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Wed 16, Oct 2019 08:12 PM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "WAITING FOR MANGTSO - By Jamyang Norbu"
I started pecking out this piece over a month ago in the garden of Nalanda Koti, my old bungalow in McLeod Ganj. On this particular visit to India I was struck by...
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Location: USA
Subject: please, hurry up, Mangtso!
Oct 24 2009 09:04 AM

Please, hurry up, Magtso before it is too late. Chinese are not waiting.

Location: new york
Subject: Divya
Oct 13 2009 01:06 AM

I feel terribly saddened by conformist, herd mentality, yes man, and sycophants like you. Unfortunately most of the people in our society talk (and maybe think) like you because of fear and conditioning. Shame on you for manipulating, the “traitor”, “Chinese spy” (age old proven trick) card on an intrepid, pioneer like Jamyang Norbu.

Location: France
Subject: Mangtso without Nation?
Oct 08 2009 09:29 PM

Jamyang la, do you think our problem will sort out through Mangtso. If yes, what you propose through Mangtso & is there any proposition of your idea in written without pointing to the death when you don't experience the death. What u proposes from your Nalanda as the 2nd century Nalanda. When complain comes from the name of Koti that disturb me of Nepalese who poking out his nose into our politics that once made mistake by Tenzing Norgyel. We can speak of Mangtso when we have our country; we accept the prices when we have our country etc. When Mohamed Ali refused his gold metal against the racism that made him more immortalise. We should know who is using who & we r been check made by capitalists countries to help Red China that they need reinforce against their creation enemy. The understanding of Mangtso in our society is very poor it can be very danger as we r facing with 4 schools of Tibetan Bouddhist. They r more with Buddha then Tibet & to make money we Tibetan r minority in this world. Like capitalist they r more interested with Chinese & rest of the world. It is not surprise against scholar Pema Bum this is the result of not understanding in Mangtso who r doped by their Lamas. I remember of Changlo Chen Sonam Gyelpo who been expelled from Tibet when he is against the Labrangs or Monks power. Who sees the degeneration of our race & the Nation? Finally were r we? I accused the deserter Captain Tagnga Sang who disguised as Lhalung Pedor who manipulated by a Sadu from Swat killed the existence of Tibet.

Location: Kathmandu
Subject: Reply
Oct 04 2009 01:46 PM

Look! I am not against democracy, but just feel that we have to take a gradual step towards it. Tibetans are exercising democracy otherwise there will not be uneducated housewives in ATPD. Dotoe has used Election campaign the most but see the candidates elected. So, it shows that democracy may not help everybody to rise. So, it is good to take step at time and not jump onto it. Our situation is very good till now. Whatever your intention is, all I want to say is that it is not necessary for you to paint the other guy bad to make your point strong.

Location: Kathmandu
Subject: Reply to Jamnor La
Oct 02 2009 04:29 PM

I have a grudge with the editor that it did not post the comments I made in between. It is not healthy if it does preferential treatment. Nobody denies and even the intellectuals in Nepal feels that it is too much now. They feel the situation out of control. The democracy has benefited only people having money, power and weapon. The poor have remained poor and rich rich. You have indirectly, sided with Maoist in your reply to me. You don't know that people helped Maoist under pressure and threat or they were those who were indulgent, greedy and lazy. How many villages and infrastructures were destroyed during their armed struggle. And people killed? They use the democracy to bully the people. Even industrialists and kollyhood people are seen joining Maoist because they have no options as other parties are not strong enough to protect them. They think it is better to be friend than their (Maoists)foes as they have to give donation anyway. So, democracy was not viable option then but may be when people are educated enough. Today, Nepal lacks strong leader which command supreme authority, which is why Nepal is not making any progresses. People are fed up with the leaders. We are fortunate that we have leader who commands respect and authority over not just our people but world community. If we loose him, there will be leadership vacum just like in Nepal. This is prediction of we common Tibetan. (Norbu Lag la yo dhud, norbue nornyam machoed). We take medicine when we are sick but we are healthy enough not to need any medicines at this jucture prescribed by you. Medicines make people addicted and dependent (for life long). So, I don't see this philosophy work on us. sorry!

Location: USA
Subject: Why Democracy Failed in Nepal
Oct 01 2009 07:43 PM

Dear Divya,
Thank you for contributing to this important discussion. You wrote that Nepal was "like heaven" in the old days under the king and the "panchayat raj". In the Kathmandu valley, officials, courtiers, ranas, politicians, and business people were certainly having a good time, but everywhere else in Nepal the poor were suffering terribly under an outrageously corrupt and ineffective regime. The poverty, negligence and exploitation of the poor villagers of Nepal gave the opportunity for the Maoists to gain power in the rural areas. Do you think if Nepal was like heaven the peasants would have joined the Maoists?

