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Fri 18, Oct 2019 12:27 PM (IST)
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Nights have been rough during these past few weeks. I have been having nightmares – a man in elaborate headgear on a black horse sends his arrows whistling towards me. “He wants to kill me! He wants to kill me!” I shouted in my sleep. No one...
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Location: nepal
Subject: middle way
Nov 04 2008 12:17 PM

My feeling is the freedom has to come because the people always need freedom. But China is changing and much more like America used to be as well as the other way around. With the new black president there is hope of less wars.
The culture always survives but who returns to Tibet?
Rather all went to the United States because India is not easy for Tibetans. Diaspora is unfair, apart from the protest movement and the monastic education many from refugee camps in India did not get fair chances to education. This is the problem. I protested all my life i also protested against China this time in my heart, but I see changes, and we all know no one will ever return.
Free worldwide web.

Location: Fiji
Subject: Thank you!
Nov 03 2008 09:32 AM

Thank you Buchungla for the timely and very relevant article. The forthcoming meeting in November is very crucial and if those who want Rangzen cannot put forward their case effectively and collectively this time, then the obvious outcome will be used to legitimize any future move towards assimilation with China and the 'black horseman' of your nightmares will indeed succeed in 'killing' all our hopes and aspirations. Its crunch time brothers and sisters, act now!

Location: USA
Subject: Keep writing
Nov 02 2008 07:01 AM

...... to reflect the voice of Tibetan youth.... keep writing to fill the void in the writing field of the Tibetan society.

Location: Canada
Nov 02 2008 12:15 AM

With His Holiness' attitude changing about the Chinese Government and with half a century struggle of unproductive results for our autonomous struggle, I think it is time for a CHANGE. Your opinion came in a good time for the Tibetans to realize that change must be made to our struggle. A change that should lead to a Free Tibet and not the autonomous stuffs we have followed so far. It is not working and it has caused more damages among the struggling Tibetan people. The people of Tibet who are not included in the autonomous region are frustrated and discouraged since they are the ones who fought against the Chinese occupation and they are being left out. They have become quite hateful of our present Exiled Government. Instead of being active in our struggle, they are causing more harm.

Now His Holiness has granted us the choice, I have few suggestions.
We must concentrate in the unification of all Tibet, i.e. - Amdo, Kham and Utsang. To do that, we should make every one aware of our struggle for free Tibet - Not the autonomous anymore.
Reading is a must for all the Tibetan people. Read as much about Tibet as possible besides some few leisurely novels of course, understand them and try to expand your knowledge to people who can't read. The reason why I said that is because Tibetans hardly read as far as I have noticed. Instead of reading, people tend to rely on gossips. That is a major hindrances because once the third person is reached, the truth has become distorted and it causes more confusions in the mind of theirs.
Improvise our rigid traditions. We can’t live as an orthodox Tibetan in this ever changing modern world. Keep the good ones and do neglect the ones that are not useful anymore. Otherwise we will still stay backward and might become the favorite topic of the national geographers. It will be too late by then.
Leave the politics away from the monastic people. When the religion and politics mix, the result is never good. The religious people are not allowed to lie, cheat, exaggerate….as the lay people can. So, they won’t be a good candidate for a politician. Besides we are disturbing in their path to enlightenment?
And finally, use the modern mass Medias well and spread our cause truthfully, no Marsala added.
last, stay away from chinese product. They contain more poison than trash you could be collecting. Besides they are made by our tibetan prisoners who are devoid of their freedom. Spread the word out, please.
The Change that I have suggested is still a non - violent way since we don’t have the military powers to use against China to beat the crap out of them. But we can improvise what we have in ourselves. May be it might turn out to be more powerful than the arms they have. Our mind, our thoughts, our resources, our determination, our rightful actions and it is our BIRTH RIGHT.
Let’s go get Tibet. Rangzen!!!

Location: perched
Subject: on sipping chang
Nov 01 2008 05:53 AM

Who won't celebrate when the last of the Chinese have been driven from the Land of Snows? Let the barbarians go home. Let the Chinese make a life in China. I do not hate the Chinese. I do hate what they do. But regardless of my emotion, the fact is they are all intruders exploiting a land that is not, and never was theirs.

It was their choice to fight His Holiness, and not to work with him.

It is each Chinese man's choice to go to Tibet for personal profit, at the expense of the native Tibetans. So let every last one of them go home!

This may be a blessing in disguise, because Tibetan freedom now will not be signed away on the dotted line. Rather, whether it takes 50 years or 500 years, Tibetans will take back their homeland. Gradually, the stench of Tibetan bodies will give way to the stench of Chinese bodies (sorry bout that - but even the Envoy tells China violence is coming). And then, the stench of Communism will slowly waft away forever!!!!

There will be tremendous heartache, suffering, and pain. Tibetans will be tortured and murdered in the battle. But in the end, freedom will ring from the Potala Palace to all of Chok Lha Sum.

On that day, we might not need chang. We will be drunk with the joy of freedom, and dignity restored!

Bho gyal lo!

Location: Sera monastery
Subject: Thank you.
Oct 31 2008 10:01 PM

I am really moved by your nice writing on Rangzen, which is one and only wishes of entire Tibetan inside Tibet and outside. I goes for Rangzen, because it is only way left for Tibetan to opt for. The reason why I wrote that Tibetan inside Tibet support for Rangzen is that, nobody of them will answer YES if you ask them about whether they want to stay together with Chinese people in Tibet. Undoubtly, they would denied it. This itself shows that they donot like Middle Way policy.

Location: Norway
Subject: Survival of our struggle lies on Rangzen
Oct 31 2008 04:49 PM

"We live on faith and hope " clinched hard on RANGZEN. Our people young, old, nun, monks and children die for this simple rights to exist as Tibetan in our own land and have that freedom to live as we want. Thousand have sacrified their lives to gain that freedom and continues to do so. I don't think no one die or give their live to live under Chinese rule as a Chinese brother or sister as we were forced to believe for sometime. Lets us know unite together to achieve our birth right to fight for our Rangzen.

Location: Japan
Subject: Rangzen
Oct 31 2008 03:34 PM

Rangzen is to sip barley beer in Bakhor with no one over your shoulder?
How about Rangzen that comes with responsibilities?
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