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Thu 23, Jan 2020 01:44 PM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "Tibetan envoys to remain silent on talks before ‘Special Meeting’"
Tibetan envoys are not to make any statement on the outcome of the eighth round of talks with Chinese leadership before the proposed “Special Meeting” to be held later this month, according to a statement issued Thursday...
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Location: Nepal
Subject: Postpone the November Special meeting
Nov 10 2008 08:13 PM

The reason for the envoys to remain silent till after the Special meeting needs serious thinking.
While normally if the results of the talks were let known before the Special meeting, it would give the participating delegates more thoughts and ideas to share on the issue of the Tibetan Movement.
That the envoys choose to remain silent suggets that they have something big or maybe as usual nothing to share about.
My guess is that they have sold out all hopes and have come back with what was thrownn at them by the Chinese. They want to study the movement of the meeting and if they find that the deegates express hopelessness about the Tibetan movement, they will rveal the results of the talk and make it seem the only alternative. Where as if they sense that the meeting is going on against their plans, they will only as usual give thanks to the Chinese authorities for their hospitality and look forward to the next talks.
Till the envoys come clean with the result of the talks ,, maybe the Special Meeting should be postponed.

Location: Toronto
Subject: reveal the info from the talk
Nov 09 2008 03:24 AM

what surprise awaits during the special meeting?

Location: U.S.A.
Subject: Why the silence?
Nov 08 2008 09:25 PM

This silence from the envoys on the result of the 8th round of talks is a sure sign that the talks again did not go anywhere. It is nothing but a devious and mischievous plot to act as if there was some some good result and thus indirectly influence the Special Meeting in Dharamsala in November.

If there was some good result from the talks, the envoys would definitely reveal it before the Special Meeting.

Location: USA
Subject: Tibetan envoys to remain silent on talks before ‘Special Meeting’"
Nov 08 2008 07:38 AM

This is totally unacceptable. 8th time. We demand answers. Whatever the talk went on between the Chinese Government and alleged Tibetan Envoys. It needs to be known by us Tibetan PUBLIC. Why are you guys keeping us in the dark?

Aren't our Tibetan Exile Government based on the philosophy of democracy. Then why are they being so secretive about? This is a fact that needs to be delivered to the people.

Our Exile Government should listen to the public as of right now its not happening.

Why are we the Tibetan people left in the dark or I should say being left in the dark by our own Government or should I say by few incompetent wanna be leaders.

This is so frustrating. Why is the information being withheld from us. Working towards the independence of Tibet has to be at the grass root level where everyone should be involved.

Mr. Gyari and his team are not going to bring Rangzen to Tibet. We the Tibetan People will.

So I demand answers.

Gyari and his team are not competent enough, I have said this before and I am saying this now.

They need to be replaced.

Location: USA
Subject: Why wait till meeting.
Nov 07 2008 10:47 PM

I tried hard to think the reason why they wait til metting and i come up with ZERO reason however i come up with some question. Who benefit from delaying the outcome of this meeting information? NOT US. What in the world happen if they tell us now and tell us every word they say instead of manipulate the outcome. We need to know now and it's our right. If you can't tell us now atleast tell us why?

Location: Dhasa
Subject: Why the silence?
Nov 07 2008 10:08 PM

After the 8th round of talks, Du Qinglin, the Chinese spokesman, ruled out any semblance of independence or autonomy for Tibet like Hong Kong or Macau.

If that is the case, it means the talks didn't go anywhere again and Gyari is being mischievously devious by being silent.

If there was some progress, he definitely would reveal the results.

By being silent on the results of the talks, Gyari is mischievously influencing the SPECIAL MEETING.


Location: Dhasa
Subject: Negotiations
Nov 07 2008 09:49 PM

All I can is that Gyari is an incapable and failed negotiator. Get rid of him and we may see a brighter future.

Location: New York
Subject: Tibetan Envoys to remain Silent.????
Nov 07 2008 06:42 PM

HAHAHHAH! HI Gyari did Chinese leader give you drugs??? why you are remain Silent?? Are you guys going for making funn our country?? we sent you for do something for our country. not for funn and enjoy. HI GUYS Envoys "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" Don't play game.

Doesn't matter how long take. we have to fight for our right.

Location: Australia
Subject: Who care what news they have!
Nov 07 2008 04:22 PM

Obviously they have nothing new to tell us. I really hope that the outcome of the forthcoming Special Meeting is to end this so called dialogue which is nothing but another game that the Chinese government is playing on us to buy a little bit of more time before Tibet is gone forever. LET'S COME UP WITH A NEW STRATEGY - not the middle way nor the current China-Tibet dialogue which has been working against the cause of Tibet.

Bod Rangtsen is our birth right
No Chinese have any ligimate rights to live in Tibet. One day we will get them out.

Location: USA
Subject: Tibet-China talks
Nov 07 2008 10:31 AM

I am confused by Mr Gyari's statment. Who advised him to remain silent until the special meeting? He says the special meeting is being held at the suggestion of His Holiness, but is he implying that he is being asked to remain silent by His Holiness as well.

Is he purposely being vague or just has trouble conveying his message clearly?

If Mr Gyari is not going to tell us what was discussed, Mr Du Qinglin sure will, and he publicly stated after the meeting that anyting that resembles "disguised independence" is out of the question. There is not much Mr. Gyari can say. It is pure arrogance and insincerety on the part of the Chinese leadership that these negotiations are bound to fail.

It is time for our leaders, lamas and rimpoches to step down to the grassroot level and mobilize the masses. The Chinese leadership will continue to snub and run circles around Gyari and whoever goes next, but they will take the public seriously. Enough of lectures, speeches and talks, it is time to march with the public.
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