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Mon 20, May 2019 12:42 PM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "Ngabo — Yes Tibetan, No Patriot"
The death of Ngabo Ngawang Jigme has stirred emotions on both sides of the Himalayas. While the official Chinese media carried flowery obituaries and praised him for his contributions to the Motherland, the Kashag of the Tibetan Government-i...
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Location: ARI
Subject: Ngawang dhenpa
Jan 13 2010 12:50 AM

Ngawang la please discern the facts that make you think that this greatest traitor of our nation was a "unsung hero." Your comments reveal a serious lack of integrity in your person and reek of propaganda.
You should understand that Tibetan students are not indoctrinated with ideologies unlike their Chinese counterparts.We have the absolute right to make undiluted observation and reach a conclusion that is free of any bias.
Using Budhhist principles as a tool in your argument is 'Foxy' and absolutely pathetic.I'm sorry, but I must say, "I am a Tibetan First and a Buddhist next."
For all of us Tibetans, Mr.Ngabo was a Traitor and nothing else. TGIE is only carrying on it's policy of appeasement with it's declaration of Ngabo as a Patriot. For me, our TGIE has lost all it's credentials to be regarded as one.
We need new ideas and actions to deal with our enemy which I'm most certain that the present TGIE will never propose nor accomadate.
Bod Gyalo!Free Tibet!Death to the Commies!

Location: Toronto
Subject: Hey Tsesang
Jan 12 2010 10:57 PM

Hey Tsesang from the land of Snow,

What are you trying to say here. That all the Tibetans who escaped from the Chinese bullets are traitors for not defending their country. You can count yourself as one but not the rest of the Tibetans.

Perhaps you don’t know, almost everyone who fled from the Chinese had lost not only their land but also their loved ones. Both my parents had lost almost their entire family. Trying to preserve yourself in times of crisis is not cowardice or treachery. Ordinary people are not in position of influence. But when pushed to the edge they will defend themselves. Do you not remember, it was ordinary Tibetans who came out in droves on March 10, 1959 to protect HHDL and the Tibetan Government. At which time Ngabo was busy assisting the Chinese soldiers locate His Holiness in the summer palace. Who knows what would have happened if he was successful.

Misusing your power and position by selling your country and inviting the enemy is treachery of the most serious kind and deserves nothing but death sentence.

What kind of approach are you talking about. You only have to look at the present situation in Tibet for the result of that approach. Are you satisfied with the present situation in Tibet?

Sorry Tsesang, being ignorant is unfortunate but not a crime. Tibetan people didn’t choose to be ignorant; they simply didn’t have the opportunities. Selfish people like Ngabo and many other Kudaks and corrupt Lamas who took advantage of that ignorance are the real criminals.

What do you mean by “…outcome of our state of nation. It had been paved 10 yrs back from 1959.” 10 years back from 1959, traitor Ngabo signed the documents legitimizing the Chinese occupation of Tibet without having the authority to do so.

If there is controversy over whether Ngabo was a traitor or not - although I don’t think there is a controversy as 99% of Tibetans think of him as traitor – the least the TGIE could have done was stay silent on the matter. Why does Kashag have to praise him as Patriot?

Location: Delhi
Subject: Timely Reminder
Jan 11 2010 07:18 PM

Dear Kalon Tripa La, Kashag & TGIE Officials,

It is high time someone reminds you 'followers' of Gandhi that Satyagraha means 'insistence on truth'; not capitulation, manipulation & mutilation of truth.

There is no way that Ngabo is a patriot. If he is, then history of Tibet has to be rewritten. Tibetan history text books we use in our schools are
Have to be thrown in dustbin. Our parents and elders must have been telling us lies.

Location: Sun Prairie
Subject: Ngapoi----
Jan 08 2010 07:04 PM

Ngapoi being understood as a traitor among the Tibetans is not a recent thing.It has always been the hot topic of discussions/arguments,among Tibetans.A great majority of the Tibetans do hold Ngapoi responsible for the loss of our nation as a direct result of his cowardice/selfish motives for his personal political gains.Therefore, some of us are rushing into drawing conclusions making, perhaps a possible trader into a hero bit too fast.
I do not think that our government in exile has been very fair or honest with us by withholding all the wonderful news about Ngapoi from their own people.If he was such a wonderful patriot,why won't we let know? What was so secretive about it? Ngapoi had said, that, Tibet was part of China from the 13th century(if I remember it correctly).So; was the 13th Dalai Lama wrong to reclaim Tibetan independence in 1911?Are all our historical facts baseless?
According to Ngapoi's daughter, he died without any regrets.That means he had no regrets about His Holiness' living in exile?He did not regret that thousands of Tibetans were forced to flee due to the atrocities of communist regime who he (Ngapoi) led into Tibet? Ngapoi had contributed to the deaths of hundreds and hundreds of Tibetans trying to escape into India who died as direct result of extreme heat, and my mother and two sisters were among them. He could have been any body, but a hero? No way! Let us not become a laughing stock here.The whole world had watched " Seven Years In Tibet". "Kashak" had not raised any objections to movie's portrayal of Ngapoi as a trader then.So why a change of heart now ?

Location: land of monkey
Subject: list of all tibetan traitors and patriots
Jan 08 2010 12:14 PM

First and foremost, I think I am a traitor for not contributing anything to my country.

Second, My parents are traitors for escaping Tibet in 1959 rather than defending and sacrificing their lives for freedom.

