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Mon 19, Nov 2018 08:41 AM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "“Beat a Tibetan, get extra credit,” shout Chinese students"
Over 3000 Chinese students went on a rampage Wednesday night, beating Tibetan students and breaking into their dormitories and class rooms in a Chinese vocational institute in Chengdu....
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Location: New York
Subject: "Beat a tibetan, Get extra credit" Why???
Jan 16 2012 04:11 AM

we must focus on why things have been becoming worst for tibetans in chinese occuppied Tibet/
in recent years despite all the apparent global support for freedom of tibet, the chinese communist regime has stepped up its cruel and in human treatment of tibetans in tibet, placed extra ordinary pressure on the governments of nepal and india to curtail activities of tibetans in those countries and make it harder for the tibetans to escape chines occupied tibet, or even india and nepal to come to the united states to fight for freedom of Tibet?
please post responsive comments and begin and open intellectual discussion on the possible causes for this change...

Location: Asia
Subject: Chinese govt using innocent students to protect the Chinese Regime
Dec 19 2011 11:09 PM

Just like Mao used Students as Red Guards to protect his power, He used the students to tortures the teachers, learned to protect his power just like that the Chinese govt using the Chinese Students to fight against Tibetans to protect their powers. This is how Chinese dictators work.

Location: bangalore
Subject: Given vent to Chinese worries
Dec 19 2011 09:16 AM

Ausssie Tib, in the garb of being a China hater is infact venting China's worries about ant-China political developments in South pacific, Burma, Vietnam etc.

A China hater can not be Buddhism hater. Tibetans are left with little choice than following the Lam Uma. When the right moment comes, we can always change our stance.

Location: Down Under
Subject: Who is trully deluded?
Dec 18 2011 08:05 AM

When I use the word Chinese I refer to the people and the government because they are one and the same. The Chinese hate Tibetans. They have a deep and abiding distrust and antipathy towards us. The government fosters it and the Han Chinese people, embued with a chauvanism which has become deeply ingrained over many centuries, further it. As China rises, from the Chinese perspective, thier superiorty is being proven. Tibetans have become brainwashed by Buddhist idealogy into believeing that "love & kindness" will overcome the Han Chinese nationalistic and xenophobic hatred of the Tibetan identity. Tibetans need to base thier approach to dealing with this existential threat to not only our culture but our ethnic identity more rationally and less philosophically. Our devotion to His Holiness has led to an approach to our struggle confused by religous dogma and leftist idealogy. We do not need to be a beacon of peace, justice and virtue. That job is for the peoples who can live without fear of extermination and persecution. The single goal that we must have is the liberation of our nation. In exile we do not have a sense for our desperate the situation in Tibet is. Where as the Tibetans in Tibet do. They set fire to themselves and Tibetans and supporters in exile debate whether it is a sin from a Buddhist perspective. That is a perfect example of the misunderstanding of the situation by most Tibetans in exile. If it takes bloodshed, we must spill it. If it takes calculated and dishonest political maneuvering we must play the game. The world is becoming rapidly polarised, with the US reasserting it's position as a 'Pacific Power' and readying itself to stand toe to toe with China in the region. India is drawing closer to the west and away from it's neutral cold war stance. Tibetans in exile must do what we can to place our cause advantageously in this new dynamic and not according to our moral compass but our national interest. Some may argue that Buddhism gives you omniscience etc., but the evidence is stark in regards to Buddhism's ability to help in the political arena. The incident at this school is the tip of the iceberg in regards to the Chinese hatred of Tibetans and our response in exile must be to respond accordingly not with religious rhetoric.

Location: New Delhi
Subject: Like government, like people......
Dec 17 2011 10:49 AM

In the year of 2009, Hun people have stromed over Xingjang peoples and the same thing repeated in the month of July, 2011. Now they targeted Tibetans. I wonder, why always 'Huns'? And I wonder what sort of ideas they are pursuing.... On the night of 14th December, those 3000 Hun students didn't even hesitate to destroy the school properties, as well as the cars of their teacher. They also injured some policemen or armys over there. Who could do that until there's a big gaint behind them.
A Hun student has written in his blog 'our slogan is loud and clear, "beat a tibetan, wear the uniform, earn some extra credit". Can you imagine how they values the llives of Tibetan? Just for some extra credit! This is how they treats us and this is why we are protesting.....


Location: Bangalore
Subject: Beijing running out of ideas!!
Dec 17 2011 10:48 AM

I must thank Woeser la for making news available to us.

First of all must thank Woeser la for making this news abailable to us.

I agree with Tseda that the cause of this ridiculous situation has it's roots in China's helpless attempt to quell Tibetan peaceful protest. Beijing is runnning out of ideas: they cant afford to use force, nor they can afford to show tolerance- they thus end up in buying the stidents with gifts of crdits in their examination. Is'nt this stupid? The whole world is watching.

Location: Toronto
Subject: Trouble caused by the regime!
Dec 16 2011 10:02 PM

What a racist slogan " Beat a Tibetan, get extra credit" This indeed is caused by too much of brain wash by spreading wrong views on Tibetans by the bloody autocrat regime in China. We Tibetans don't have such sense of violence, hatred and racist views, it because we Tibetans have a compassionate leader HHDL who taught us to believe in non-violent acts, so we remain peaceful always. These Han student are very unlucky to have thugs as their leader.

For instance if we are guided by a violent leader, we would say " Kill a Chinese, it is worth building a stupa" if such is the case, Chinese Hans are no match to fight against the red faced brave strong people of Tibet! Chinese are very lucky at present, because Tibetans and Mongolians became peaceful people by the grace of our compassionate leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama! Otherwise we could just rub them to death!

Well whatsoever, it seems that their days are numbered now by seeing these stupid behaviors!

Down with a chinky racist Han Chinese students!
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