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Mon 16, Dec 2019 03:34 PM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "Gere: After Obama, a Tibetan leader of China?"
Actor-activist Richard Gere voiced hope on Monday that China could one day have a Tibetan leader much as the United States now has a black president, but said it was crucial to be firm with Beijing ...
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Location: Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
Subject: "GERE".......
Sep 09 2009 12:44 AM

I enjoyed reading all the comments.This is America.We are all entitled to our opinions.Richard Gere is a spiritual follower, and a personal friend of His Holiness DL.As such he said nothing out of line.His Holiness is not seeking independence from China.If that be the case ,why not have a dream to be the first Tibetan president of China?Having said that,those of us who seek Tibet independence that is unthinkable.I think it is good to hear people's true opinions to know where things stand for us,and take it from there.BOH RUNG_ZEN!!

Location: *
Subject: Celebrities need no defending from commonors
Mar 12 2009 09:57 AM

If we all look at ourselves and stop making wise comments, phayul will be a very boring and empty place.

Nobody has to defend Richard Gere. We all know what he is doing for the cause of Tibet. People are just commenting about what they think about this article.

Please, don't defend any famous people. Just because you have a poster in your bedroom doesn't make you a boyfriend or a girlfriend.

And Please stop repeating the same thing that we all know. I'm sure you are not the only one who knows what Richard Gere has done for the cause of Tibet.


Location: United States
Subject: Gere: After Obama, a Tibetan leader of China?
Mar 11 2009 10:17 PM

Guys who are criticizing Gere pls be careful.

While exercising freedom of speech, we don't wanna be thankless bunch. I was present at the reception of House Speaker at Cannon Hall, Capitol. Gere is a level headed super star who supported HH The Dalai Lama for dialogue with the alleged terrorists who destroyed twin tower on 911. And not to retaliate with force, American public and media were not too receptive of this message. Many criticized Gere, after eight years of draining US economic and human lives every one now realized HH and Gere were right. In the same vein I feel Gere is true believer in HH The Dalai Lamas dream of achieving autonomy to entire
Cholkha Sum one day and who knows Tibetan could be a president of China. We can not limit our options and dreams

Location: Kathmandu
Subject: Understanding Gere's point!
Mar 11 2009 04:33 PM

Richard Gere is talking of victory by the suppressed one i.e. that of historic victory by Barrack Obama for the presidency of USA, as the black president in the White House was never dreamed of! So, don't misunderstand his statements with regard to our sovereignty! I wholeheartedly admire Gere's sacrifice and support for our very cause until to this day!

Well...anyways just writing comments with few lines of critics is easy, but to truly act and sacrifice in real life Like Richard Gere for others plight is not within our reach. First look into yourself and than make wise comments!

Location: delhi
Subject: Gere: After Obama, a Tibetan leader of China?"
Mar 11 2009 10:45 AM

No way,

Tibet was an independent country before the Chinese occupation in 1959. No Tibetans or individual of any other national will concede their country & identity to the ruthless occupier or any other nation.

Tibetans are peaceful & non voilent, and we respect oneself & others.

Make no mistake to all that

Tibetans will rule only Tibet and
Tibet will be ruled only by Tibetans



Location: Melbourne, Australia
Subject: Richard Gere: what was he thinking?
Mar 11 2009 04:21 AM

Is Richard Gere serious when he talks about China having a Tibetan leader?

After Tibet last invaded China, quite a few years ago now, the two countries made a peace deal along the lines of: "The Tibetan people will stay in the great land of Tibet and be happy. The Chinese people will stay in the great land of China and be happy." Those were wise words.

However, the Chinese failed to keep their part of the deal and that has seriously gotten in the way of the Tibetan people being happy. In the unlikely event that someone like Jampa Phuntsok became leader of the same old totalitarian China, that would do nothing to make the Tibetan people happy. They can only be happy living their own lives by their own lights. Given that reality, it would make more sense for people as spiritually advanced as Richard Gere to be just a little bit practical for a change and speak about what has to happen right now for Tibetans living under Chinese occupation to both keep their nation alive and have a chance at individual happiness.

Perhaps, though, I'm just a naive secular Inji supporter of the Tibetan cause and should defer to the superior wisdom of the Inji Buddhists.

Location: *
Subject: What's Obama got to do with it?
Mar 11 2009 02:20 AM

It's like saying, one day King of Bhutan will become Prime Minister of India?

Sure sounds like Mr. Gere is implying that Tibet is part of China.

Location: Can
Subject: To Gere or not to Gere
Mar 10 2009 10:04 PM

Although we are thankful of Mr. Gere’s support for the Tibetan cause, yet his remark “that China could one day have a Tibetan leader much as the United States now has a black president” is gross misunderstanding of the wishes of the 6 million Tibetans. The fact is that we did not invite China to come and invade us, nor did we have any desire to conquer or become part of China is amply clear. Alas, if only the Chinese were staunch Buddhists like Mr. Gere, then perhaps his dreams could come true; clearly, his flippant statement is out of sync with the realities of the Tibetan people. Tibetans are followers of Buddhism, but we would not go to the extent of sacrificing out country just to get enlightened, which is in it self a form of selfishness or escapism if you wish.
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