Third, how do we define "traitor" in times of brutal occupation, when everybody tried to preserve their lives? Remember, we were not in a WAR but being OCCUPIED by Aggressor.
To me, the 1.2 Millions Tibetans murdered by Chinese forces are the real Tibetan Patriots and Martyrs. The rest of the population then, who didn't defend but escaped obvivously are Traitors.

Fourth, having a different views and approach towards solving national problems doesn't automatically qualify one as "traitor."

Fifth, Ngabo's action didn't define the outcome of our state of nation. It had been paved 10 yrs back from 1959. We the 7-10 millions of Tibet defined our nation in the past, and to what it is today. And we will continue to define it in future.

Post Occupation, HH Panchen Lama and Ngabo did a lot of development work in Tibet and worked towards ensuring minority rights for Tibetans.

Lets stop the blame game. Mistakes have been made by all Tibetans in the past for being ignorant in and about the world outside of land of Snows.


Location: Toronto
Subject: What can be said of Ngabo
Jan 07 2010 10:49 PM

What can be said of Ngabo. If he is not a traitor then he is certainly not a patriot either. The least the TGIE could have done is say nothing. I mean, how can someone who signed (without having the authority) the very document legitimizing occupation of Tibet by China be a patriot. And the Chinese, knowing he didn’t have the authority had forged the Tibetan government seal in Peking to avoid further delays for the occupation to begin. If he was a real Patriot he would have allowed the Chinese to kill him rather than sign the document. Let’s not forget the Tibetan government renounced the 17 Point Agreement in 1959.

Even a prick like Ngabo at some point have to accept that Tibetan blood runs in him, especially when his Chinese masters treat him like a dog. Overall, he is an opportunist, a coward and selfish person who should have died a long time ago. If he is just a dumb, he can be forgiven. But to praise him as a Patriot as the TGIE did is outrageous.

Location: Nepal
Subject: Buchung's article on Ngapo
Jan 06 2010 02:52 PM

On reading the official announcement by the Kashag on the life and contributions of Ngabo Ngawang Jigme; what is really intriguing is why this clarification came so late. If this has been the official stand of the Tibetan government in exile why did they allow Ngabo to be called a “turncoat”, a “traitor” in so many books on Tibet and why did they not object to the treacherous portrayal of him in the movie “Seven Years in Tibet”.
For those of us younger Tibetans whose only knowledge of Tibetan history is derived from these books, we have always presumed Ngabo to be a traitor. Therefore this announcement by the Kashag on his demise came as a bit of a shock, but now in retrospect, seems to prove that the life of this man is a testament to the fact that “Truth Prevails” no matter how long it takes.
Reading Buchung’s article on Ngabo being a “Tibetan but not a Patriot” was a dampener to say the least. The satisfaction and mild elation one feels from the knowledge that the truth prevails, gives one a sense of hope for the future of this world and revives one’s trust in the goodness of human nature. However, after reading Buchung’s baseless accusations against Ngabo, where he goes against his own definition of a patriot leaves the reader wondering who and what Buchung is trying to defend. In spite of the Kashag honoring Ngabo with the title of being a patriot, citing several instances of how and when Ngabo stood up against the Chinese, on Chinese soil, for the rights of the Tibetan people, yet Buchung categorically states that Ngabo is not a patriot. Of course Buchung is entitled to express his opinion, but to voice an opinion so publically, without substantiating it with facts, makes a mockery of this fundamental right to expression and is better not exercised.
Likewise as the Buddhist Dharma teaches us, the human body is “Rare and precious”, this is because we have the capacity to think, to discern but if we do not use this gift honestly, furthermore if we become tools and mouthpieces then this precious ability too becomes redundant and useless.
Finally I think Ngabo Ngawang Jigme was a true Unsung hero, a man strong enough to uphold the truth even in the most trying of times, a man for whom reputation, praise and blame were too petty in comparison to his mission in life which was to uphold the truth. I salute this man and I think we as Tibetans have much to be grateful to him for. We did not or could not give him the credit while he was alive but in death let us find it in ourselves to give him the credit he deserves.

Ngawang Dhenpa

Location: Sun Prairie
Subject: sadutshangs;Calagary
Jan 06 2010 04:01 AM

Dear sadutshangs,Calagary,
First of all do accept my heart felt condolence for your loss.I am sure you are still mourning.But think it this way:how much longer can human beings live?So,I think this actually calls for a celebration under ordinary circumstance.
Any way, my reason for drawing your attention here is to ask you to write about what you know about your great-grand-father and what he did for Tibet and Tibetans that many of us do not know.Because I can tell you, what I and many others know about Ngapoi Nawang Jigme aren't very favorable;aren't very good.Therefore it becomes your responsibility to write what you know about your G.G-father that we don't know and educate us.I mean this with utmost sincerity.If you don't tell,we won't know.What little we know is what we read.So, you see my point?

Location: Delhi
Subject: 'Patriot'
Dec 30 2009 11:41 PM

I hope the TGIE officials are not planning to become 'patriot' like Ngabo or starting to think that behaving like Ngabo is emulation worthy i.e. selling one's own country's interest for personal gain is 'patriotic'.

Location: Ari
Subject: Nation
Dec 30 2009 11:30 PM

To Vox- pox-75 from Bangalore.

You said the fate of HH would be different
if Ngapoe did not do what he did.

Hey, this is not about fate of an individual. This is about the fate of a Nation.
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