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Sat 24, Aug 2019 09:45 PM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "Goldstein's Response to Jamyang Norbu"
Mr. Norbu is entitled to his views, but readers of WTN should understand that what he was commenting on were not fair representations of my views but rather distorted...
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Location: Queens, NY
Subject: Take Note!
Aug 13 2008 07:32 AM

I agree with Jamyang NorbuLa's critique of Goldstein's work. And, the fact that Goldstein's claim to have been taken out of context is unsubstantiated speaks volumes.

I hope that the Henry Luce Foundation, TCI, CTC and other institutions take more careful note of the biases used by the scholars they employ.

I second denpa_sheygi's call for historians and anthropologists to address these issues in an academic setting.

His revisionism is a shame to his profession. His works should be viewed as retrospective historical justifications for the PRC's arguments.

Sadly, muddying the academic waters is the smallest, negative impact that will follow. His assistance provides deniers with justification for the PRC's occupation and aggression.

Oh, wait... He got awards? Never mind.

Location: exile
Subject: response???
Aug 01 2008 03:47 AM

what response? All he said was go read my book.
Mr Goldstein, thanks for making it very clear that your book is 900 pages, won few awards and quoting your own "honorable" mentions. While you're at it, why not put the price down too. I am confused, does he have a PhD in marketing or Tibetan history.

Location: new york
Subject: Goldstien's response to JN on Tibetan History
Jul 30 2008 11:14 PM

Mr. Goldstein, I read "Demise of Lamaist State" 1913-1951 and waited anxiously for the second book 1951-1955 the "Calm before the Storm". But both came out like a drain inspector's report. Especially the, how appropriate is the term "lamaist" for the modern Tibetan history?. We will watch if you will be given another extra extended research work in Tibet by the Chinese after your third book untitled 1955-1959. Jamyangla keep on your good piece of work.

Location: B
Subject: stop beating around the bush
Jul 30 2008 06:16 PM

If Goldstein thinks of the comments made by Jamyang Norbu as distorted and misleading caricatures. He should consider of writing another book to prove himself right

Location: India
Subject: Answer the questions.......
Jul 30 2008 03:11 PM

Just answer the questions..............
Mr. Gol;;

Location: delhi
Subject: no response this is
Jul 30 2008 11:45 AM

Looking at Mr. Goldstein(self proclaimed know all about tibet)response, I find it is no response, "Read a book to find out". Maybe Mr Jamyang should come back with his own version of book to counter yours.

Why should somebody pay money to read ur book on historical lies on Tibet. Only a Tibetan historian and expert can make a true judgement on your book. I take Mr,Jamyang Norbu's word against yours.

Some other historians on Tibet should speak out on this issue.

Is Mr.Goldstein credible enough or is he driven by some gains which we may not know of to distort facts on Tibet!!

I have trusted Mr.Tsering Shakya, Amdo Gedun Choephel and ICJ reports when it comes to find about Tibet's history.

Location: MT
Subject: this NO answer
Jul 30 2008 11:26 AM

This is no answer saying "my text quoted out of context", of course JN have to quote to point out where you went wrong, where it was not correct.

Goldstien, write

write Mr Goldstien, don't sit there and complain "i am quoted wrongly".

if you are man of word write and answer.

don't whimper.


Location: dhasa
Subject: is it all you could give?
Jul 30 2008 10:41 AM

I read the history book as well as some articles by M. C. G. I share lots of views with Jamyang Norbu and i am happy that he came up with that article.

Instead of giving such an annoying answer I suggest you learn more about Tibetan issues and history from him (JN)


Location: chicago
Subject: Goldstein's response to Jamyang Norbu
Jul 30 2008 08:07 AM

I have read a couple of books by Mr. Goldstein on Tibet and also heard his remarks on some radio show on Tibet. Overall, my impression is that he is pro China and lives on that. Because his views are same as those propogated by the chinese government. Always picking the negative side and enlarging on that. Thanks.

Location: Wisconsin, USA
Subject: Goldstein's fallacies
Jul 30 2008 02:18 AM

I have read Goldstein's work, and Jamyang Norbu's invaluable response; I had a similar reaction to Goldstein, first thinking, "Wow, something new" and then re-reading and seeing the subtle poison.

I am really, really ashamed of Goldstein's Frankensteining of Tibetan history, and even more ashamed at the institutions throughout academia that are unwittingly scooping him up into their folds.

Melvyn Goldstein, as a citizen of the free world, you ought to know better. You ought to have higher standards than to sell out to whatever paycheck is luring you into this embarrassment.

Be assured - any creative writing instinct you would lay claim to would be aptly crushed under the regime you are supporting. Your line-for-line parroting of CCP propaganda, gussied up a little by the spin of a born westerner, is nonetheless transparent to those of us raised with Chinese propaganda, as I was in Hong Kong. Even children in Hong Kong recognize the peculiar sound of Beijing's gilded tongue.

Maybe, as a westerner, you don't have any idea what darkness you are assisting; you should take a visit to Hong Kong, go into a crowded room of people over 40, and ask, "Does anyone here have scars from Chinese police dogs or sharks?"
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