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Fri 13, Dec 2019 09:17 PM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "March to Tibet: Marchers reach their next destination"
After sixteen days of tireless walking in the North Indian summer, marchers have finally reached Nainital, a town in the Indian state of Uttarakhand...
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Location: center of heart
Subject: Rangwang
May 07 2008 01:42 AM

It is a proud moment for all the patriotic Tibetans. Despite initial doubts, speculations and trepidations and repeated setbacks, the historic ‘People’s Uprising Movement’, the March to Tibet, peaceful non-violent freedom movement is well on its way to accomplishing the sacred mission. This is the second time our freedom fighters are proceeding to our fatherland through this historical route. The five Tibetan NGOs which organized this movement deserve kudos; the brave marchers our salutations for their determination and self sacrifice! This non-violent resistant movement is very special and significant in that it is undisputedly the greatest and most powerful non-violent movement going on in anywhere in the world that is reeling under bloody conflicts and where blood continues to spill like waters. This is also the greatest tribute we can pay to our supreme spiritual and temporal leader, His Holiness the great 14th Dalai Lama. ‘Truth shall prevail’, the prophetic words of His Holiness still ring in our mind. Our sixty year long freedom struggle has began bearing fruit in a substantial way. The recent overwhelming show of solidarity and support to our just cause of six million Tibetan people’s right to freedom and self determination is the result of sustained efforts and tears and toils of thousands of supporters around the world who are genuinely and seriously concerned over the gross violation of human rights and basic civil and political rights of the people of Tibet under communist Chinese rule. It is only unfortunate that the communist Chinese government and a section of Chinese people saw these natural human reaction and response as protest against them forgetting that at the root of this global show of sympathy and support is the noble issue of preservation and survival of one of the all time greatest human religious and cultural heritage in the form of a rich spiritual tradition and Buddhist cultural heritage which has the potential to enrich and enlighten the humanity and if lost can never be replaced by anything precious or sacred.

Following the peace ‘March’ through news in the internet has been a great experience in seeing true non-violence in action. If Mahatma Gandhi were alive to see it, he would have been greatly overjoyed and without second thought would have joined you. For many it is a difficult feat even to sit on hunger strike for a single day. You patriots have braved all sorts of physical difficulties and obstacles plus uncertainty and fear not knowing what is in store in the next stop. That you have fought your way unto this point is itself a great feat worth rejoice and commendation. The success thus far achieved by overcoming all the obstacles and problems point to the rocklike determination and resolution of the Marchers. It also speaks volumes about the top level leadership of the five NGOs, their organizational capacity and successful planning and strategy which has sustained the March and keep advancing towards the destination with confidence and mountain like determination. The current ‘March to Tibet’ non-violent resistant movement for the freedom of Tibet provides exactly the best and timely opportunity to show to the world that we Tibetans need not resort to violence in realizing our goals as we are staunch believer in compassion and non-violence and the principle of putting others before self. The world has showered praise on our peaceful and non-violent movement This is exactly the reason why the world witnessed most powerful Tibet support that ever.

Through your website, I followed your Freedom March since its beginning and remained with you always, united. Now you have entered the crucial phase of your ‘March’ and you patriots need all the more energy, support, resources – monetary and mental and I am sure that both of these will be coming from our fellow compatriots in abundance and that your crucial final lag of March will be obstacle-free and successful.

Once again I thank each one of you the Marchers, proud descendent of Choegyals with my folded hands and white scarves. Hundreds of great patriots like you guys and monks and there will no more set backs in our struggle and our victory is sure. This is juts beginning of our real movement from which we can make the final preparation for that decisive and winning freedom struggle and for that to start we must be prepared for a years and years actions and moves that are completely peaceful and non-violent and which will create and generate only positive energy and meritorious karmic force to realize our sacred national mission

We shall together keep up the universal flame of freedom and liberty burning dispelling darkness of hopelessness from the mind of our fellow Tibetans inside Tibet until we liberate our nation from the illegal and brutal communist Chinese rule. In wining our freedom we can also spark a new ray of hope for the 1.3 Billion Chinese people to find real meaning of precious human birth that each one of us is blessed with in this life. The ultimate issue of Tibet is the question of making this one human birth worthy and meaningful for one self and to the world in which we live!

I call upon all our business and social and religious organizations and individuals to continue to offer their indispensable support of all kinds with even greater urgency and participation in all manners for making the historic ‘March’ a turning point in the history of our freedom struggle.

Gangchenpa, Yar Long Shog! Victory to peace, justice and truth! Tibet will be Free!


Location: toronto
May 06 2008 08:02 PM

I have been in touch with one of the TYC Peach Marcher from Delhi to Gaya which began on last month. They have been marching-near Lucknow but there is no news about their activities on Radio Free Asia or even in Phayul. What is the problem? I was told that there are about 150 Tibetans -some people aged 80 - but still marching. Are not we are doing a deservice to their hard work by not mentioning their deed in the news papers/radio. I think they deserve better than this. Alter all they are doing this for cause of millions of Tibetans inside Tibet, who are virtually living under hostage with PLA guns hanging at their head.

Location: Kathmandu
Subject: The strength of Tibetan spirit!
May 06 2008 07:30 PM

Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! No matter how big or mighty the enemy is, with our strength of true Tibetan spirit, with our unity for the one goal and with our relentless struggle, we can blow whatever is hard, we can defeat the biggest of the big and we can make them bow to our knees! I wish you all the success.

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