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Thu 21, Nov 2019 12:44 AM (IST)
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Readers' Comments on "Tibet's government in exile: Talks with China went off well"
Tibet's government in exile said Monday that it was pleased with the "informal" talks between Chinese officials and envoys of the Dalai Lama and that Beijing had committed to continue...
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Location: Delhi
Subject: Jamyang Norbu is right
May 07 2008 03:33 PM

I think whatever Jamyang Norbu has said in this context for the uprising started in March is right to some extent. We should all study his remarks rather than blaming him, he is a man of knowleadge. He has started working when few of us were not born. I do believe that there is now many question in context to the envoy going for talks which have not given any output rather the Chinese are trying to please the world that we are doing and trying to save the slameless atitute in front of the world. Can anyone explain what results did we get from the previous envoy which went to Tibet. Nothing.....

Location: delhi
Subject: talks
May 07 2008 03:26 PM

I would like to know what talk is the gie is talking about? As per the knowleage there seems not talk rather the chinese telling us to do all the things and blaming HH the Dalai lama for all the demonstration which started in March. I think that these talks have failed and the gie should acknowleage it. We should step up some other stratagey now or else many more life will be lost in Tibet. Please acknowleage that are made to be 'failed' in these talks.

Location: Canada
Subject: Chinese SHAM talks
May 07 2008 05:08 AM

To the Tibetans in Exile who have commented on the talks.....I just want to let you know I feel your frustration'''I am outraged that the IOC " gave" the Olympics to a country that leads the world in Deceit and Human Rights abuse....and the Games have caused an acceleration in brutality and clampdown on freedom of expression...its horrifying. The Chinese govt. is monstrous and unbelievably stupid...it rests in the
Dark Ages....no freedom, no democracy, totally uncivilized....the officials are ordering US owned Hotels in China to install Internet filters so they can spy on international guests during the games!!!!!!

My heart burst when I read about the Tibetan mother of 4 who was tortured to death....she was barred from hospitalization at the end.

I have written the 15 members of the IOC and joined a petition imploring the Sponsors to stop the torch relay through Lhasa and up the Sacred Mountain.

Please know that I am on a letter writing campaign 100% in support of the Tibetans being persecuted everyday....its almost impossible to bear.
Keep up your courage....respectfully yours, Kaaren Soby
email: kaarensoby@hotmail.com


Location: us
Subject: be patient
May 06 2008 09:40 PM

My tibetan friends. be patient with the talk. you can vent your anger if it doesn't work.

however, as a Han Chinese. I am curious to know, what is your objectives in the talk. I always thought, the best chance for Tibetans, is the arrangement of a culture and religious revival in Tibet. As far as political autonomy and greater tibet, it is very hard to achieve. One thing China can do, is to let Tibetans be the number one party offical in Tibet.

Location: Toronto
May 06 2008 08:16 PM

Thupten Samphel's statement " It is a very good sign that China has agreed to another meeting" is very foolish opinion. China wanted no pressure from international community and to keep them away at least till Olympic Game is not over, is to keeping talking with the Representatives of His Holiness the Dalai Lama so that they can tell others not to interfere in the internal affairs of China as long as we are on negotiation table. Who knows what China will do after olympic is over. This is a good opportunity for us to put pressure on China and get results before Olympic is over or while international spotlight is on China.

Location: Madhya Pradesh
Subject: Calm down, Brothers !
May 06 2008 06:35 PM

By accusing each other, the Chinese must be laughing at us. We are making their job of dividing us much easier by squabbling amoung ourselves. The need of the hour is to strengthen the hands of our government. Let us admit that our government is trying its best.
To those of you whose motives to divide us by your writing/postings, I warn you that your mission will never succeed.The brief enjoyment of Chinese salary will never bring you happiness because you are betraying those brave brothers who sacrifice their lives for our cause.
So brothers, I sincerely appeal and beg to stay united and support our government in the best way we can.
Bhod Gyalo !

Location: Paris
Subject: Enough is enough !
May 06 2008 05:44 PM

A good atmosphere !?!
How can it be possible to use such inapropriate words, when our brothers ans sisters are torture to death iv chinses jails?
Has Gyari Rinpoche visited one of them? >Politics is a delicate job, ok fine, but there is difference between realism and honnor and dignity.
Those negotiations should be fater , and only after release of prisonners, and with a third party, possibly UNO, in order to be serious.
Again, the same way, secrecy, good atmosphere, and some times later; no results.
Our People is dying, NO TIME for negotiations about how not to ,disturb the Games, we have to deal seriously and once for all about Tibet s future, with a dead line which I suggest (the idea is not mine) to be on 06 july.
After that, the global war will begun, we are going to die anyway if there is no results before those Games, so nothing to loose.

We have very few cards in hands, why to go for a simulacre of negotiations and loose one by one the few that we have ?

Location: Varanasi
Subject: don't make vague statement
May 06 2008 12:41 PM

"Although the talks achieved no breakthrough, the discussions proceeded satisfactorily in a "good atmosphere" with both sides communicating their positions to each other, Rinpoche said."

I have heard this statement many times before. It has been clear that talk is not going well...
Don't try to conceal anything in the name of making good atmosphere.
It is dangerous that people may not trust you later. And it will either discourage or radicalise Tibetan people, especially younger generation.


Location: phenpo
Subject: Talks with China went off well
May 06 2008 08:58 AM

I adore your sincerity and cordiality, i like you.
But, quoting your statement,
"There is no alternative but to remain in dialogue to resolve the issue of Tibet"

"Constant consultations are vital, both in the interest of China and the people of Tibet, and it is very good that China has agreed to another meeting,"

Does it mean that the "CONSTANT CONSULTATION" has been the core weakness of me and the Bod Rangzen freak Tibetans in Exile?

PS. We or i am still waiting from our consultancy CEO “?” to give us a green signal or just to a give simple command for NO COMPROMISE with the COMMUNIST CHINESE GOVERNMENT.

from Phenpo
akutonpa n others

Location: Bangalore
Subject: GOOD SIGN...
May 06 2008 07:30 AM

Our envoy and government said that talks with China went well and they agree for further meeting. Also we regards it’s as a good sign. But I think it’s not a good sign it's a bad sign.
Because CCP is trying to kill time by saying further talks will be held with no sort of concrete result at all. They simply want the world leader and people to focus on the game rather than on Tibet issue. I think this kind of talks happened for 6 times and again one more this time. In all we held 7 rounds of talks. Really talks with no action at all.
I do believe that we have no alternative but at least we can appeal to the outside world.

Here I appeal to the world leader and international community to support Tibet and ask CCP to engage in a meaningful dialogue with some sort of result. This is 21st century and who china is trying to play this kid game.
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