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Sat 07, Dec 2019 01:06 PM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "Time to change Middle-Way Policy: TYC"
Tibetan Youth Congress, the largest pro-independence group in exile, has called for a change in the Central Tibetan Administration’s official Middle-Way policy, which seeks autonomy for the Tibetan people....
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Location: india
Subject: middle-way is a way forward
Apr 13 2012 06:22 AM

i am sure every Tibetan in and out is patriotic. no matter what policy he or she holds.lives are sacrificied for the freedom of the nation not for mere selfish needs. they see hope so they sacrificed their life. onus is on us tibetan outside in freeland. To fulfill wishes of Tibetans in Tibet. unity is all we need. But, TYC has called for change in the central Administration`s official middle-way policy, i would be interestered to know why they wanted to. if they really wanted to, why dont they changed TYC to political party and stand for election and with mandate of people can change CTA`s middle way policy in democratic way then propagating. The fact is most the former elites of TYC are now MPs in CTA even our present Kalon Tripa. These are same people but in different shoes. Those who strive for freedom movement never change their principal once in life in their struggle. likes of Gandiji, churchil and Matin Luther King are example. Our kalon is clever when he wronly quote churchil which was actually by one historian, that when we were young we had heart and brain as we grew old as pointed by Christope Besuchet to support his change of track from independence to middle-way. i see same risk even in TYC now. As and when some one change his principal in whatever circumstances in his movement can safely be termed politicians. it be noble of TYC with political party with intact principal and idology then being namesake politician. my heads of to Lhasang Tsering and Jamyang Norbu being true to themselve. Even thought i always subscribe to middle-way approach never been a member of TYC. To be aware of what chinese govt proclaimed to have given genuine autonomy to us is just 1.2m sqkm and what we ask for is 2.3msqkm. we need to assert our case here. At present world scenario, when nations are coming in groups like BRIC, ASEAN, SAARC, EURO ZONE, G20, i dont find wrong in being together with China if we are provided genuine autonomy. I regard highly of Shingsa Rinpoche when he said unity and co-operation is need of time then the futher unnecessary division among pro-independence group and Middle-way group in their movement even thought he himslf calls for independence.

Location: nz
Subject: put it another way
Mar 17 2012 05:07 PM

Put it another way, if a policeman, well aquainted with the law, is shot by a thug whose actions are premeditated and outside the law, the law, or his knowledge of it, in that instance will not save the policeman. Only if the thug can be caught and brought to trial ,can the law be effective. That needs a sound Judicial system that stands without bias or favour.

Location: nz
Subject: International law
Mar 17 2012 12:59 PM

The games between China and other Nations are trade games, one rule , economic growth. How does Tibet, or Tibetans hope to be players with our land occupied by an intruder. All of Tibet's wealth, and bargaining power has been stolen. More Tibetans should familiarize with international law, I agree, but balderdash would it do any good when dealing with China who flouts the law.

Location: US
Subject: International Law - Geopolitics
Mar 17 2012 02:03 AM

Omze - I'm sorry to say I completely disagree with you. Tibetans DO need to better understand not only international laws, but geopolitics as well. You cannot intervene in a system, change laws, or be effective with any movement for Tibet if there is no understanding of why and how things work on an international level.
Calling on Karma only works if you happen to believe in and live by the rules of Karma. Otherwise it is ridiculous to expect that leaders of any nation are going to change the rules to suit your idea of karmic law.
What is consistently missing in Tibetan strategy is that no one who represents Tibet seems to realistically comprehend what motivates relationships between nation states. You have to know the rules in order to play the game and or change the game and right now no one on Tibet's side seems to understand this very simple fact. I have yet to see anyone SFT, TYC, CTA or Rangzen demonstrate knowledge of geopolitical underpinnings to inform an out of the box strategy that will create forward momentum in the Tibet struggle.

Location: USA
Subject: Main steps in the public policy process
Mar 12 2012 06:32 AM

Whenever a long-standing policy of the government needs changing, there are four typical and main steps in the public policy process: 1 Identifying a problem, 2 Formulating a policy, 3 Implementing the policy change, and 4 Evaluating the result.

It seems TYC has done some work on process # 1, but this is the beginning of the cycle and without a through research, testing, debugging, evaluation, pre-implementation test run, again debugging and may be a final evaluation. After these steps of process TYC should come out with policy documentation, few independent nations’ support and then request Kashag, TPiE, CTA and Tibetan people including HH Dalai Lama for a policy change.

I think, this is the correct, sustainable, educated, error free and with least consequence way to change any long-standing policy of the CTA.

Location: nz
Subject: International Law
Mar 10 2012 08:18 AM

I just read a comment stating that Tibetans ought to familiarize themselves with international law before it can engagethe UN and China in constructive change. Balderdash !!! China is one of the 5 key members of the UN, signed up to all manner of human behaviour, all of which is not worth the paper it is written on. Toilet paper. The regime flouts international law, even it's own constitution. The West has continued to woo China by giving it the Games, the motorshow, Expo amongst other things, in the belief that it fall into place along with the rest of the world. The UN and world governments have shown irretrievable weakness in ther ability to deal with China. Why is China not expelled from the UN? Why are sanctions not considered? an endless list of questions. These are man made laws, they are ineffective with China. The natural laws, the laws of Karma, the laws of causes and conditions, are probably our only hope in kicking China out of Tibet.

Location: Mn
Subject: Be honest what they meant to call
Mar 10 2012 03:05 AM

Yeap. TYC should also replace Kalon Trip Lobsang Sangye-la by Mr. Jamyang Norbu, and then relocate his administration somewhere in New Delhi or somewhere else beside Dharamsala. That way we can achieve much better unity among of Tibetans including Tibetans inside of Tibet. By the way, all of their callings were to turn H.H to Tibet and free Tibetans from cruel communist rules. Be honest, there are so different meaning of words between Rangwang and Rangzen. Our true heroes who sacrificed their lives for cause of our nationality know real lasting solution to bring the best interest of Tibetan people.

True Tibetan
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