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Thu 21, Nov 2019 01:05 AM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "Agenda for the Special Meeting in Dharamsala: By Dr. Lobsang Sangay"
A few years ago, a well-known liberal Chinese intellectual told me that the Communist Party of China is so shrewd that even if an official smiles at you, he was told to do so a month prior to your meeting. Everything is calculated and nothing is left to...
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Location: China/USA
Subject: ethnic cleasing?
Nov 22 2008 01:33 PM

I'm a Salar originally from Qinghai Province on the edge of Amdo, long the Huanghe/Machu. Our ancestors settled there during the Mongol Empire in the 14th Century from Central Asia. We are Muslim and Turkic-speaking and have lived among Tibetans and Han Chinese in relative peace in the past five hundred years. The hometown of the late Panchan Lama is just one hour away from my home town. When I look at the map of your future independent Tibet (the Greater Tibet), I find my home county (Xunhua) would become part of that. There are about one hundred thousand of us, together with six million other non-Tibetans who would live under your rule. And these six millions from a dozen ethnic groups are not recent immigrants but long-time residents. What if we do not want to live under Tibetan rule? Granted that you could achieve independence through peaceful means, what policy would the Tibetan government have towards us--again, six million of us? When some Tibetans in exile (not my neighbors, of course) talk about a Tibet for Tibetans only, that scares me and many of us Muslims. The government official recently accused the Dalai Lama of pursuing ethnic cleansing. I don't believe that, but many of my less educated fellow Muslims buy into that. Still, you have to address this critical issue or we will rise up against you. I'm not just trying to be provocative. We need sincere and concrete answers from Tibetan legal experts like you. If you can not convince me, there would be no chance that you could impose your rule upon six millions of us. Thanks!

Location: Ari
Subject: Special meeting
Nov 15 2008 03:32 AM

Thank you Dr Sangay lak, Jamyang Norbu lak and all others intellectuals who contributed in writings and some appeared on TV Shows in this critical time in our history. You guys boosted mine and lot of others moral and hope. Proud of all of you.

I totally agree with Dr Sangay's idea of helping those freedom fighters families financially and remember them once a year who sacrifice for our cause which I think is one of the most important thing we should do if we need to keep our struggle alive. Because these acts keeps us united and also boost their moral for futher actions.

I do not agree with Dr sangay on appointing the 15th Dalai Lam by the present before he passes away. Because I imagined if it happened I cannot accept him. It's a wiered feeling I cannot describe. Hope lot of others feel the same way.
He needs to be reborn even if controversy arise I am confident Tibetan people will never ever accept the Chinese appointee. But we have to be careful about the inetrnal controversy. Learn from Karmapa.

On this regard I agree with commentary from Mr Jhader from Sydney who suggest about Karmapa taking charge. He looks good to me and he is learning a lot form Kundun.

To all participants and in the special meeting and all Tibetans I would like to say "YES WE CAN TOO" and "WE WILL"

Location: tokyo
Subject: Some ideas are good but....
Nov 14 2008 10:14 PM

I like Sangay's idea about unity, discipline and planning. But beyond that, there is very little intelligence in what he writes.

Considering the strategic nature of this meeting, he brings nothing new.
All his suggestions are "tactical" and very "mundane". No new insights.

I hope people like him does not get into our government. He is made to be just an average bureaucrat who follow the official rules and try to fit himself to the prevelant mass sentimentality of the day regardless of whether it is right or wrong.
That is not what we expect from our scholars. Need for education....everyone knows that. Need to help people back home in Tibet....everyone knows that. People are already doing that and more would do that if only PRC will allow us to.
We expect better from our intellectuals, especially someone who is applauded as some super-human scholar. Not this kind of very average, mundane thoughts.

Location: Europe
Subject: The foundation of unity?
Nov 14 2008 06:25 PM

Tibetans must have unity, but the unity must be based on solid foundation and truth.

1) No Tibetan wants to live under Chinese military rule.

2) Every Tibetan knows that China (or the CCP) has no legitimate sovereignty over Tibet or Tibetan people who are simply not Chinese by any conceivable yardstick.

3) Sangay's examples of successful Freedom or Human Rights struggles are all fundamentally different from the Tibetan situation and they can therefore serve only as inspiration of justice prevailing, but absolutely not as justification for continuing the dead end that was Umey Lam and forfeiting of genuine self-rule.

4) The 20 years of Middle Way has served as an excuse for the free world not to do nothing and for engaging the PRC as if it was an ordinary legitimate and non-violent non-colonialist business partner.

5) The CCP will not make any concessions whatsoever as long as they are in total control of China and Chinese people don't demand change and democracy. There will not be demand for change in the PRC unless the CCP is isolated by other major powers and PRC's economy faces major disruption.

6) Tibet doesn't have the luxury of time to endure status quo. Just look at other "minorities" under Han-Chinese rule and the policies of mass settlement, sinicization and assimilation.

I can not emphasize enough that accepting China's rule and sovereignty claims over Tibet as legitimate means that outside world will not or even can not do anything tangible to help Tibetans. Middle way was a well-intentioned plan at the time of great global changes (eg the fall of Iron Curtain in Europe) and many careers have been built on its premise, but unfortunately the CCP has only used it to strengthen its position against Tibetans.

Location: Nepal
Subject: afterthought
Nov 14 2008 11:18 AM

"Trasfering of soul or consciousness to an adult". Are you reading Lobsang Rampa.
"Thousands of lawyers" Who is going to foot their bills.
"Miliionaires and billionaires to provide funding ". for what, to buy degrees. More than millionaires and billionaires we need dedicated people in the administration.

