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Mon 22, Oct 2018 03:07 AM (IST)
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Dharamsala, like all political centers, is awash in games. Nevertheless, I hope that a more mainstream audience will hear what I have to say, considering the merit of my points rather than my lack of power or prestige....
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Location: virginia, usa
Subject: replies
Aug 27 2012 09:32 PM

I understand that most Tibetans seem to shy away from violence. I also shy away from violence.

I am a great admirer of the post-Mecca Malcolm X (after he left NOI and embraced the brotherhood of all humanity, while still opposing oppression). Here are two pertinent quotes of Malcolm's that are quite relevant to the discussion, and to the typical Tibetan mentality:

"If you're not ready to die for it, put the word 'freedom' out of your vocabulary."

"I don't even call it violence when it's in self defense; I call it intelligence."


Tibetans should demand CTA deliver a charted, timed plan of action within one year, and be held accountable for delivering results, including countermeasures for any failures. This must continue until a resolution. CTA should stop fooling their own people, and Lobsang Sangye should use his fancy American education to lead his people somewhere other than the all-too-useless status quo he currently pursues.

Location: MT
Subject: Change - a must
Aug 27 2012 05:54 PM

Thanks a lot. I do agree that over the years, CTA has lacked behind in involving and giving importance to professionals and scholars. A Tibetan exile born in 1959 has reached retirement age as of to day,but only last year, we could elect a Harwardian as our Katri, who too ,unfortunately seems to be bound by dictates of the traditionalists. I Lobsang Senge la do something confidently and bravely, but , as the Tibetan proverb goes- from the way the cow is struggling, the calf wont be a healthy one.

I do agree that we can do much better if traditionalist stop interfering. I am 100% sure HH too is looking for such a situation. Unfortunatly deterents are firmly rooted and we have problem within.

I disgree that guerilla war fair kind of is an option. Education and Tibetan instillation of Tibetan territorial loyalty need to be taken care of for a while.


Location: nz
Subject: new direction
Aug 27 2012 01:42 PM

With words as "surrender" and "wait for the new Chinese leadership" coming from Katri, all the comments so far are both valid and require a new direction with the words A Free Tibet firmly at the helm. The Syrians have found constructive support from like minded neighbors. There is a strong enough anti communist group if one combines those in Russia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Mongolia. It is just a question of uniting and using tactical knowledge, etc. Leave the word "surrender" behind

Location: San Francisco
Subject: A sense of urgency is needed
Aug 27 2012 03:18 AM

Thank you Brent for this inspiring article, it inspired me to write here. I think we are mired in inaction because we are confused. Taking myself as a confused Tibetan, I can say that confusion arises because I think there are only two ways to take our country back: throuh violence or non-violence. I can't take the violent route because I am smart enough to know that to win a war of this magnitude I need total preparation: a charismatic military leader, united men, ample supply of arms and ammunition, a good communication channel, and an excellent plan. Sadly we don't have that. Now I am left with the non-violent way, which to me means following what Gandhi did: protests, hunger strikes, spreading news of Free Tibet etc., which we are doing, and have done for all these years without any effect to the people concerned, the CCP. To the communist leaders a pocket full of resistance here and there doesn't mean diddly-squat, they can crush out such resistance with their might just as they have done in Nepal and now encroaching in India. So I am left with nothing to do.

Then His Holiness gives us the Middle Way approach, which is only outlined in terms of the broader aim of freedom in Tibet for all Tibetans without independence as a country. What does middle way mean? How can I translate this into my day to day activity to gain freedom in Tibet? Does it mean we can be violent on a lesser scale? Is self-immolations a part of middle way approach? Does it mean by giving up my right to trade with other countries, I can now go back to Tibet and make my living there as a free man doing business within Tibet? Obviously CCP doesn't want Tibetans coming back to Tibet so they totally disregards His Holiness' Middle Way approach.

What is the plan now? We need think-tanks and community meetings with brainstorming sessions to come up with a succinct and executable plan. We need our leaders to instill in our people a sense of urgency. Bhoe-Gyallo!

Location: virgin Island
Subject: Independent Tibet
Aug 26 2012 07:42 AM

Giving up our Independence was a huge mistake and I wonder what did we gain from that. Was that a trade or sacrifice? Something to think about and revive the spirit of Tibetan Independence among the new generation to remember so many of those great Tibetans who gave up their lives before and after 1959 for Independent Tibet.

Location: virginia, usa
Subject: re: omze and tradition
Aug 25 2012 08:59 PM


I do appreciate that you Tibetans are fighting back in a best effort that accords with your traditions. That is exactly my point. Your traditions aren't working. Keep up the best effort, but note that traditions can always be changed. If I had to choose between embracing a more comprehensive revolutionary strategy, and dying off in a traditional manner, personally I would move to evolve and survive. The best way to end your traditions is to get wiped off the face of the earth, I might add. That is exactly what happens if you don't develop a genuine revolution, whether non-violent or not. You WILL be exterminated.

Note that you are fighting an atheist, brutal, sub-human regime with no regard for Chinese lives, let alone Tibetan lives. You need new and better strategies. I say this because, unlike world governments dependent on Chinese money, I care and have no vested interest in these Communist barbarians.

In my article I outlined several steps that may help; namely, conferring with various, independent experts who will tell you the truth regardless of the foreign policy of other governments. Meet for one year. Develop a plan. Then, rise up and resist - conclusively.

Good luck!

Location: nz
Subject: increased activity
Aug 24 2012 05:13 PM

In traditional Tibetan way we are fighting back as best we can. The self immolations, increased protests inside Tibet and general activity outside Tibet is obviously frustrating the Chinese. It is as a running sore that won't heal for them. However it does lead to an increase in their brutality, arrests and disappearances hence the vicious crackdown. How long the suffering can go on for is up to those inside and as long as we support them in every way possible. One thing I puzzle over is if autonomy means letting the millions of Chinese in Tibet remain and also if the proposed increase in migration will be allowed.

Location: NYC
Subject: Well-said & thought-provoking
Aug 24 2012 02:40 AM

This is a well-written & thought-provoking article. I hope the CTA leaders are reading this & have the courage to change the current policy. Lobsang Sangay was elected on a platform of change but so far he's pursuing the same policy & same program that the CTA has done for the last 20 years.

If the CTA won't change the policy or their pointless planf for dialogue, then it's up to us Tibetans to make the change. His Holiness the Dalai Lama gave us democracy. Let's use it. In the next election, vote only for a candidate who will support Tibetan independence & who will support a plan for achieving that goal through direct, non-violent action.

The only thing I would add to Werner's excellent article is that guerrilla wars historically take a long time to succeed & usually by themselves don't win against conventional forces. Mao learned that lesson when his CCP beat the KMT. It took the CCP almost 30 years and it was won only through a combination of guerrilla & conventional war.

Location: Dzachuka
Subject: Psychologically Speaking--
Aug 22 2012 12:48 AM

Problem # 2 was the main psychological barrier of our govt EVEN back in Tibet in the 1950s.
Problem# 1 exists – That is quite obvious. For many it is the comfort of good old tradition & psychologically the SAFE way. It also avoids any true accountability and responsibility. The dependence & trust in His Holiness has been manipulated by some in position of power. One will be in trouble not for the failure of their mission but for their attempt at some new unofficial approach to our mission. So better play safe.
All other reasons for the Tortoise being run over - Too compassionate, too enlightened, flying high with incredulous goodness become nice camouflage to #s 1 & 2; I think

Location: U.S.A.
Aug 20 2012 10:32 PM

An introspective article, which needs consideration by the Tibetan Administration.

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