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Sat 07, Dec 2019 12:32 PM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "CTA's clarification on Kalon Tripa's comments in New York in May"
This is a scanned copy of a letter from the Department of Information and International Relations of the Central Tibetan Administration, stating its position regarding...
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Location: Bangalore
Subject: Samdong Rin & Dogyal
Oct 06 2010 09:07 AM

I watched the DVD in full with the hope that with the release of his New York speech in full content, Samdong Rinpoche's controversial statement will be laid to rest. I am saddened to come to this conclusion that the release of his speech in full has not helped in any way to give a "clean chit" to the honorable Prime Minister. In fact it amounts to another" self-goal" on the part of CTA.

JN la is just an individual scholar. His responsibilities as a scholar and writer are confined to his realm of life. Samdong Rinpoche is the Prime Minister elected by the Tibetan Diaspora. His words and actions reflect Tibetan nation. He can not afford to conclude his speech with such irresponsible comparisons. What makes him so forcefully raise the Dogyal issue when it has almost vanished from the public psyche of Tibetan politics? By resurrecting the Dogyal issue in a public forum as wide as New York. Samdong has done a big favour to the Dogyalwalas. This smacks of his sympathy to the Dogyal group- an issue that was raised years ago by some the Kasurs.

Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Subject: The justifying context of higher emptiness
Oct 05 2010 03:11 AM

CTA's response to Jamyang Norbu's post on the controversial statement made by the PM is rather puzzling. Not the faintest argument is provided, not even an attempt to deny Norbu's analysis. The reader is instead expected to watch a full 40-minute video in order to appreciate "the context in which these comments were made." Not much of a clarification if you ask me.

For those who are new to the subject, the controversy took root in a concluding speech delivered last May in New York by Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche, the current prime minister of the Tibetan government in exile. At the end of his address, he talked about the challenges faced by the government and warned against Tibetans advocating independence or calling for genuine democracy in exile society; according to the PM's own words, these people are "a bit more dangerous than the Chinese Communists.”

Understandably, Jamyang Norbu's post provoked the ire of many activists and triggered a large number of comments on the author's website — enough at least to force a clumsy reaction from the government. For the prime minister's allies, and seemingly for the CTA as well, Jamyang Norbu had misinterpreted Prof. Samdhong's statement: as long as the PM didn't put together the words "Rangzen activists" and "more dangerous than the Chinese Communists”, the remark was acceptable.

Now I ask you this: is acceptable really tolerable? No matter whether the prime minister was referring to all Tibetans advocating independence or only to a small number of them, no matter in which context this remark was made, it is absolutely intolerable and inexcusable to associate any Rangzen advocate with a regime that killed between 60 and 80 millions of its own citizens and that robbed Tibet of its independence, of its cultural heritage and of one-fifth of its people.

We are talking here about the most repressive regime on earth, about a government that engage itself in the illegal trade of prisoners' organs and forced abortions, about the largest forced-labor camps network ever conceived, and about a totalitarian machine that puts at risk the entire Asian continent. How can a representative of the Tibetan government decently compare devoted patriots to such a dangerous organization of tyrants?

Unfortunately, this is not the first of Prof. Samdhong's irresponsible branding. In September 2008, on Al Jazeera's "People & Power", the prime minister had rashly labeled Shugden practitioners "terrorists willing to kill anybody" and accused them to be "very close to the PRC leadership." But in his crusade against what he wrongly views as an opposition to the Dalai Lama and as a threat to "National Unity", the prime minister has only himself to blame for the greatest damages: by demonizing and marginalizing some segments of the Diaspora, he has alienated himself from many Tibetans, including some of his strongest and most devoted supporters, and has left an indelible stain on Tibetan democracy. Today, there is no exaggeration in saying that Prof. Samdhong is the prime factor responsible for a growing loss of confidence in the government and for political divisions within the Tibetan society.

Less than a month ago in the European Union, EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding linked France's crackdown on Roma (Gypsy) migrants to World War II roundups of Jews, gypsies and others by Nazis. Although her anger was justified, the comparison of French President Sarkozy's controversial drive to expel ethnic Roma to the deportation of 76,000 Jews from France during the war was unacceptable and extreme. As a result, the Commissioner was forced to apologize for her "insulting remarks".

There is a good lesson to learn here for Tibetan democracy and for all Kalon Tripa candidates. Apologies are, after all, the first step towards accountability, and I can't think of any good reasons why a Tibetan prime minister shouldn't be forced to comply with such a healthy procedure and publicly apologize for such an indecent and devastating statement. One thing is certain, though: the kind of clarifications made by the CTA on this issue is an insult to our intelligence and will definitely raise more questions on the government's genuine interest in the diverse political views that exist among the common Tibetan people.

Location: Tokyo
Subject: Clarification????
Oct 02 2010 12:23 PM

This is no clarification.

I listened full length 4 times.
Rinpoche said it.

Is CTA trying to tell us that "yes Rinpoche made those allegations".
If not, why would they post the video without giving any explanation?


Location: Toronto
Subject: and????
Sep 30 2010 07:04 AM

and how is this changing anything he said. He said it and we need to know who he is referring to if he is not referring to Rangzen advocates? Who are these people who are neither Middle-pathers nor Rangzen advocates? And how are they more dangerous than Chinese and Dhogyal worshippers? What this video does it hide it in between other sentences. This changes nothing.

Location: usa
Subject: too late
Sep 29 2010 07:18 PM

When you are a high official, your words are considered to be serious and well thought out. Therefore you cannot say certain things even if it is in a context that seems to mitigate those certain things.
And if in the heat of the moment and in the grip of passion, you say something that is wrong, the honorable and right thing to do is to offer an apology and a clarification. Nothing that any Tibetan has done in the last 1000 years can compare to what the Chinese have done in Tibet.

Location: Canada
Subject: Complete story
Sep 29 2010 07:12 PM

Scholors like Jamyang Norbu should not pick up selective part of the speech to interpret the meaning out of the overall context underwhich the references are made. I hope this will help JN rethink and I am sure he will ask many of his friends, especially senior Tibetans to listen to the tape again to explain to him under what context the SR made the comments. I am sure JN learned a lesson, as I know he is wise and intelligent.

Location: BRI
Subject: Selective presentation can simply mean lying
Sep 29 2010 12:12 PM

Selective presentation, sometimes, amounts to act of lying

I doubt Jamyang-la, given his impeccable personality as freedom fighter, will ever lie. But I must say selective presentation can amount to the act of lying. Hence the fine demaracating line needs to be well taken care of. More despicable are those young Tibetans, who play up Jamyang Norbu-la's personal interpretation to settle their own scores against Katri Samdong Rinpoche and TGIE.

It is good that TGIE has released a full transcript and link to video recording of the talk that impregnated an article with a glossy title "Dangerous Liaison". Hope Jamyang Norbu-la and others read this carefully and not create unnecessary dissension among Tibetans.

Now please don't go the Sherlock Holmes' way of doubting the authenticity of the DVD recording and playing up new detective stories.
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