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Wed 21, Aug 2019 03:06 AM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "Barry Sautman's response to Jamyang Norbu's opinion piece "Running-Dog Propagandists""
Being attacked by Jamyang Norbu is like being criticized by John Bolton, George W. Bush's bellicose former US representative to the United Nations. Many movements have someone who does...
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Location: swiss
Subject: please be more objective: both of you!
Aug 21 2008 03:49 PM

I have read several articles of barry sautman since 2004 and i know that he is a great academic and lawyer for his own right. But at the same time, for tibetan issue, he clings to the extreme side by supporting diligently chinese govt's approach in tibet in terms of current development, autonomy as well as historical issues between tibet and china. i wish to be an academic but an academic of emperical research that gives more importance to reality rather than political theories. I feel that barry may lack objectivity on tibetan issues. but having said that, i completely do not agree with Jamyang Norbu's stand on tibetan issues. He like Barry is also critical and some too theoritical and baised. I do not follow his argument of blaming every small set backs in tibetan movement and exile govt on lack of using violent techniques or the need of independence. I do not like leaders and people who promotes and instigates the positive opinions about violence in tibetan and any community. Violence is never a means for any struggle. It is wasting of energy, time and your commitment for tibetan struggle if he promotes violence and the related ideas to be simply different or ALTERNATIVE leader!!

now going back to barry-jamyang topic, suing is really not a good idea. it shows the ignorance and incompetence of handling the academic materials. i guess you will understand how illogical is itself the idea of proposing suing barry!

both of you::: please be more objective and sustainable in ideas and action for Tibet!!

Location: Toronto
Subject: Huh
Aug 20 2008 06:28 AM

Its easy for those academics like Barry with no personal experience of what it feels like to be a Tibetan to kowtow to Chinese government and nitpick at issues on Tibet that are insignificant compared to what the Tibetans both inside and outside face. I am not against academics, I have ambition for one myself but I will not be one of those kowtowing to China just because they are rising and they have more money and so forth.

What's his agenda in dragging Tsering Shakya to the debate? I have to agree with an earlier comment about trying to divide the society. Jamyang Norbula knows very well about Tsering Shakya la's writing if not more than Sautman himself. If he has issues, he will deal with it, no point trying to incite something.

My own view is divergent from Jamyang Norbu but that does not stop me from speaking out to comments like Barry's especially dragging Shakya in there.

I am a leftist myself but not disoriented leftist.


Location: Toronto
Subject: The Dog is Running Again
Aug 06 2008 06:57 PM

Reading the response to JN’s article by Barry I couldn’t help but wonder what is Barry arguing about. Barry, you may be considered an intellectual in the leftist/communist circles in China but to us Tibetan you are nothing but a dog doing the running for your pay masters in Beijing. Running dogs don’t get any respect from anybody, much less from their own masters.

How many innocent people have to be killed before it can be declared that injustice has been done. How much a culture and language needs to be suppressed before we start saying there is a cultural genocide going on in Tibet? What evidence is needed to prove to the world that Tibet was a independent nation and why?

There is no need to write lengthy articles to answer these questions. The Tibetan people showed the world what they are really going through and what they want with the recent uprisings, which is now brutally suppressed by massive military deployment in the region.

And yes, like JN I am not a lawyer either, but regardless of truth about whether Tibetan exile groups receive funding from NED or not, you pretty much admitted that you didn’t know for sure when you wrote “Protests in Tibet and Separatism: The Olympics and Beyond,” Therefore, you are guilty.

Location: Chicago
Subject: Hidden agenda
Aug 05 2008 08:57 PM

We know your hidden agenda behind the appearance of fair reporting. I am not an scholar but I know I am not a Chinese and never have been one. Tibet is my homeland and I want Chinese to leave Tibet. All Tibetans except the very few traitors want Tibetan independence. We will not be confused by nitpicking technicalities and verbage. Jamyang Norbu is a patriotic tibetan and we have the same goal. Free Tibet.

Location: perched
Subject: joke
Aug 05 2008 07:18 AM

see Barry.

HE'S the joke.

Location: Sydney
Subject: Ladakhi Tibetans
Aug 05 2008 05:37 AM

Barry Sautman's observation that Ladakhis of Tibetan culture learn Urdu may be quite correct and it points to the core of the Tibetan issue:
The whole Himalayan range and places as far as Mongolia and Kalmykya in Russia have been "robbed" of their cultural heartland!
It is in the interest of all these people that the religious and cultural freedoms of Tibetans in Tibet are fully restored!

Location: NYC
Subject: Not convincing enough.
Aug 05 2008 02:16 AM

Barry's response to Jamyang Norbu further reveals Barry's own bias stand on the Tibetan issue.

He is focussed on writing about the NED issue and objecting to the fact about China's occupation of Tibet.

Rather than showing a believable argument, he goes on to drag along Tsering Shakya la by citing him. Barry probably thought by mentioning Tsering Shakya la he could make us argue among ourselves(you know the colonial design of divide and rule).But it is clear to any reader what he is leading us into.


Location: Tibet
Subject: Sautman's response to Norbu
Aug 04 2008 10:39 PM

What a lot of crap! Sue him, Jamyang Norbu.
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