I feel that democracy came too late to Nepal and the situation was worsened by the fact that last king, Gyanendra, probably the most corrupt and incompetent monarch in the history of Nepal, tried to stifle and turn back even that feeble beginning of Nepalese democracy. Nonetheless, I have not given up hope for a prosperous and democratic Nepal sometime in the future.

Even the best medicine in the world must be administered to a patient early enough so that it is effective. You cannot blame the medicine if it doesn't work because you waited till the patient was at death's door before you reluctantly gave him a dose.

Let us not wait too long to democratize our exile government and society.

Jamyang Norbu

Location: usa
Subject: answer to Divya
Sep 28 2009 08:56 PM

Divya, we as a Tibetan can only progress when we are mature enough to realize and accept our short comings. Often, it means people pointing out negative aspects of how we run our Government in Exile etc. This happens all the time in the free and democratic countries. Only in communist China and other countries like it, it is not tolerated and people are punished.

I don't think Jamyang Norbu will accept the post of Khalon or Chitu even if these are offered to him on a golden platter. He is a writer and a good writer. His contribution towards Tibetan cause is greater than any of the above two as far as I am concerned.

Location: Kathmandu
Subject: Mangtso!
Sep 25 2009 04:07 PM

When I read the comments posted by many. I feel that your intention behind floating your idea about Democracy is to give platform to vested interest people to speak against those who are mentally and physically hardworking and dedicated towards Tibetan cause. Your grudge is that you will never get elected to any distinguished post such as Katri and member of Chithue nor hold influential other positions in our community. Anyways, it would be dangerous to give reign to your hand. If you really want to bring change in our society, there is other way than just writing negative thoughts. I am a common woman pouring my views. I am not affiliated to any groups or organization. I don't want our new generation Tibetans gets brain washed from your article.

Location: Kathmandu
Subject: Waiting for Mangtso!
Sep 25 2009 03:44 PM

Hi! Jamyang Norbu. You are a good writer. Your piece and articles are very interesting to read but I beg to disagree with the content there in. After coming round, your ultimate message is against His Holiness and Gyalo Dhondup La. They have done tremendous job for the survival of our identity. Today we are proud Tibetans. It is all because of His Holiness effort and his clear vision. His clear judgment, ability to see through and distinguish right from wrong! It is unfortunate that an informed mind and hand of a person like you is used not for uniting but dividing our people.

His Holiness is the binding force of Tibetan in and outside. We need someone who we can believe and trust with eyes shut. It is His Holiness! Your article is very discouraging. Your article is meant to appease and pacify Chinese because we Tibetans (Bhomi) are not pleased with it. Are you getting money from Chinese? To be patriotic is good. We all Tibetans are patriotic by heart. Your statement and message will bolster their (Chinese) willpower and tighten their grip on Tibet. They are happy to see us divided, not united. So, you are (knowingly or unknowingly) helping in their drive to maintain grip on Tibet. His Holiness is above Human Being. If it is someone else in his place, he would have long gave up. The reason Samdong Rinpoche was resigning was because of the disgruntled individuals like you and people you have been able to influence. Your intention is meant to discourage the dedicated and hardworking people.

You cited the abolition of Panchayati raj and formation of multiparty democracy in Nepal. Look what the democracy and politicians have done to Nepal? Nepal used to be heaven before. But now students and youth are equipped with stone, bricks and banners instead of books and copies in hand. Nepal is infested with vested interest people. The cause and effect of the development will only be weighed and assess after decades but by that time it would be too late. Democracy is more of a platform for politicians (mookbahadur, like you) than for ordinary people. Nepal today lacks political direction and vision. Those who are capable they have vested interest in maintaining or promoting something or personal gains. Nations comes last in their least of priority.

We are not against exercising of Democracy. Democracy is good in matured society and to some extent only in developing society. And aren’t you exercising democracy? What more you can do by exercising democracy? Giving a free reign to people could have negative impact. See for child. What will happen to his future if he is left unattended or unleashed? Won’t he get spoilt? So, please experiment democracy with your children or grandchildren before you implement the same on us.

We are proud to have a unique leader who commands highest respect in the world community. He is our pride and uniting force. He is undisputed authorized guardian of our nation. What you are doing in exile is dividing our people? Writing a piece sometimes and enjoying Ari Dollar. If you really are patriot why don’t you go to Tibet or live in India or Nepal. Beside writing and talking what have you done recently to deserve our attention on you? Tibetans in Tibet look up to us. They want exile Tibetans united and be their voice and defend them when necessary. Will they be happy if they see us hurl allegation at each another? You are fulfilling the interest of Gyami, Shugden Tsogpa and others with vested interest.

I normally don’t comment on any articles. I read your article hundred times and tried to post the comment many times. So, don’t live in the illusion that you have lot of readers. I had to open your articles many times because I could not post the comment successfully.

So, good luck. Next time please spare us! Do some jobs other than writing if it is not going to help the mass.

Location: Ari
Subject: People power. The real Mangtso
Sep 24 2009 12:15 AM

atsong from New York you spoke my mind.

100% agree with with.
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