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Mon 18, Feb 2019 07:55 PM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "Rise and Rise again until the Lambs in Exile Become Lions!"
Things are happening in Tibet today that rip my heart apart. Independencelessness has always been one of them. Back in 1985 at Bodhgaya we were reassured by the Dalai Lama that the dawn of independence had arrived and that the sunrise of independence was a matter of minutes....
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Location: nz
Subject: peace4all
Sep 11 2012 04:57 AM

The book is freely available, the passage I refer to is at the end."Across Many Mountains"

Location: Minnesota
Subject: for omze
Sep 10 2012 10:13 PM

omze la,
may i know the name of that book? thanks

Location: nz
Subject: American comfort
Sep 04 2012 07:54 AM

This year I read a recently published book by a young quite well known Tibetan. I was shocked, that in the final chapter, the writer made it clear they would not return to Tibet when it is free, because the life in America was to good to relinquish. This perhaps is thought privately harboured by more Tibetans, especially those in the comfort zone of "political careers"

Location: MT
Subject: Boot them out
Sep 03 2012 07:05 PM

In Garuda's categorization, except 2, rest can be ingored for they are all well meaining ones.

It is category 2 who should be booted out in 2015 election. Not an easy job though! This gang has been able to establish a hegemonistic rule- so well rooted in our community that the challege to boot them out is immense. Like a mafia, their members are spread across all key positionss- from CTA, Chithu to New York to Japan, major settlement heads. Their selfishness is manifest with almost all of family members holding political posts.

Katri Lobsang Senge, in whom I laid big hope seems to be succuming to this gang's pressure.


Location: virgin island
Subject: independence and democracy
Aug 21 2012 08:48 AM

It certainly seems that now the lamb in so many of us are turning into lions roaring from different corners demanding from the red dragon what rightfully belonged to us, Independent Tibet

Location: New York
Subject: Tibetan Admin. Service OR Motely Cru
Aug 20 2012 11:58 PM

The never questioning faithful holding onto their safety net, career politicians with a lot to lose should the boat be rocked, the rare independent thinkers without a safety net and oh yes a Katri who callously disses his electorate base to appear cool to his peers.

Location: New Delhi
Subject: Perplexing
Aug 19 2012 02:28 PM

I agree somewhat with what Garuda has mentioned about the types of citizen that we have in our community. There is another type, should I say the fourth.These are the ones with the political aspirations without mass support, but who wanted to place themselves on those chitue seat. So, what would they do? Use some popular NGO and give some rhetoric speech. And when the election comes,put up there names. They are the chameleon of history. When they work for these organization, they advocate RANGZEN. But once positioned inside, they remain more or less mute.

Regarding Lobsang Senge, he loves bashing Shichak Mentality. Earlier it was CHIKDREL, SARTOE AND RANGA RANGSO. Now that he is Kalon Tripa, he loves ridiculing these people from poor settlements who has put him high office. Lets see what he is going to say in days to come.

Location: here
Subject: 3 types
Aug 18 2012 05:22 PM

There are three types of people, more or less, in Dharamsala's political scene.

1) Basically religious people who are so devoted to HHDL that they would never even think of applying logic to a political situation, if they are even educated enough to do so.

2) Self-seeking egomaniacs who realize they can accumulate more power and influence by adhering to autonomy than by doing the difficult (and just) action of charting a new course.

3) Politically astute, creative, and independent thinkers who support Rangzen and are more or less criticized, ostracized, and left alone save for the support of the youth and a few like-minded friends.

I have nothing negative to say against HHDL. Indeed, how could I? But only an idiot thinks a national movement can depend on one individual.

I do have something to say about Lobsang Sangye. Unfortunately, my Tibetan friends, you ELECTED this self-seeking political coward, so afraid to resist China or ANYONE. He represented the worst possible option. Since you weren't intelligent enough to research and see through his innumerable ploys, I hope you won't whine when he accomplishes nothing. Because he won't accomplish a darn thing, politically speaking. You'll be lucky if he strengthens the CTA coffers and brings better tsampa to Himachal. But I have good news.

Politically, the exiled government is completely irrelevant. Nothing but a grassroots struggle that utterly ignores Lobsang Sangye and his administration's irrelevant and cowardly stance will change anything.

Ignore your government, with neither interest nor hatred for them. Act independently and boldly to execute a new strategy. When you garner the support of the people and expose CTA as irrelevant, outdated, elitist, foolhardy, and incompetent, then ironically, CTA will begin to change.

Good luck, friends!

Location: nz
Subject: more bite
Aug 17 2012 12:14 PM

From where I sit, sadly thousands of miles from Tibet, this piece certainly has condensed, what I suspect is the views of many. Tibetans Achilles heel seems to be the reluctance to stand against the approach that was mapped out by His Holiness. How this was truly constructed,and with how much influence from the west particularly the U.S. only he and possibly a few others know.It has served the West well, being a political pawn to push around this game of chess that is being played out with China. It seems the reward for this appraised passive response has been the support Tibetans in exile needed. Money, accolades, education etc.The problem is now with China 's influential position , is how to effectively proceed in trying to free Tibet. Certainly Words from Katri like "surrender" and more dialogue, and intensify the worlds awareness" as well as being offensive to the Tibetan heart post more time wasting and the stance of a lame duck.
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