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Thu 23, Jan 2020 01:20 PM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "First Tibetan General Meeting commences in Bylakuppe"
The First Tibetan National General Meeting began here this morning at the largest Tibetan settlement located in the south Indian state of Karantaka....
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Location: canada
Subject: thank you rinpoche!!!
Aug 30 2010 09:58 PM

thank you samdhong rinpoche for leading us two steps back into the past, instead of the future!!!! what a visionary!!!

Location: Bangalore
Subject: VOA's coverage disappointing
Aug 29 2010 04:00 PM

The coverage of this meeting by VOA Kunleng was most disappointing. Firstly, due to some technical glitch, the sound quality was extremely poor, secondly while the U-stang Dialect reporter did not have much to say, we could not understand what the Amdo Dialect reporter was saying. I can understand the importance of having an Amdo dialect reporter, but at the same time a meeting of this nature has more relevance to the Diaspora listeners which was defeated this time around.

Location: Lha Gyal Ri
Subject: Need for such a meeting
Aug 28 2010 07:53 PM

I believe that the need for such a meeting as this "Tibetan General Meeting" shows the inefficiency and the redundancy of our current Chitues (MPs). The views and greivances of the general tibetan from around the world are supposed to be brought to the Tibetan parliament by our chitues and debated there. But I think most of the Tibetans dont even know who is representing them in the parliament and I dont think the Chitues are also doing their part in making themselves more accessible to the general public, except for flashing their batches and pushing through to sit at the front during the Dharamsala ceremonies.

I think this has now created the need to call in the members from each community/NGOs to pool in the views of the masses.

I think its due for a shift in either the Chitue seat allocation or the very mindset of our Chitues.

Bhod Gyal Lo

Location: Bangalore
Subject: Blame game again?
Aug 28 2010 08:30 AM

I was expecting that this important meeting would commence on an auspicious and upbeat note so that the delegates will feel enthused and feel free to express their views freely to churn the proverbial milk to harvest maximum butter.

Unfortunately once again Samdong Rinpoche's arrogance and ambiguity once again shadowed mood of the inaugural day. Both the inaugural speakers, Speaker Penpa Tsering and Katri Samdong made no attempt to hide their "blame game" in justifying the failures of their policies.

Mr Penpa Tsering went out of the way to mention with special emphasis that though this meeting is being called at the behest of HH the Dalai Lama, it has no legal basis and the conclusions are not legally binding. This is an affront to the institution of Dalai Lama. He could put it in a more respectful and refined manner.

Samdong Rinpoche's speech, comprising of six headings was mostly an attempt to justify his policies and 10-year tenure. Blasting those who aspire to seek a better live in America or else where, he was blunt to label them as being lot of "lazy", "greedy" and "unTibetan" Tibetans. He also repeated the most hated advice that --young Tibetans should be happy to succeed their fathers' trade of farming and live a simple life instead of running after modern life. ( for details, read Tibet Times)

Location: Bangalore
Subject: Learn from the past mistakes
Aug 27 2010 10:19 AM

The Special Tibetan Meeting of 2008 at Dharamsala, supposedly called at the initiation by HH's Private Office to discuss a wide range of Tibetan issues, later morphed into a single agenda Lam Uma and Rangzen, further deeping depth of division of the Diaspora thinkers. The single outcome of this lavish meeting seemed to justify Lam Uma. That is all.

Many eminent personalities of Dharamsala agreed in private that the actual wishes of HHDL were not fulfilled by the Special Meeting. It is a pity that meetings of this nature are invariably represented by settlement leaders ( Gyapons,. Chupons ) most of who are illiterate and unknowledgeable. They are propone to be manipulated by the cunning and the cynical(C&C). Even if there happens to be some participants who are knowledgeable and worthy, they are not only out numbered, but are often deliberately ostracized by the C&C. I hope this so called First Tibetan General Meeting will not meet such a fate.

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