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Sat 19, Jan 2019 07:33 AM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "MARCH WINDS - Jamyang Norbu"
Three years ago I wrote an article which in large part was a commemoration of this year’s 50th anniversary of the March 10th Uprising. Some might feel I jumped the commemoration gun here, but I have, for a long time now...
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Location: New York
Subject: 50 year Resis tance by all the Tibetans not just the Khampas
Mar 20 2009 07:28 PM

Jamyang la I admire and respect you for your firm stand on Tibet Independence but when you write again and again about Khampa Resistance, it gets little bias. My both parents lived in Lhasa and witness all the events during 1959,infact my both parents were into business and knew lot of ChushiGandruk families and how their families were tortured by the Communist Chinese. But you should also know that Khampas were the first to Help the Red Chinese Army to invade Tibet especially in Chamdo and Bawas, Chinese Communist bribe them with lot of silver coins, for example Bawa Phutsok Wangal.
Jamyangl you should write about Drapchi Tibetan Army who fought the Red Chinese Army and thousands of Tibetans like my father who was only 19 have to join the volunteering Army to fight the Red Chinese, my father fought the Red Chinese by guarding Norbulinka, thousands of Tibetans were killed.My father witnessed horrific pictures of flying body parts because of the bomb exploded by the Red Chinese. My uncle was involved in His holiness Escape for that he was 25 years Chinese labor camp, his family were tortured and were called the Class enemy.Jamyang la you speak to of Tibetans who witness Chinese Invasion in 1959. All the Tibetans such as Army, lay men participated in the Resistance so lets not give credit to only Khampas only. You should read the book written by Tenpa Soepa "20 years of my life in China's Death camp".

Location: world
Subject: march winds
Mar 16 2009 12:32 PM

50 years it took also for holocaust to be put in normal tv.
Truth will overcome lies. thank you beautiful work.

Location: Nepal
Subject: March Winds
Mar 14 2009 08:39 PM

Jamyang Norbu, let's not give credence to the Khampas alone.Thousands of U-Tsang-pas and Ando-was also fought and gave their lives for the Tibetan cause.

And let's not give credence to the warriors alone, many historians, scholars, statesmen and laymen also contributed enormously toward the Tibetan cause.


Location: nepal
Subject: how can he get away with writing this?
Mar 12 2009 07:52 PM

Jamyang it's clear that you've lost the plot.

Suggestions that His Holiness,the Tibetan govt in exile and the exile Tibetans now exists is all due to the help of the so called resistance army; the Four Rivers Six Ranges, is absolutely ridiculous.

This resistance army far from helping looted nearly every Tibetan they got hold of making the treacherous journey to India. A resistance army so corrupt that it was commonly said among Tibetans that they have two common enemies; the PLA and the Resistance army. One of the prime clear cut evidence of their so called
patriotism was when members of resistance army signed papers in Taiwan claiming that Tibet is a part of china; a force clearly driven with the greed for money, where they would kill their very own if necessary.

Nevertheless I wouldn't disregard nor try and alter the fact that there were many sincere people involved in this resistance who lost their lives defending their country. This argument could go on and on...and will not change anything, what we need this very moment is Unity.

Unity within in the community is what we should first work towards, and then our main goal of getting back our country.

Bod Gyalo Long Live his holiness The Dalai Lama!

Location: NYC
Subject: Tibet's Archieves
Mar 07 2009 07:16 PM

Jamyang la, We the Tibetan youngster & people are truly inspired by your great work of documentary collection. This enlightens us and the world community
with facts of a separate independent nation of TIBET. Keep up always your great work. " You are the true warrior intectually & physically". Thank you. Bhoe-Gyalo !!

Location: switzerland
Subject: hello
Mar 07 2009 03:55 PM

Hello Jamyang la, It is good to go through all these details of history. But don^t you feel these days when we go by reading yours article, it seems your writing gives little too much credit to khampas, feel like neglecting others as nothing has been done by else. You had even note that HHDL owes his freedom and prizes to WHOM ? Little bit one sided isn^t it ?

Location: US
Subject: Thousands of readers,just a couple of prolific writers
Mar 07 2009 12:40 PM

If you have been reading phayul regularly, you might have noticed that only Tibetan who writes indepth thought provoking articles prolificly,eloquently and knowledgebly is Jamyang Norbu la. If Jayang Norbu stops writing, articles are hard to come by.

70's saw many Tibetan intellectuals, now, although we many have many professionals, but there don't seem to be writers.

Jayang la's articles get thousands of hits. Thanks to internet and phayul, we have a platform. Come on, write up and develop a writing community or else we will be just reading what injis write about Tibet.


Location: Toronto
Subject: Another thought provoking article..
Mar 07 2009 06:45 AM

I want to thank the author for bringing up this part of the Tibet history which is hardly mentioned or forgotten among our exile community. I don't remember being taught much about this part of our Tibet struggle during my school year, although I went to a Tibetan school in Dharamsala. Agreed, the method wasn't non violent, but it wasn't wrong either and helped save thousands of our people, most importantly of all, HH The Dalai Lama. We should always remember them as heroes and Tibetan martyrs!
It still amazes me to see why TGIE don't commemorate the 1956 Khampas uprising in exile when clearly it was clearly the turning point in our Tibet freedom struggle.
There is a big difference between helping the Chinese under coercion and actively aiding the Chinese occupation. Baba Phuntsok Wangyal was clearly the later one, actively aiding the occupation of our homeland by the Red Chinese. He is still the biggest traitor, period!

Location: CA
Subject: Eye Opener
Mar 07 2009 05:34 AM

Great chronicle, Jamyang la. Thanks. And also, many thanks for the pictures and the images. This is the first time I saw an actual photograph of Lithangpa Yonru.
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