is a bit like a flea (annoying and unable to either hurt the wolf, or change his behavior) the flea is practically a bodhisattva compared to the lords of Avici.

Perhaps I have been too harsh. Naivete, after all, is not a crime. Genocide is. However, when political naivete impedes genuine efforts to eliminate genocide, many questions are raised.

The flea has become irrelevant. How shall we set a trap for the wolf?

Location: India
Subject: Tibetan Administration stifling free speech
Oct 11 2012 08:01 PM

Democracy? What democracy! When free speech is being stifled! It's all a big farce.

Location: virginia, usa
Subject: making threats
Oct 07 2012 09:38 AM

I must first say that His Holiness the Dalai Lama, whom we all revere, would not even like it if you threatened a genocidal Chinese rapist soldier. Therefore, I really doubt that His Holiness will appreciate his self-proclaimed devotees threatening their countrymen over free speech.

Let me now say that any Tibetan who makes threats against his countrymen merely for disagreeing peacefully, has clearly taken one too many pages from the Chinese Maoists.

Further, a "man" who relies on superior numbers to intimidate his political opponents or detractors into silence is utterly laughable.

At times, I can be critical of CTA, just as I can be critical of my own government (during the Bush years I did nothing but berate the good ole USA!). I have been quite critical of Lobsang Sangye and I openly advocate a greater degree of freedom than seems popular in some Tibetan circles. However, if you think this means I am less devoted to His Holiness the Dalai Lama than you are, I suggest you begin actually studying Buddhadharma instead of inventing your philosophical theories on the basis of McLeod Ganj gossip!

I have noticed in many cultures...that the most "pious" folks...often understand the actual philosophy of their faith the least. Perhaps there is some correlation between blind faith and bigotry?

As far as threats go...I am laughing my buttocks off. You people...who are so "peaceful" and "compassionate" with the Maoists who rape your women, torture your lamas, and murder your leaders.....you're so quick to threaten your own countrymen just over a matter of words? Your anger seems a bit misplaced. Or displaced. (I'm no psychologist).

In any case, if you don't like my viewpoints, do feel free to threaten me. I recognize that you're a refugee, living with a government that has no tangible plan to get you back home. So, if threatening me enhances your sense of power, or masculinity, or hope, or whatever....it's fine. I can take it. I won't even retaliate. As long as you don't swing.

Location: Seattle
Subject: What a shame
Oct 06 2012 10:21 PM

It' a shame that so much contention within the exile community continues while in Tibet brothers and sisters continue to suffer. Isn't it time that Tibetans in exile, living with freedom stop arguing amongst themselves and get to work?

What does it really matter what name the exile government operates under? They continue to go unacknowledged as legitimate to the rest of the world anyway. This petty argument matters only to Tibetans in exile.

The same is true of Kalon Tripa, sure he's met with a few world leaders, they are being kind and patient and paying lip service. He himself has demonstrated no leadership whatsoever, and often appears as a bumbling fool, western education or not he is ineffective. What then matters in a name?

When the Tibetan people stop worrying about offending the Dalai Lama who I believe truly wants the robust discussions inherent in democracy and will not fall apart if people don't agree with him. Do you think him a fool? He knows that the majority of Tibetans don't agree with the middle way and never have. And he has given opportunity and encouragement for them to say so on several occasions, but the majority refuse to speak the truth. And so the middle way continues as a failed and broken policy.


Location: new york
Subject: losing the action in the view
Oct 05 2012 01:50 AM

Dralha la, i think only the truly liberated one can have that vast and spacious a view as the ocean. mere mortals like us should keep a more balanced view lest end up deluding ourselves and accumulate more karmic cause and effect.
tibzeela, tsokpa 14 is more reminiscent of chikdrel tsokpa of the 70's. anyone different, having a differnet views is perceived as threat and source of conflict and need to be controlled or silenced.

Location: MT
Subject: Dralha la- Please revisit the article
Oct 04 2012 10:09 AM

Drala la,

At the out set let me quote" a new group has SUDDENLY formed, called Tsokpa Chuckik". I repeat Suddenly.

