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Sat 25, Jan 2020 07:16 PM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "No New Year movement gains momentum"
As the Tibetans all over the world plan to skip celebrations of the Tibetan New Year 2136, the act of passive resistance is gaining momentum everywhere including...
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Location: NYC
Subject: Free Tibet, SAVE LOSAR
Jan 29 2009 11:42 PM

Don't get me wrong but please do not cancel losar for what happened in Tibet. The whole slogan of skipping losar is sending a wrong message and we ought to know what losar is in the first place. Losar is a celebration of New Year and nothing else. Did we stop celebrating Losar after 1959 or did we stop losar after 1989 when huge free-Tibet protest broke out in Tibet resulting in massacre and imprisonment of so many Tibetans?

We, the Tibetans celebrate losar to welcome the lunar new year just like the people from all other countries who already welcomed 2009 despite so many hardships and calamities happened in this world. Its a way of encouraging people that good things lays ahead and is time to make new 'resolutions' to make our future better for young and old with past in mind.

Take for example, Americans did not skip their Christmas & New Year celebration after 'September 11', Jews did not skip 'Hanukkah' after Holocaust, Muslims all over the world did not skip 'Id' or Ramadan after Iraq/afghan/paleastine wars, Indians did not skip celebrating new year after the 'Mumbai terror', Nepalese did not skip 'Dashain' after the Maoist killings, Africans did not skip 'Kwanza' despite so many deaths due to war, hunger and diseases. Why we, the Tibetans, are separating ourselves from the similar world problems and not give ourselves up just by cancelling a mere cultural festival? Its time to stop giving encouragement to our common enemy, the communist, who wants to destroy our way of life, by surrendering our losar celebration to their list of suppression no matter wherever we live. Are we playing into the communist way of game by condemning any cultural or traditional way of life that we cherished so much so far? The Chinese communist always wanted to stop and suppress Tibetans from celebrating any religious, traditional, social or political festivals, be it Losar or any other gatherings of the above.

Lets use this losar to celebrate a new beginning, a beginning of understanding the hopes and dreams of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and all the Tibetans in and out. Lets pray for the martyrs and celebrate the new year to educate our young and old on the principles and values of democratic Tibet envisioned by our leaders and forefathers. Bhoy-Gyalo and Free Tibet.

Location: US
Subject: Come to Losar - open your wallet
Jan 29 2009 01:52 AM

Lets remember and pay tribute to the Tibetan martyrs of 2008 Tibet uprising and to mark 2009 as Black Year, by not only PUJA or Spiritual activities, but start organising fund during Losar from Tibetans and friends to help those families inside Tibet. Puja alone won't bring ease to those families but certainly some cash from your pocket can help those families who are effected by their sacrifices.

Location: US
Subject: Get togehter Losar with action and new resolutions
Jan 29 2009 01:45 AM

For those of us in the West, Losar is important occasion to bring us together. So, don,t boycott losar but use the occasion to remember and pay tribute to the Tibetan martyrs and mark 2009 with cash donations and new projects and built common resolutions to support those families in Tibet who have lost or have their members imprisoned. Lets us get together, pray, think, discuss, plan and start action.

Location: Delhi
Subject: Share your solidarity
Jan 28 2009 02:01 PM

Losar or New Year is time for celebration, time for family reunion and so on. But can we find joy and peace at a time when families and relatives of about two hundred Tibetan brothers and sisters fallen for our cause yet to finish Lomchoe (death anniversary)? No Losar this year! Instead, let us hold a candlelight vigil on the first day and first night of the year in their honor and welcome anyone who stand for freedom of expression and other basic rights rights each and every individual on this planet. May Peace Prevail on Earth!

Location: Sydney, Australia
Jan 28 2009 04:50 AM

Thanks to our brothers and sisters. How could we celebrate our Losar this year when our own people are suffering at the hands of CCP in Tibet. TIbetan Communities all over Australia have already decided not to celebrate this years Losar. Instead, we will engage in some spiritual activity with our Australian friends on 28th February, 2009. Thanks to all.
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