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Mon 14, Oct 2019 01:36 PM (IST)
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China's stance on future talks with envoys of the Dalai Lama rests on how he answers demands not to disrupt next month's Beijing Olympics, an official said, highlighting intense anxieties about...
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Location: delhi
Jul 08 2008 06:23 PM

Now evrybody knows CCP Regime in Beijing is trying to force the Dalai Lama to gag Free Tibet supporters during the Olympic. We also know that Dalai Lama has been telling the world including Tibetans that Beijing should have the rights to host Olympic since last 10 years and He supported the Beijing Olympic even during 2001 when IOC decided to award hosting of Olympic to Beijing. But this fact is not appreciated by China or CCP regime.

Tibetans inside and outside Tibet and supporters of international community, who beleives that Human Rights is universal, have strongly oppossed the use of Beijing Olympic games as tool to gain legitimacy to rule Tibet by CCP regime. All these protest demonstrations in Tibet and during Olympic Torch Rally, have not been done on the instigation of Dalai Lama but by our sheer conscience and moral obligation. Tomorrow even if DALAI LAMA orders us personally to stop doing our duty, we will not obey. So, CCP regime, forget about using the Dalai Lama to gag international community including Tibetan people.
CCP regime should not forget that you have boycotted several Olympic games due to political reasons in the past. You have again used Beijing Olympic for political propaganda. Events at Olympic Torch Rally at Lhasa is the best example. Now don't expect international community to shut their eyes and follow your dreams.


Location: Australia
Subject: CHINA: you can't fool Tibetan people
Jul 08 2008 12:24 PM

Get it right. It's not His Holiness The Dalai lama but the people of Tibet staging a campaign against the Chinese Communist regime for it's continued human rights crime against Tibetan people and for it's most repressive policy in Tibet. We will campaign and we will never give up until the Chinese governement stop repression in Tibet. It is a matter of great shame that the Chinese government has never shown any geniune interest in the peaceful dialogue as initiated by His Holiness The Dalai Lama. It's unfortunate that Tibetan people have lost faith in the Chinese governement and so really there is no point of continuing the dialogue. The history will tell what happen next ...

Location: deutschland
Subject: using as a jokrer
Jul 08 2008 03:44 AM

Here in western media says DAILOUGE is just to buy the time and they used joker to protect only olympic politics for economics ,but world thinks and know this as a world olympic game.dont we also think same?

Location: UK
Subject: May his holiness return back to tibet in his life time!
Jul 07 2008 11:04 PM

i really feel that chinese government is misusing tibetan issues by accusing his holiness till to date and now more fiercely. i am worried that such strategy may (although it won't happen)disturb the mind of his holiness if they keep blaming for nothing. in theory, if the chinese government repeats again and again tibetan issue by personalising it on the life of his holiness,it is ridiculing the whole issue. but in practice, this strategy works for prolonging the tibet question and continuing with their repressive policies in tibet and at the same time, damaging the spirit of his holiness as he places his genuine trust on his counterpart.

Nevertheless, since we, tibetans know their strategy, we must support his holiness and his leadership and demonstrate effectively to the chinese government that tibet question cannot end by their misuse of our trust!

Location: U.S
Subject: China presses
Jul 07 2008 09:11 PM

This whole demand of the Chinese for His Holiness not the disrupt the Olympics is a sham. They are just fooling our negotiation team and waiting for the death of His Holiness. How long are we going to keep sending these representatives like a bunch of neive children who come back after a good scolding from the Chinese. What is Gyari's end game in this? What is in the mind of Samghong Rimpoche? Is he in touch with reality? We all need to start thinking about these peoples end game. Question their motivation and let His Holiness know that we are not happy with Gyari,Samdhong and the Chinese mid level negotiators. We have to make some hard decision. For me its FREE TIBET!! No less. Chinese are not my brothers and siters.

Location: japan
Subject: TYC
Jul 07 2008 06:54 PM

The fact that China is specifically mentioning Tibetan Youth Congress is a proof that our activity is HITTING CHINA WHERE IT HURTS THEM MOST. We must continue with our activties.

I for one will run with the Rangzen torch this weekend when it comes to Tokyo.
We must rattle China so bad that they will be more sincere with their negotiations. That is the only way left to us.
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