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Mon 20, Aug 2018 02:28 PM (IST)
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Location: India
Subject: Attention to all medias.
Jul 04 2008 09:06 AM

In a recent news, few medias are constructing new words/terms such as Self-proclaimed Exile goverment for Tibetan Exile government. I urge all medias not to use such word for our exile government because that febrication supports China's claim for Tibet.

Exile government is the legitimate government of independent Tibet which is forced to be exiled by foreign occupation of Tibet. Tibetans inside Tibet and overseas have never accepted Chinese government as a legally established authority so far. This foreign government will stay in Tibet till it is overthrow by the rightful government and people of Tibet.

We don't accept any terms such as China's Tibet, Self-proclaimed Exile Government, Spiritual leader, Autonomous Tibet and so on that medias use to appease China.

Location: California
Subject: stop
Jul 04 2008 02:31 AM

TGIE please don't send envoy anymore. It is waste of energy, time and money. There is absolutely no point dealing with bunch of liers and killers. If they want to resolve issue of Tibet peacefully, they should come to us. Why do we have to be the one going to their door all the time? Don't expect anything positve anymore. Enough is enough.

They will have to learn the lesson hard way. To save their face and reputation, they can't simply fake on having dialog which in reality, nothing is happening. I am sick and tired of this.

Bod raewae fung, gya dokpae fung, don't we know that.

Location: Banakshoe
Subject: "the same rhetoric barking"
Jul 04 2008 12:25 AM

China has to learn once for all that the time for such old fashioned rhetoric statement is absolutely obselete and the world is living in 21.st century.
" The door is always open for dialogue"
What does this actually mean? I think China has always the door for dialogue half opened or half closed for her own need. This statement is absolutely stupidity.
On Tibetan side the door should be closed forever now for any dialogue.The ultimatum is already kicked off.

Location: Toronto
Subject: nothing to prove
Jul 03 2008 11:15 PM

H.H.shall not be the one to prove anything. The Chinese leaders should be the one's if they really want to resolve the Tibetan issuie. Instead of stalling and lieing they should forsee the vision of living peacefully as friendly neighbours or else there is a saying when a rat is cornered even he will try to fight back. desperate situation will lead to deperate measures for which ordinary Chinese will have to pay the price also. At that time Tibetans are not to be blamed. Chinese leaders have a golden chance/opportunity at this moment to talk to H.Holiness ,once he is gone peace is out of equation .

Location: USA
Subject: Long Live Dalai Lama
Jul 03 2008 10:29 PM

Chinese have direct control over Tibetans in Tibet.So they should know where they are lacking to get genuine trust of Tibetans rather than pointing at His Holiness the Dalai Lama as culprit.
Everybody know His Holiness as popular and genuine non-violent supporter, It doesn't make any sense to anybody if China point him as culprit.

Location: NYC
Subject: What's up!
Jul 03 2008 09:20 PM

Hi! Wu jing Tao and Wen Jang Bao,

What's up men!
What's wrong with you.
Listen men! we Tibetan people fighting for independent ok... we don't care what our goverment demand. you better know that, our Tibetan peoples demand is "INDEPENDENT" AND CHINA OUT OF TIBET NOW. We can handle our country.

hi Gyari, don't be scare to talk with this chinese stupid communist goverment, please Gyari, don't be loose this time, its shame on you. This is 7th round, how many times you gonna go there and talk, is there any numbers.


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