Location: Delhi
Subject: Matador Analogy
Nov 14 2008 05:26 AM

Continuing to pursue the Middle Way Policy stubbornly is very much like a bull entranced by the red cloth and still attacking it foolishly despite being gored by the matador's lance several times.

The ignorant bull does not know that the red cloth is a foil. We are intelligent human beings, we can do much better.

Of course a fairy tale ending where everyone is happy at the end sounds nice, but when you find yourself in a horror movie, hoping for a Cinderella type of ending is plain delusional.

Location: New York
Subject: Good, but not good.
Nov 14 2008 04:25 AM

whether we attain unity or not, there's almost no denying that we all want a controversy-free 15th Dalai lama; we all want solidarity with Tibs inside Tibet and safeguard TGIE. Your second part of the article is fine.

The problem is with the first part. The entire section is like dribbling the ball very well, but with no clear idea where the goalpost is, thus taking us nowhere.

Gandhiji and Mandela did not have to lead movements with half of their followers demanding RANGZEN, the other half supporting "AUTONOMY". Their demand was one, goal was one, so there was no problem in terms of unity, rolling the sleeves and working together. "planning, unity, discipline" naturally worked well for them. I dont know how these three attributes would work in our case when we are divided in goal, don't know which one to fight for: Rangzen or Cultural Autonomy.

Our unity is weakened for two reasons: one, due to division created by Rangzen/Umay lham. second, cholkha and choeluk affiliations. You recommend that Special meeting be focussed on calling for unity, rather than debating on Rangzen and Umay lham. Well, that can fix the second problem, but not the first one. And as long the first one remains unresolved, no lofty words can bring complete unity in us. We need to fix both the causes before we set sail on "planning unity and discipline" vehicle. We need in our next leader who can achieve the both and lead us. We can interpret the recent uprising in Tibet in 100s of ways, but there's one thing no one can deny, that's Tibetans in Tibet dont want to live under China.

Location: USA
Subject: 15th Dalai Lama
Nov 14 2008 12:04 AM

The institution of the Dalai Lama must go on:-whether the present the Dalai lama selects the next or reborn as a young boy. The catch is that nobody should pin point any particular location at this time. We must continue to devote ourselves to the highest post in our political and religious system.

The Chinese leadership needs to know is that we are not the same Tibetans that they met 50 years ago. We are more proactive, energetic, agile, nationalistic, responsive and more educated. The Chinese leaders still think that they can play tricks with the Tibetans.

We must make the Chinese uncomfortable occupying in our country.


Location: NYC
Subject: Self-determination & Non-cooperation with China
Nov 13 2008 09:51 PM

Some additional follow-up thoughts to my previous post:

1) We should promote self-determination at every opportunity, especially before the UN, foreign govts & legal forums. Self-determination is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Rights. Tibetan self-determination was recognized by the UN General Assembly.

Self-determination is the one argument China or anyone else can't effectively argue against b/c it places the decision on Tibet's future in the hands of the Tibetan people, not the TGIE & not the Chinese Govt. If China's claims about Tibetans being happy under Chinese rule are true, then they should not oppose self-determination for Tibet. If our belief that most Tibetans want independence is true, then we have nothing to fear from self-determination. Democratic govts should support it as well b/c it's not calling for revolution or rebellion but peaceful exercise of democratic rights. Naturally, dictatorships like N. Korea & Cuba would oppose it b/c they deny their own people self-determination.

Self-determination puts the emphasis on the Tibetan people inside Tibet & away from it being just a Dalai Lama issue or scheme of Tibetan exiles. Self-determination is not anti-Chinese but pro-Tibetan & pro-democracy. I think the TGIE & all TSGs should promote Tibetan self-determination as a core goal of the Tibetan movement.

2) Realizing the Tibetan struggle is a long-term one, Tibetans inside Tibet should focus on non-cooperation w/ China. This can take the form of street demonstrations if they want to or it could be more subtle, such as not working for the Chinese Govt (or TAR local govt) or refusing to do business w/ Party officials. It could also mean wearing chubas in public & or visiting holy sites associated w/ His Holiness since openly praying to His Holiness or displaying his image is forbidden by the Chinese authorities. It could also mean not attending Party-organized meetings or Party-organized public events. All Tibetans should resign from the Party, the PRC police and the PLA as a symbolic protest of the violent way China handled the peaceful demonstrations in March/April. Non-cooperation could also mean refusing to salute the PRC flag or sing the PRC national anthem or refusing to take those despicable “patriotic re-education” tests. Non-cooperation is non-violent resistance & can be effective in a long-term civil rights struggle.

Finally, I disagree w/ the Dr. Sangay’s observation that there’s no way to be sure what Tibetans inside Tibet want. There may be diversity of opinion, but the bulk of the evidence shows the majority of Tibetans desire independence from China. I’ve never heard of a Tibetan being arrested by China for advocating autonomy. I’ve never seen a single protest in Tibet calling for autonomy either. When do Tibetans inside Tibet do speak freely, they consistently call for Tibetan independence. Even His Holiness has remarked that the overwhelming desire of the Tibetan people is to regain Tibet’s independence. (See forward by His Holiness to Mary Craig’s “Kundun” novel).

Location: Tokyo
Subject: Goal should be independence
Nov 13 2008 09:42 PM

Yes, we need unity, discipline and planning to achieve our supreme goal: Independence.

In addition, we need the will power to plod on no matter what!
And the strength to try, retry, try and try as many times as needed to achieve our goal...just like Milarepa.
We have to be motivated enough and have the will power to continue with it no matter how long it takes us.
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