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Sat 28, Nov 2015 04:10 AM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "Addressing a Future Kalon Tripa Vacancy"
Now that His Holiness has devolved all his political powers and the Kalon Tripa is the political leader, the time has come for Tibetan democracy to adapt to the fact that the Kalon Tripa is truly in charge. This includes developing the necessary back-up structures to provide for what is called “Continuity of Government”, or COG....
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Location: virginia, usa
Subject: chuckling
Oct 03 2012 11:46 PM

I can only say this is pretty funny stuff, all things considered.

I have been caught in error. It does happen, as I haven't achieved any of the bhumis in my last several million lifetimes!

I am sorry that I assumed the Harvard degree endowed Sangye la with those skills. I hope I am right, but I could be wrong.

I do not know what to think any longer. I may occasionally post, but am considering commenting less frequently. I feel the situation is so hopeless - a big dream of compromising with the Maoist devils with no practical plan of actually achieving that (less than desirable) goal. I want to do something useful with my time.

Therefore, I'll be resuming my practice of martial arts so that, when the Maoists invade my country, even if they confiscate our weapons, I can charge blindly into a high-ranking delegation and teach them a good lesson before they can even draw their pistols.

Death never scared me. It's the Maoist habit of torture and rape that I fear! That being the case, I might as well go out in a way that decimates a few of the high ranking genocidaires, while ensuring my own prompt, painless, and planned excursion to Dewachen!

If the Kalon Tripa permits, I'd like to be cremated in Dharamsala, which is as close to a Free Tibet as the current version of CTA is likely to get.

Location: nz
Subject: abstract
Sep 20 2012 07:31 AM

Sandnam la. I am not sure where you found the abstract. Comment was based both upon the article and the discussion viewed . Reliance has fallen again to one man and his skill or lack of it in directing the Tibetan in exile and the day to day running of this community, to directing the Tibetan struggle in a world wide forum. This requires both a well organized mind and one that is able to think outside the square. Verbal gaffs have been common so far in this 1st year, as putting out statements that will bind a community diverse in it's geographical sense as well as how it sees progression with the struggle against China, need a delicate touch.Politics are a delicate matter, the law is very sinsinct, to the point and is based on strength of how the case is presented. Strength in kid gloves is what is needed here, especially as there is no other political party, i.e. opposition as is the case in all democratic systems. Until the Tibetan system is reviewed, as the article suggests, we have to make the best of what we have.

Location: Germany
Subject: simplification of point(s)
Sep 17 2012 09:28 PM

Omze la,

What you said were too abstract for me. Mind simplifying your point(s)? Thanks. BTW, is that a response to my comment?

Location: nz
Subject: legal training
Sep 17 2012 07:32 AM

Legal training requires the mind to follow a clear path through the process of analysis, deduction, conclusion. It does not necessarily equip the individual to engage successfully in the poker of politics. Being a Government without a country is a unique and unenviable situation and reduces the political leverage to zero. Hopefully when Tibetans are back in Lhasa, the experience of today's management will stand it in good stead and the mistakes will have already been made and rectified. We should see this period as a good training ground for the future when we are in charge of our own destiny.

Location: Germany
Subject: contesting Brent's assumption
Sep 16 2012 09:22 PM

Brent la,

“Lobsang Sangye has achieved a lot by getting a Harvard education. I can only pray that his experience with analysis, logic, and creativity will help him realize the utter stupidity of his plan (or lack thereof).”

You made an assumption, perhaps a wild one at that. You assumed that Harvard education has equipped Dr. Sangay with strong analytical, logical, and creativity skills. It shows that you are a nice person because you think so highly of him and his educational degrees. Irrespective of how he utilizes his skills, you think that he possesses all those skills. I have the greatest respect for Dr. Sangay, especially for the office he holds. After all he is our elected leader. Any individual can disagree with his policies, but he sure does deserve respect from every Tibetan soul.

However, I would like to contest your assumption. He has not demonstrated that he possess those skills that you assume he possess. Let me know if I have missed anything in the last one year of his leadership and in the last 10 years of his time at Harvard. For instance, has he published articles in top tiered journals in his field? It would be helpful if you could enlighten us on the foundation that enabled you to arrive at such an assumption.

I must, however, admit that he does possess some knowledge that is declarative in nature. That is, he memorizes and remembers what he read in the books. Memorization and/or recalling certain historical facts are at the bottom of the pyramid of Bloom’s taxonomy. Such a skill is considered a lowest order thinking skill. Higher up in that pyramid are comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation skills.

Let me be clear. I am not claiming that he lacks those higher order thinking skills. My point is that he has not demonstrated those skills as of today in any way, shape or form. So, I would let readers draw their own conclusions about whether or not Harvard education has equipped Dr. Sangay with those skills.

Location: virginia, usa
Subject: really?
Sep 15 2012 09:04 AM

Genuine autonomy is posited. It is posited without a legitimate plan. It is posited without a realistic strategy. It is posited without any sense of accountability or measurable timeframe.

This is a total joke to any semi-educated western observer.

Lobsang Sangye has achieved alot by getting a Harvard education. I can only pray that his experience with analysis, logic, and creativity will help him realize the utter stupidity of his plan (or lack thereof).

No need to worry about a backup to your Kalon Tripa, when almost no one in your governmeent stands for anything politically possible, and the whole apparatus is laughable when it comes to the real need for progress in Tibet.

At least be honest, and admit you have no plan to change the reality inside Tibet, and simply focus on preserving Tibetan culture in exile, enhancing education, healthcare, and business opportunities, providing qualified individuals immigration assistance, etc. I would respect that honesty more than the pretense of progress in the absence of strategy.

This is NOT an insult to the Tibetan people. I love you, and you deserve better. So, demand it.

I also love His Holiness the Dalai Lama. So many Tibetans died for Him, for the nation, and for the people. I think they, like me, would be sick at the current situation. Clearly, the Chinese are to blame for the atrocity. But CTA is responsible for acting efficently and intelligently to bring a change (if not freedom) to Tibet.

I am not interested in condemning any man or woman. I am stating my perceptions bluntly and frankly in the hopes that CTA can do better, particularly for some 5 million Tibetans still living under the gun, and the cattle prods of the enemy.

Best of luck.
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