This attracted my attention. If these 11 sub-groups are Dhasa based, I am sure they have representation in the Spl. meeting. Why not express their right of speech in a more organized and professinal way than creat a ruckus and steal the lime light of this important NATIONAL gathering? In what context does such a SUDDENLY organised Tsokpa fit here? And with what motive? That is what I call dirty politics.

You accuse me of being like a dictator.Fine.But how does this accusation find a place of relevance in the context of this discussion? In fact it is Tsokpa Chuchik-like and ilks who manifest dictatorial mindset. History is witness to their mindless work of nibbing at bud promising scholars, thinkers, writers, politicians - cream of post-59 Tibet- etc. at the behest of vested interests. It is this malice in our polity that has bogged us down for centuries. China has enjoys the last laugh!


Location: Mn
Subject: Big open mind as ocean
Oct 03 2012 09:39 AM

Above some comments are a sound like dictatorship. Every Tibetan has right to express his or her own point of view on any matter whether some ones like or not. If Tsokpa Chukchik want to challenge with some ones’ false accusation, and it, whoever they think, is detrimental in way of their lives, they have equal right to do so. If they have plane to debate in any way or even take them court to make sure the truth prevail, they have fundamentally right to do so, and it is ethical value of free society. If you concentrated these people are bad or accused them, you are making restriction on free of expression. Your idea is no better communist ideology. I say your action is more like way of dictatorship does. Our rules are open, and our government has big open mind like ocean. If you want to write or post comments, it is totally up to individual and do it respectfully without fear. But, if it is useless, then it will go down to bottom of ocean without problem. If it has some point regardless of disagreement or not, it will be respect and used.
Anyway, how can you say that group of people confined overnight to form to smack a dirty politics? My sense of humor is that these people probably run up and down all night to form the group, ha, ha, ha. What dirty politics? So, even though I respect your freedom of expression, I must say it is nice if you can go little further than your narrow mind and check what is more right than wrong. Also, no one does repulse your freedom, and matter of fact, we welcome any comments even it is contradictory to a truth of any matter. Any writing helps to gain stronger society any way, and I encourage you to keep writing what you believe. So do I on my part. Thank you. Have a nice time.

Location: India
Subject: straight to the point
Oct 02 2012 06:00 AM

I must say Brent Werner’s comments are a mirror reflecting our socio-political exile world.
I think you are sincere & your words are not just a rouse nor do they smell fishy or maoey.

Location: MT
Subject: CTA is world based, not Dhasa based!
Oct 01 2012 08:31 AM

Dralha la,

You have concluded your otherwise well written post by giving a big shabash to Tsokpa Chuchik.

Tibetan Diaspora is now spread to all over the world- is aswell reflected in the representation of Tibetans in the special meeting.

Now: If group of people confined to Dharamsala , overnight forms a Tshokpa and steal the lime light of the Spl. meeting, it does not bode well in democracy. It smacks dirty politics.

Emminent post-59 scholars like Dawa Norbu, Jamyang Norbu, Tsultrim Kelsang , Alo Choeze etc. became victims of these very Dhasa based zombies.


Location: virginia, usa
Subject: re: Dralha
Oct 01 2012 04:52 AM

I appreciate your sentiments, and am sure they emerge from a deep sense of patriotism. I disagree quite a bit. In my experience (and I do have some experience in Dharamsala) Tibetan society is crippled by convention, undue deference, and a notion that disagreements foster division. In fact, healthy debate and disagreement is the only way to advance accurate understandings that can benefit the people.

Church and state must be entirely separate. Where writing or speaking does not violate a law, it should be respected and protected. This includes vulgarity, obscenity, etc. For example, if I am so repulsed by certain of the current Kalon Tripa's tactics that I choose to call him a behind-muncher, that is my freedom and my right, whether its dumb, or whether you disagree. I am breaking no law.

Societies do not advance on the basis of the status quo. For example, in my nation, the utterly unconventional and daring approach of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr (both politically and spiritually) allowed African Americans to get rights.

The daring tactics of the American Indian Movement, despite interference from the COINTELPRO program and the same government oath-bound to ensure Native rights, helped indigenous people make progress.

There are endless other examples.

Any restriction on freedom of expression and speech weakens your nation, and you are already far too weak.

I hope you consider these viewpoints.

Bhod gyal lo!
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