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Thu 23, May 2019 06:44 AM (IST)
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Location: Kathmandu
Subject: Ngapo
Jan 13 2010 02:20 AM

Three cheers for Shri Vijay Kranti for bringing out the truth about Ngapo.

Our Chitue should demand that the Kashag withdraw its praise.


Location: Kathmandu
Subject: Ngapo
Jan 13 2010 02:08 AM

Isn't our Kashag of the Tibetan Government-in-Exile aware that Ngapo tells one story to us (including to the Dalai Lama's representatives) and tells another story to the Chinese? He's been living all his life as a two-faced scoundrel!

Location: Canada
Subject: Proof us
Jan 07 2010 04:28 AM

The contempory Tibetan literature shows clearly the he is a traitor and if Kashag can proof them wrong, do share that to the world otherwise it should withdraw the statement, which knowing RInpoche well will never come.

Location: Kathmandu
Subject: Ngapo Ngawang Jigme
Jan 06 2010 09:25 PM

Traitor! be gone from the face of this earth. You pollute our air as well as its dirt.

And as for the Kashag, don't you smell the foul air he left behind?


Location: New York
Subject: Let's make our Chitues speak for us!
Jan 06 2010 07:44 AM

Tibzee, has got interesting point. Let's get our chitues (representatives) on board and have them oppose the motion in the next session. Tibetans in europe can ask europe chitue, ari and canada tibs can ask "chang ari" chitue, and tibetans in india, nepal and bhutan to their respective chitues. If they represent us, let's see how can they not do it. lets put 'mangtso' at work! Who knows this may mark the beginning of "accountability" to the public by khasag which is hitherto missing in our exile democracy.


Location: Toronto
Subject: Unbelievable
Jan 05 2010 01:47 AM

It is clear to me that TGIE is no longer speaking for the Tibetan people. It is following on the footsteps of Ngapo. IT is merely trying to see if somehow it could make some improvements over the mess Ngapo left behind. We all know Ngapo sold everything. All the lives lost on March 10, 1959 were for nothing.

Didn't we already renounce the 17 Point Agreement? What is going on?

Why are we not screaming out loud and pulling our hairs?

Location: Dharamshala
Subject: Ngabo is a traitor!
Jan 05 2010 01:45 AM

Vijay Kranti is right! Tomorrow professor Samdhong Rinpoche will say Mao is the best thing to have happened to Tibet. I think this man is is too arrogant to be wise I am sure the statement on Ngabo being a patriotic comes again as Kashags compromising and Appeasement to China. Come on we tried everything to appease the Chinese and yet the Peace Talks are going nowhere.

Location: Sun Prairie
Subject: Dralha-U.S.A
Jan 05 2010 12:24 AM

Dear Dralha,
you have tried an interesting argument on Vijay Kranti's article.I have read his article.It makes absolute sense to me because I am of the same view about Ngapoi almost as Vijay's.What I did not clearly understand is your point of argument.It would be nice to hear your views in little more than just a sound bite.Average folks like myself do not get a clear picture of your points of view,unless you are a bit more precise and to the point.Your comment seemed little like searching a needle in a hay stake; hard to understand what you are getting at.Prove that Ngapoi was hero to us.Don't just say something without a strong base to prove it.Every thing you have said is just a wool gathering and does not make much sense.But I admire your openness to your thoughts,and had the courage to express the same.Keep up the spirit.I mean it.Do not be afraid of being on the other side of the isle.
I think you did the right thing by saying your thoughts in the way you see it right.So is the same with my point of view using the same token of freedom of expression.So give us what you have got about Ngapoi.I am all ears for you!Looking forward!

Location: USA
Subject: Traitor or Patriot
Jan 03 2010 11:24 PM

I fully agree with Mr. Vijay Kranti's comments. Diplomacy does not befit in this situation. Kashag must fix this before it does more HARM THAN GOOD.
Also, do not compare Ngabo, the traitor to Panchen Lama.

Location: USA
Subject: Welcome but no need to regard
Jan 03 2010 10:16 AM

Mr. Vijay Kranti's article is base on the piece of previous unstable Jamyang Norbu's article which I found most of his - Jamyang N's- writings are baseless. We, Tibetans, always welcome any one's pinion or express on our cases but we do not need regarding it unless it is fact founding matter with our cases.

Again, Ngaboe did what he needed to be done as unwillingly praise giant communist regime and saved probably lives of million of people. Whenever, he got chances, he attempted to push further and further to keep our culture, tradition and religion alive under this arrogant atheistic law.

Approximately around 1982 or 83' there held biggest policy changing meeting so called biggest meeting 12 of communist rule. At that time, Ngaboe-la spoke truth about how Tibetans left behind in any occassion compare to Chinese people's livelihood changing from the poorest to richer. How careless Chinese communist regime for Tibetan people and its autonomous regions whether it is education level, living standard matter and any thing else in Tibet. He called to improve all these areas with praising Chinese communist as this powerful and united country. He, of-course, spoke for Tibetans term to term with his best power. Later on, this evil communist regime changed his(Ngabo) power to so called political advicer(Chapsi Drotsog). however, Ngaboe called this communist regime again to respect 17 point agreement which all Tibetans deserve to have Geniune Autonomy under the framework of people repuplic of China.

So I never heard any bad word that Ngaboe said about Tibetan or Exile governmnet as Tibetan clique or separatist. Ngoboe is a patriot, and I have no doubt that his family keeps his legacy continually to contribute our Tibetan case with no matter what some unthinkful people say or not.

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